Zacurate 500 CL Vs 500 DL. Which Model of Pulse Oximeter is the BEST?


Today we are comparing 2 pulse oximeters of the same Brand: Zacurate.

Zacurate is a well-known brand of bestselling pulse oximeters. They provide affordable good quality pulse oximeters.

The Advantage of Zacurate pulse oximeters is that all of them are manufactured according to the CE and FDA standards.

Thousands of customers, and dozens of clinical studies confirm that Zacurate is one of the best pulse oximeter companies.

They are compact diagnostic devices that are designed to determine the level of blood oxygen saturation at the patient’s home, as well as to diagnose possible hypoxia (lack of O2 in the body) during pregnancy, sports, travel, hiking, climbing, etc.

But What is the difference between Zacurate 500 Cl vs Zacurate 500 dl Models?

All the pulse oximeters look similar but there are a lot of differences.

Let’s figure it out together.


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Zacurate 500 cl Vs 500dl Model : Chart

Model Zacurate 500 cl Zacurate 500 dl
What is this model? It is considered to be a sport pulse oximeter with a high-quality ABS Plastic shield in the cover. The Pulse Oximeter Model comes with Double Plastic Shields + Silicon Cover Protection that protects it from all the damages.
Battery It has 2 AAA batteries. The size easily fits in a shirt or pants pocket.

Comes with 12 months WARRANTY….

Includes 2X AAA Batteries.

Comes with 12 months WARRANTY and USA based technical phone support.

The size is very compact.

Display The LCD display has a wide window, despite the small size of the device. The numbers are large, even a blind person with poor eyesight will see. Zacurate 500DL has a large LED display with dark lighting conditions.

It uses two LEDs to illuminate muscle tissue: one diode emits red and the other infrared light.

Accuracy Accurately determines your SpO2 within +/- 2% deviation. Accurately determines your SpO2 within +/- 0.5% deviation.
For Whom? Measures SPO2 and pulse rate more accurately for sports enthusiasts like mountain climbers, skiers, bikers. It is a suitable device for adults and children over 12 mostly in calm condition.
Where Can I get it?

The Similarities of Zacurate 500 CL Vs 500 DL

Zacurate Pulse Oximeters 500CL and 500 DL have a lot in common.

They are worn on the finger, designed for a single measurement of SpO2. These devices run on two AAA batteries.

Here are more similarities:

Work Principle

The principle of operation of a pulse oximeter is the ability of saturated and unsaturated hemoglobin to absorb light.

The sensor captures the residual amount of light, the data is digitally processed by a microprocessor and displayed on the monitor as a percentage of the level of saturated hemoglobin associated with oxygen, pulse rate and perfusion index.

The Measurements

Data on the screen faces the user to monitor blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate.

Used Materials

They are made from high-strength materials, are waterproof, and do not break after being dropped.

Removable silicone covers are used to protect against mechanical damage and water.

Certifications of Zacurate 500 CL vs 500 DL

When choosing a pulse oximeter for home use, you should be guided by whether it has the appropriate registration certificate.

Certificated Pulse Oximeters must have because uncertified products should not be trusted, they can provide the user with false information and mislead the person.

For example, the person will not seek help when necessary, or, conversely, the patient may begin to panic unreasonably and require hospitalization.

As for all Zacurate Pulse Oximeters, they are all made according to the FDA standards.

The FDA is a standard whose primary purpose is to improve the quality and health safety of foods, supplements, cosmetics, medicines, vaccines, veterinary drugs, medical devices, and tobacco products manufactured in the United States and worldwide.


My Personal Reviews of Zacurate 500 CI vs 500 DI

Zacurate 500 DL Pulse Oximeter got the best reviews from consumers which makes it a very reliable pick. Zacurate 500 DL Pulse Oximeter is considered to be a professional pulse oximeter that can detect Sp02 level of up to 100%.

As for my experience, this pulse oximeter is surprisingly not bad at all. When I received it, my husband and I were surprised by the quite good quality. The plastic is dense, smooth, without notches and burrs, not flimsy, without foreign odors.

You take it in your hands and it’s an even nicer feeling of expensive material. Moderately hefty.

When you start using it, the device first “thinks”. Sometimes a little longer, sometimes a little faster, but not for long.

I timed the stopwatch to see how much it measured. It was less than 6 seconds.

I don’t like the indicators on the device that can change places, which sometimes almost bring me to a heart attack. I’m getting used to the fact that the oxygen indicator shows at the top of the screen, and the pulse at the bottom. And sometimes this position changes, and the pulse becomes at the top, and SPO2 at the bottom.

As for Zacurate 500 CL, the device works fast too, it shows results in 8-9 seconds.

What I like the most about this pulse oximeter is that before the measurement, you do not need to rest a little, if before you physically trained a lot. This does not affect the pulse and saturation. It always gives you accurate measurements. That’s why it is called a sport pulse oximeter.

What I don’t like is that after measuring the indicators for one person, the pulse oximeter must be removed from the finger and wait until the screen goes out to check the measurements of a different person. Then you have to wait 10 second otherwise it will not show you not accurate results.

The huge advantage of Zacurate CL is that the numbers on the screen are bright and colorful, you can take measurements in the dark or in poor lighting. (I know that for some pulse oximeters are shown in black and nothing is visible at night).

The Final Words of Zacurate 500 Cl Vs 500 Dl

Which Model To choose depends on your needs.

But from my own experience, I definitely recommend both devices.

Doctors also use these, my therapist for example uses the universal Zacurate 500 DL Model.

If you are looking for a sports model, then pay attention to the Zacurate 500 CL Model.

This Pulse Oximeter Zacurate 500 CL will be a great option for sports enthusiasts like cyclists, trainers, bikers, mountain climbers, hikers who want to use pulse oximeters in sport.

 If you are not interested in sport, then choose Zacurate 500 DL Pulse Oximeter. It is considered to be a professional pulse oximeter for adults that can detect Sp02 levels of up to 100%.


Is a Zacurate Oximeter Good?

Yes, Zacurate 500 DL is the most accurate device in the world for determining oxygen saturation in the blood and pulse rate.

During operation, the device does not require maintenance and periodic calibration.

What is a Dangerously Low Pulse Ox Level that Zacurate Can Show Me?

It is recommended to call a doctor when the saturation drops to 94%. Saturations of 92% and below are generally considered critical. A person with such a low blood oxygen level needs urgent medical attention.

Which is The Best Accurate Pulse Oximeter?

Zacurate 500 DL Pulse Oximeter got the best reviews from consumers which makes it a very reliable pick.

Zacurate 500 DL Pulse Oximeter is considered to be a professional pulse oximeter that can detect Sp02 level of up to 100%.