How Do You Read a Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter?

Any pulse oximeter is used in lung conditions to catch the moment when the oxygen level in the blood becomes dangerously low.

All organs and tissues suffer from a lack of oxygen, primarily the heart and brain.

Inflammation of the lungs is a common complication of severe coronavirus disease.

However, this does not mean that a pulse oximeter is necessary for all infected people without exception.

In this article, I will tell you how to read Dr Tust pulse oximeter...

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How Do You Read a Dr. Trust Pulse Oximeter?

Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter is a fast acting, easy to use, painless device that uses light and measures our blood saturation level with oxygen.

The Company offers the customers the latest medical devices to promote health and wellness around the world.

All medical devices that are provided by Dr Trust have accurate, latest and innovative technologies that are developed in New York.

When You measure your Saturation level, Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter shows you two numbers.

Your saturation level blood oxygen is labeled “SpO2”.

Blood oxygen saturation level and frequency of heartbeats may vary depending on your activity, body position and general health.

Most people have normal blood saturation levels oxygen is 95% or higher, and normal

my heart rate is usually less than 100.

Second number indicates the heart rate.

The Heart Rate is the easiest and most affordable way to assess the state of the cardiovascular system. With Dr Trust you can determine your indicator at home, on a walk, in any other circumstances.

Most people have normal blood saturation levels, oxygen is 95% or higher, and normal heart rate is usually less than 100.

Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter Readings Chart

The table below shows what numbers at the pulse oximeter Dr Trust mean and when you should seek medical attention…

The following numbers are saturation levels…

Saturation Level Description
From 95% up to 100% It is a normal saturation level

blood with oxygen. After measuring walk within two minutes and measure the level oxygen saturation of the blood once more.

If the blood saturation level oxygen drops below 95%, follow

the instructions above in relevant section.

From 91% up to 94% It is a dangerous blood saturation level oxygen, what may indicate

health disorder.

90% or less Extremely dangerous level

oxygen saturation of the blood, what

indicates a serious disorder


Call immediately call emergency help. You may need emergency x-ray orcardiology research.

As for normal heart rates, they are manifested by its rhythm and frequency of oscillations per minute.

A normal heart rate in a person implies compliance with the rhythm of the appearance of pulse waves, which are recorded equally often in one unit of time.


In a situation where the appearance of heart rate waves is chaotic, we are talking about an arrhythmic pulse.

The average normal human heart rate is limited to 60 to 90 beats per minute. Such a pulse rate is noted in the priority majority of healthy people who are in a state of physical and psycho-emotional calm.

This is a table of averages of heart rate measurements that are divided by ages:

From 15 to 50 years: Average – 70

The minimum value is 60

Maximum – 80

From 50 to 60 years: Average – 74

The minimum value is 64

Maximum – 84

Ages 60 and over: Average – 79

The minimum value is 69

Maximum – 89

How to Clean Dr Trust Oximeter?

Cleaning oximeter equipment is just as important as using it properly.

To clean the surface of Dr Trust and disinfect the oximeter and reusable SpO2 sensors, I recommend the following procedures:

  • Turn off the pulse oximeter before cleaning
  • Wipe exposed surfaces with a soft cloth or swab moistened with a mild detergent solution or rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol).
  • Clean the pulse oximeter whenever you see any type of soil, dirt, or obstruction in it.
  • Clean the inside elements with a cotton swab or equivalent moistened with a mild detergent solution or rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol).

How to Use Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter?

STEP 1. Turn on the Dr Trust pulse oximeter and wait a few seconds, it will finish the self-test and be ready for measurement.

STEP 2. Attach the sensor to your finger so that the fixation is secure and there is no excessive pressure.

STEP 3. Wait 5 to 15 seconds. The pulse oximeter will display the saturation and pulse data.

My Experience of Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter

I am sure that Dr Trust Pulse oximeter is the best solution for patient monitoring at home and in various institutions, for self-monitoring.

It shows you the health status but won’t monitor the effectiveness and safety of sports training, unfortunately.

The device is equipped with an LED display, which ensures low power consumption and, as a result, the ability to monitor the patient’s condition for a long period of time.

All Dr Trust pulse oximeters have a good size and lightweight, high accuracy of the results obtained, which will allow you to use this device in almost any conditions.


Can I use my Dr Trust pulse oximeter for kids?

This pulse oximeter is allowed for children above 14 years old.

Monitor the child’s symptoms and call a doctor, if the child becomes ill or has a worsening cough or labored breathing.

How accurate is Dr Trust pulse oximeter?

Dr Tablot’s pulse oximeter, manufactured in the USA, is one of the most accurate devices in the world for determining blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate.

During operation, the device does not require maintenance and periodic calibration.

Is Dr Trust pulse oximeter FDA approved?

Dr. Trust is FDA approved. Dr Trust pulse oximeters are popular today due to its portability and compactness.

How Does Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter work?

A pulse oximeter measures how bright our blood is. The brighter, the more oxygen.

Arterial blood is brighter because it has more oxygen.

In venous blood – less – and it is darker

Additional Information for Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter

Use this chart to track your blood oxygen saturation levels.

This Chart can be used to determine the development of diseases, the need for ventilation, and the allowable physical load for you.

With the help of this chart, you detect sleep apnea. In this case, the oxygen tracking graph will show a decrease in saturation and its return to normal.

Date Time of the Day  Saturation Level Other Symptoms