Sleep Position Affects Mattress Choice: Tips and Warnings

Sleep Position Affects Mattress Choice: Tips and Warnings

Sleep Position Affects Mattress Choice: Tips and Warnings


The pose in which a person most often sleeps affects not only the quality of sleep, but also the general condition of the body, health and wellbeing.

There is no completely perfect sleeping position. It is necessary to choose it depending on the degree of hardness of your mattress and the characteristics of the body.

What exactly does the sleeping posture affect:

  • Blood supply to organs, including the brain;
  • Muscle regeneration;
  • Digestion;
  • Spine condition;
  • Facial skin;
  • The lymphatic system

Sleep on your Belly – Sleep Position Affects Mattress Choice


Most doctors consider this position to be the least beneficial for sleeping. In this position, the face is strongly pressed into the pillow, which leads to the formation of deep expression lines.

The neck and spine are twisted in an unnatural way, and this leads to constriction of the artery and impairment of blood circulation in the brain.

In such a position, breathing and heart function are impaired. The lungs are compressed and cannot fully expand when inhaling.

This results in a heart problem, as less oxygen enters the bloodstream due to incomplete inhalation.

To compensate for this, the heart works harder. And during sleep, it should rest. In addition, there is no support for the cervical spine, which is fraught with discomfort in the neck in the morning and migraines.

Also, in this position, there is pressure on the bladder, squeezing the chest. Because of the first, you will not be able to get a good night’s sleep, and the second negatively affects the skin in the chest and neck.

The only plus of this pose: You don’t snore in it. In addition, in the presence of intestinal colic or flatulence, this sleeping position will be more useful than harmful.

In this position, there is no pressure on the kidneys, which means that the cleansing is better. This position is also recommended for the prevention of ulcers and gastritis.

Doctors recommend not sleeping on your belly, instead choosing a sleeping position on your back or on your side. If it’s hard for you to give up this habit, then you can change it a little: just bend one leg to relieve the load on the spine and reduce pressure on the internal organs.

For sleeping on your belly, choose mattress models with elastic fillings in the upper layers.

Our Top Pick

Sleep Position Affects Mattress Choice: Tips and Warnings

The best solution would be a mattress and a memory foam pillow. In order to reduce the negative effect of sleeping on the abdomen, you should choose moderately soft or medium models with or without springs.

But in order to get the full benefit from sleeping on an orthopedic mattress, it is better to sleep on your back…

On the back

Many doctors believe that this is the best position for the body during sleep.

The spine in this position assumes a neutral position, which allows it to get rid of the load accumulated during the day.

At the same time, muscles also rest, which contributes to their accelerated regeneration. Also, the body is restored better and a person feels more vigorous in the morning.

It is best not to sleep on your back if you suffer from sleep apnea. But these phenomena are quite rare. If you have not previously encountered them, you can safely choose this pose for relaxation.

Almost any mattress is suitable for sleeping on your back. The main thing is that it has orthopedic qualities.

Even a soft mattress is able to properly support the body and especially the spine. But when choosing a soft model, you should look at the mattresses on an independent spring block.

When choosing medium, moderately hard and firm mattresses, choose mattresses of any design

Sleep Position Affects Mattress Choice: Tips and Warnings

It is better to sleep on your back on an orthopedic pillow with rollers. These pillows have a special recess for the head.

And the rollers will support the cervical spine, relieving it of the accumulated load overnight. You can also choose a classic anatomical pillow, but not too high.

Sleep on the left side – Sleep Position Affects Mattress Choice

This sleeping position can also be considered optimal. When resting on your left side, you will not have heartburn.

The stomach is located lower in relation to the esophagus, so gastric juice cannot enter it.

Sleep Position Affects Mattress Choice: Tips and Warnings

This pose can also improve digestion. It’s all about gravity – it will be easier for food waste to move from the colon to the colon, which makes it easier for the intestines to work.

Since the stomach and pancreas are displaced to the left side, it will be easier for them to perform their function, because they will be in a natural position.

Benefits for the lymphatic system – It flows into the thoracic duct, which is located on the left side. Sleeping on the left side facilitates the elimination of toxins from the body.

The possibility of snoring and apnea in this position is minimized. The Best Option can be Hybrid Medium-Firm Feel Mattress.

But this position also has disadvantages, which are manifested with the wrong choice of mattress rigidity and pillow model.

Firstly, these are creases on the face due to contact of the face with the pillow and early aging. Secondly, a violation of blood flow in the shoulders and arms.

On the right side

Sleeping on the right side lacks almost all of the benefits of sleeping on the left side. Of the advantages, only the absence of snoring and breathing disorders during sleep can be noted.

But resting on your side can cause heartburn. The fact is that during sleep on the right side, gastric juice can enter the esophagus, because it will be located higher. Obviously, if you like to sleep on your side, it’s best to choose the left side.

For this resting position (as well as on the left side), it is better to choose mattresses no higher than the average level of firmness with balanced orthopedic and anatomical properties.

The body should “sink” a little into the mattress so that the spine takes an even position, and soft tissues are not squeezed.

Sleep Position Affects Mattress Choice: Tips and Warnings

Too hard a mattress will cause the spinal column to skew and pain in the body – in the shoulders and soft tissues.

The correct side-sleeping mattress has an anatomical top layer of approx. 3 cm that adapts to the contours of the body.

For example, natural latex, memory foam. A hard layer under the soft material, as well as a block of independent springs, are responsible for the correct support of the spine in a dream.

When choosing a pillow, it is better to pay attention to orthopedic models with rollers. The largest cushion is made for sleeping on the side, it resiliently supports the cervical spine.

While resting on the side, the face is in contact with the pillow, so it is better to choose models from anatomical materials, as indicated in the paragraph about sleeping on the stomach.

Sleep Position Affects Mattress Choice Final Words

Remember, sleeping posture has a huge impact on your health and well-being. There are better positions for which any mattress will work.

If you want your sleep to be healthy, choose sleeping on your back or on your left side. 

The choice of a right mattress can neutralize the negative impact on the state of your internal organs.

We wish you to be attentive to your health and the choice of a mattress.