Best Chin Strap for Mouth Breathers

For sleep apnea patients, there is a large variety of CPAP masks available. A key factor in determining which mask works best for you is how you sleep (eg, if you sleep with your mouth open at night).

For patients who are mouth breathers, full face masks can be ideal as they provide full coverage over both the mouth and nose. However, full face masks are the bulkiest type of CPAP mask and may not be the most comfortable.

Chin straps are a great solution for patients who are open mouth breathers as they are designed to help keep the mouth closed during sleep.

They are great for patients who prefer to wear smaller, less cumbersome masks like the nasal mask or nasal pillow and are also useful for preventing snoring and dry mouth.

For this review, I conducted extensive research on the many options available to find the best chin strap for mouth breathers, and some great alternatives to consider, to help you sleep more comfortably with your CPAP mask.

My Top Pick

My top pick, that also comes at the most affordable price, is the CareFusion Stop Snoring Chin Strap. It is an anti-snoring chin strip designed for CPAP users, comes in two sizes and is also adjustable, and features an antibacterial lining.

Also great:

The Tranquillam Sleep Sleep Mask Chin Strap is another great anti-snoring chin strap designed for CPAP users.

It is adjustable and flexible to fit most men and women and is made of comfortable and long-lasting premium neoprene.

Also great:

The Quiet Panda Anti Snoring Chin Strap is also a good anti-snoring strap that works well with CPAP masks. It comes in one adjustable, universal size and is made of non-itchy neoprene material.

CareFusion Stop Snoring Chin Strap

best chin strap for cpap

My pick, the CareFusion Stop Snoring Chin Strap, is an anti-snoring chin strap that helps keep the mouth closed and provides added stability for CPAP users.

It comes in two sizes, extra large and regular, and has adjustable velcro straps that are connected on top of the head and behind the neck.

It is made of soft, Breathe-O-Prene™ material that keeps users cool and comfortable during sleep.

Additionally, this chin strap has an antibacterial lining to help prevent infection.

Pros Cons
Great for CPAP users; compatible
with CPAP mask
Can stretch out after multiple uses
Adjustable and comfortable fit Chin cradle can be uncomfortable
at first but gets better with more
Most affordable price Some reports that velcro was not
durable after some use

Tranquillam Sleep Sleep Mask

The Tranquillam Sleep Sleep Mask Chin Strap is another great option for helping CPAP users keep their mouth closed at night.

This chin strap is adjustable and flexible to fit most men and women. It is made of heavy duty velcro that straps to both the top and back of the head ensure secure support throughout the night.

The neoprene material it is made of is comfortable and long-lasting.

Pros Cons
Adjustable, supportive fit Some report that it can fit too tightly
Comfortable fit Some report it can feel itchy and hot
Secure support that lasts through the night and prevents snoring Some report it requires getting used to at first

Quiet Panda Anti Snoring Chin Strap

mouth breather chin strap

The Quiet Panda Anti Snoring Chin Strap is also a great chin strap for CPAP users and also for snoring.

It has a double velcro strap to help it stay on during the night and is made of non-itchy, neoprene material.

Its universal sizing with an adjustable strap allows it to fit on almost any size head.

Pros Cons
Sturdy; does not slip off Can get warm during the night
Works well for CPAP users Many report it did not help their snoring
Seller has great customer service Takes time to get used to/learn to adjust to fit properly

Recommended CPAP Chin Straps for Mouth Breathers

CareFusion Stop Snoring Chin StrapTranquillam Sleep Sleep Mask Chin StrapQuiet Panda Anti Snoring Chin Strap
Wearable with CPAP mask?YesYesYes
Size/adjustabilityRegular or extra large, adjustableUniversal size, adjustableUniversal size, adjustable
Color(s)Ruby redBlackBlack/blue
MaterialBreathe-O-Prene™ (neoprene)Neoprene, comfortable, long-lastingNeoprene, breathable, non-itchy
Additional featuresAntibacterial liningStraps at both top and back of headDouble velcro strap
Amazon rating3.4 / 54.4 / 53.3 / 5
PriceClick for PriceClick for PriceClick for Price

Closing points

With the number of options available to buy, it can be difficult for CPAP users to find the best chin strap for snoring and keeping their mouth closed at night.

After extensive research, I consider the CareFusion Stop Snoring Chin Strap to be the best option. However, the Tranquillam Sleep Sleep

Mask Chin Strap and Quiet Panda Anti Snoring Chin Strap are also great choices for addressing your snoring needs.

Overall, any of these chin straps are ideal for CPAP users who need extra support to keep their mouth closed at night, get the most out of their CPAP therapy, and prevent dry mouth and snoring.


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