Wellue O2ring – Why is it So Popular?

Wellue O2ring Review

Earlier I have made a comparison of the famous smart ring pulse oximeter vs Fingertip pulse oximeters, vs Oura ring, and even wrist pulse oximeters.

But today it is the time to make a detailed and honest review of the most popular pulse oximeter on the market nowadays: the Wellue O2 ring.

In a Hurry? 

Let me tell you about the Wellue O2Ring – it’s like the superhero of pulse oximeters, seriously!

One of the coolest things about it is that it doesn’t just clip onto your finger like your average oximeter.

Wellue O2ring

Nope, it’s a smart ring that you wear on your finger, making it super comfortable and convenient.

You won’t even feel like you’re wearing anything special, yet it’s working its magic behind the scenes.

Check out their official product page here.

Why is it a must to have a smart pulse oximeter like a Wellue O2 ring always with you?

Because today Everyone knows that pneumonia is the most common complication of covid-19 infection.

In this case, the indicator of the level of oxygen in the blood takes critically low values.

And the Wellue O2 ring pulse oximeter will immediately detect oxygen deficiency on its own and inform you.


What Pulse Oximeter do Hospitals Use?

Pulse oximetry is a diagnostic procedure that determines the saturation of the blood with oxygen, while the skin is not disturbed.

Typically, a pulse oximeter sensor is attached to the finger. The device measures the pulse rate and the percentage of blood oxygen saturation.

The pulse oximeter can be used both in and outside hospitals. Stationary monitors-pulse oximeters are usually used at hospitals.

They provide a highly accurate measurement, which is recorded in the form of graphs.

For this pulse oximeters are always connected to computer systems.


Wellue O2ring

But Today every person can handle the gadget, as there is nothing complicated in managing it.

That’s why fingertip, wrist pulse oximeters and ring oximeters are popular today.

They are our household solutions.

They are very compact in size and durable. This allows you to always have them at hand, while traveling or on a walk.

The main requirement for oximeters is the accuracy of the readings.

Any user can purchase and use such a device. The principle of operation is different from the functioning of professional devices.

Mini pulse oximeters can be used to measure saturation in adults, children, and newborns. As a rule, their weight is only 50 grams.

What is a Wellue O2 ring? Why is it so Popular?

The Wellue O2 ring is a compact smart ring, which is a pulse oximeter that is used in modern medicine.

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The smart ring displays two main indicators – the pulse (the rhythm of the arteries, which is felt due to the work of the heart) and SpO2 – the amount of oxygen in the patient’s blood.

Oxygen, which is transported throughout the body thanks to hemoglobin, ensures the normal functioning of body cells.

If it is not enough, a person will feel a breakdown, dizziness, headaches and weakness.

This pulse oximeter model is equipped with many useful features.

It not only measures the pulse, but also stores the data in the computer’s memory and later can be shared with your doctor.

Studies of this pulse oximeter are carried out even if a person is asleep or unconscious.

A Wellue O2 ring can use sound to notify you about a decrease in the level of oxygen in your blood.

I would recommend choosing the Wellue O2 Ring . I think it is the latest technology of pulse oximeters.

It is the second best  choice (after Pulse X Pro) for overnight oxygen saturation monitoring and health monitoring.

It has accurate tracking of all indicators and very common features such as oximetry Technologies, waterproof resistance, smart alarms and saturation alerts.

The device is simple and reliable in operation so that it can be used at home without special technical and medical knowledge.


What does a Wellue O2 ring measure?

To get a more detailed chart make sure to have a look at my review of Wellue O2ring vs Oxylink


Wellue O2 Ring Features What to improve?
Analyzes Blood oxygen levels Battery life(it has only 12 hours which is enough for 1 full night)
Can detect sleep apnea Not accurate measurements during sport.
Monitors the health while sleeping
Monitors Heart Rate
You can share the reports with your doctor
Inform you with an alarm when saturation is low

Can the Wellue o2 Ring Detect Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a type of apnea characterized by interruption of pulmonary ventilation during sleep for more than 10 seconds.

More often it lasts 20-30 seconds, although in severe cases it can reach 2-3 minutes and take up to 60% of the total night’s sleep.

This problem is very relevant in our time, to a greater extent affecting people over the age of 50 and overweight.

A pulse oximeter is a fairly accurate and reliable way to determine sleep apnea and is used in most houses.

The Wellue O2 ring pulse oximeter is made in the form of a comfortable silicone ring with a built-in SpO2 sensor that determines the level of blood oxygen saturation, and a heart rate sensor.

The tracker ring is an additional device for monitoring the health of people with heart and lung diseases, sleep apnea attacks.

Red blood cells (erythrocytes) contain the protein hemoglobin, which carries oxygen.

The amount of hemoglobin with oxygen in the veins and arteries is different (there is more in the arteries), it is because of this that the arterial blood is brighter, and the venous blood is darker.

A pulse oximeter, frankly speaking, determines exactly the brightness of the blood and allows you to judge how much hemoglobin in arterial blood is associated with oxygen.

This figure is expressed as a percentage, and it is called the saturation of the blood (or rather hemoglobin) with oxygen.

If the pulse oximeter reads 96%, it means that 96% of the hemoglobin carries oxygen and 4% does not.


Is the Wellue O2 Ring Accurate?

The Wellue O2 ring Pulse Oximeter includes:

  • Microprocessor;
  • Sensor with LEDs;
  • Screen.

Measurements are made using two light sources of red and infrared light.

The built-in sensor captures the reflection of these waves from the tissues, analyzes the reflection and displays the result in digital or graphical form.

The ring remembers the previous values to be able to track the patient’s history.

Today, the Wellue O2 Ring is considered to be the most accurate pulse oximeter on the market.

It gives you 95-100 % accurate results. The results will be accurate if you  fulfill the following conditions:

  • Be calm when measuring;
  • You are sitting or lying ;
  • Measure within 8-10 seconds (the earliest readings are unstable).

The only disadvantage of the pulse oximeter is that it can not show accurate results while doing sports.

In athletes during periods of high intensity training, there is a tendency to reduce the level of oxygen in the blood.

That’s why pulse oximeters do not evaluate the saturation of peripheral blood with oxygen well.


Does a Wellue O2 ring have a Vibrating Alarm, or a Built-in Silent Vibrator?

Pulse oximeter IS made in the form of a comfortable silicone ring with a built-in SpO2 sensor that determines the level of blood oxygen saturation, and a heart rate sensor.

The tracker ring is an additional device for monitoring the health of people with heart and lung diseases, sleep apnea attacks.

The ring has a vibration feature that can be customized by intensity of vibration, whenever you want it to vibrate for (oxygen, heart rate, or both).

You won’t be able to skip any hypoxic events or abnormal heart rates because of the built-in alarm that will always vibrate and remind you if there is a low oxygen level or irregular heart rates.

And my favorite: it has a vibration alarm that if you’re sharing a bed with a partner, it only wakes you up (unlike a sound alarm, which might wake up your partner).

Noise-free, only wakes you when needed.


Wellue O2ring

 Why is the Wellue O2 Ring needed for Overnight Tracking?

Wellue O2 Ring can be easily used at night for finding out sleep apnea.

Since the cessation of breathing is always accompanied by a decrease in the level of oxygen in the blood (desaturation), your doctor can calculate the number of episodes of desaturation to find out the index of severity of sleep apnea during sleep.

It is expressed in the Wellue O2 ring in episodes per hour.

Normally, it should not exceed five per hour. The device is very sensitive in detecting hypoxia.

The number of desaturations per hour helps determine the exact frequency of apnea/hypopnea moments, i.e. them to reveal their index.

Since this index is the main determinant of the severity of sleep apnea, an automatic pulse oximetry study helps to establish and predict the level of deviations from the normal respiratory process during sleep with the greatest accuracy.


Wellue O2 Ring Battery Life and Wellue o2 ring Battery Replacement

The battery life is 12 hours.

It is enough for one full night even if the ring is easily recharged using the provided mini-USB cable.

In order not to replace the battery fast and to keep its serving for a long time, and theWellue O2 ring itself to work fully and without failures, you need:

Protect the ring’s battery from heat exposure – this applies to sunlight and other sources of heat.

When the temperature rises to 30 ° C or more, the ability of the battery to hold a charge will decrease by 20%.

Do not charge the Wellue O2 ring battery longer than necessary – if the device remains connected to a power source even after it is fully charged, its capacity may noticeably decrease due to overheating and reaction in the electrolyte;

Do not allow full discharge of the Wellue O2 ring- the battery life is calculated by the number of full discharge cycles.

It is better to charge the battery when it is discharged up to 10-20%, this will help increase its service life;

For long-term storage, leave the battery charged at 30-50%. If the battery is stored fully charged, its capacity will begin to decline over time.

It is impossible to store the battery discharged to zero for a long time, because of this it will fail.

Compliance with these rules and requirements for maximum current will extend the life of the battery of the Wellue O2 ring , which means additional financial benefits.

What are Wellue O2 ring instructions?

Wellue O2 Ring is a pulse oximeter that is very easy to use, the sensor starts to work when you put a ring on your finger and after 8-10 seconds it shows your oxygen level and pulse.


  1. You will need the ViHealth app to download
  2. Switch your Bluetooth on. The device is usually displayed in Bluetooth scanners as an “O2 Ring “, however, there is no need to manually connect to the device using a mobile phone. The app will connect to the device automatically.
  3. Put the ring on a Thumb or an index finger and it will turn on automatically. If you cannot turn it on, then find the charger for the device first. Don’t use your middle finger and always avoid loose wear.The device has built-in storage, so it is not necessary to open the application. You can open the app to change some device settings.
  4. To find the information about the report Click the question mark in the upper right corner of the app’s report page.
  5. Remove the device from your finger, it will automatically turn off if not connected to the app.


My personal Experience of Wellue O2 ring Usage

The device came relatively quickly (2 weeks). For this store, this is a super speed.

First of all I must mention that before using Wellue O2 ring you must be always warm otherwise it will give you wrong results.

I bought a Wellue O2 ring because my husband and I got sick in late March – early April.

This is just the off-season, when the heating is turned off in the apartments.

As a hypotensive person (a person with low blood pressure), my hands and feet always freeze at this time of the year.

Therefore, before measuring saturation and pulse, I needed to warm my hands, or rather my fingers.

This takes more than 20 minutes.

In order to make measurements correctly and then not be offended that the ring is lying, I advise you to wear the ring when hands are washed and dry.

Next, I always tightly fix the ring on my finger.

If you want to get the appropriate results you don’t need to wave your hands and just sit still and do not touch the screen of the device.

Just calmly wait about 10 seconds while the device measures.

I really liked The ViHealth application which shows in graphic the level of O2 saturation in blood as a percentage and how much time I have been in hypoxia.

In this application, I have already set the vibration volume level so as not to wake the sleeping husband nearby, as well as oxygen thresholds and heart rate, after consulting with my doctor.

I am wearing the ring on a thumb that Wellue O2 ring manufacturers recommend.

I wear the ring throughout the day, but for me it is the most beneficial at night, because I have some episodes of obstructive sleep apnea.

In obstructive sleep apnea, the level of oxygen saturation in the blood drops and hypoxia occurs.

The O2 Ring responds to changes in oxygen levels with a vibration that helps me to wake up and change my position to a more comfortable position or to breathe and fall asleep again.

Positive side of what I liked a lot:

  • Measurement accuracy;
  • You can determine the general condition of the body;
  • Compact;
  • Ease of use;
  • Beautiful design.

I like that the Wellue O2 Ring pulse oximeter can not cause any problems because of my nail polish, especially gel polish .

Fingertip pulse oximeters always make the measurement process difficult, since IR radiation does not pass well through such material.

So I appreciate that I don’t need to remove my nails.

Summing up the review, I want to say that the device is necessary and good, of sufficient quality and the product is worth it.

I recommend to buy, for home use.

But remember! Even a good blood oxygen saturation level does not rule out pneumonia! Be careful and be sure to look additionally at the accompanying symptoms too!


What is the best brand of oximeter to buy?

I believe the Wellue O2 Ring is the  best choice  for overnight oxygen saturation monitoring.

I would recommend choosing the Wellue O2 Ring . I think it is the latest technology of pulse oximeters.

It is the best  choice for overnight oxygen saturation monitoring and health monitoring.

It has accurate tracking of all indicators and very common features such as oximetry Technologies, waterproof resistance, smart alarms and saturation alerts.

The device is simple and reliable in operation so that it can be used at home without special technical and medical knowledge.

First of all, I would recommend you to buy Wellue o2 ring for not having a constant panic.

The feeling of “congestion” in the chest and shortness of breath are not necessarily associated with severe lung damage. In some cases, fever, cough, excitement can lead to the same sensations.

If the pulse oximetry readings are 94–96%, you don’t have to worry: most likely, urgent hospitalization is not required.

The Wellue O2 ring is a great investment when assessed for long-term use; this is a more economical option with better performance.

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What is the FDA and Is Wellue O2 ring FDA approved?

(FDA) The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for protecting our health by ensuring the security and safety of human medicines and medical devices.

Yes, Wellue O2 Ring is a FDA approved pulse oximeter. It is a tracker ring for monitoring blood oxygen saturation levels and heart rate throughout the night and day; SpO2 and heart rate sensors;

Lightweight tracker ring with adjustable rim for index or thumb; Adjustable vibration feedback; Prevention of sleep apnea attacks;

The built-in battery recharges within 2 hours and provides up to 14-16 hours of continuous use of the device.

What is Wellue o2 ring app?

For operation, download the ViHealth app from the Google Play or iOS app store.

Is the Wellue o2 ring connected to Apple health?

The application can be also synchronized with Apple Health. It will keep all of your health reports and data in the same place.

What is Wellue o2 ring baby?

BabyO2 ring is a baby pulse oximeter.

It is a special device that is used to monitor the level of oxygen in the blood that may be needed not only by an adult, but also by a child.

Unfortunately, the number of children who suffer from chronic diseases associated with a lack of oxygen in the blood (bronchial asthma, cardiovascular diseases, etc.) is constantly increasing.

Systematic monitoring of oxygen levels allows you to timely adjust the treatment of a sick child and prevent the occurrence of asthma attacks.

Parents who decide to buy a children’s Baby O2ring pulse oximeter for a sick baby will be able to constantly measure the level of oxygen in his blood.

The process of using such a device is simple and completely safe. The device does not require special care.

It should simply be stored in a dry place and the battery charged in time.

What is the Wellue o2 ring charging time?

The charging time of the Wellue O2 ring is around 3 hours.

May I get a Wellue o2 ring discount code?

Yes. SELFHEALTHPHARM- is a 10% coupon.