Sleep monitoring: 4 Best Sleep Trackers For 2021

Sleep monitoring: 4 Best Sleep Trackers For 2021

Sleep monitoring: 4 Best Sleep Trackers for 2021


Very often, in the hustle and bustle of weekdays and striving for success, we forget about our health and carelessly take care of everything connected with it.

Good, quality sleep has a beneficial effect on our physical and mental state, and its absence can provoke a number of different diseases. Therefore, it is advisable to use gadgets to monitor our sleep.

Fortunately, there are currently a great many types and models of trackers for tracking it.

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Best sleep trackers – Our Research

These include the Oura ring, wrist-worn fitness bracelets that detect sleep, and a few sleep trackers under the mattress.

They all provide detailed information and personalized advice on how to improve your rest time, and the options below are worth exploring if you want to monitor exactly how you sleep – and take a few positive steps to improve your sleep.

Let’s take a closer look at what functions the best sleep trackers should have, how it manages to accurately track your sleep, and which one meets the basic requirements and recommendations.

 Best Sleep Tracker – Our Top Pick

To understand why the above Apple Sleep Tracker is the best value for money and also our top pick out of all of the best sleep trackers on the market, keep reading our full review…

Important Stages of Sleep and Oxygen in the Blood


It is worth noting that scientists have identified two main phases of sleep: fast and slow.

A person must cycle through these stages in order to feel rested.

The sleeper enters the slow phase immediately after falling asleep, but with a flash of bright light or loud sounds, he will quickly wake up and this will negatively affect his physical condition in the morning.

In the phase of REM sleep, a person is mentally protected and in these moments a complete restoration of thought processes takes place.

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It is just worth waking up in the fast phase, then the person is full of strength and energy for the whole day. Modern gadgets are great at tracking sleep phases.

Another indicator that helps to get the most detailed information is the level of oxygen in the blood, which is monitored using an SpO2 sensor.

It may sound strange, but oxygen in the blood – or at least a drop in its level during sleep – is associated with a condition called apnea, or, more simply, short-term respiratory arrest for more than 10 seconds.

So, for example, according to the results of the studies of one of the US institutes, more than 22 million people suffer from this syndrome, but often they do not even know about it.

Therefore, the choice of an activity and sleep tracker should be approached responsibly.

Terminology explanation of Sleeping Tracking


Before choosing the best sleep tracker to monitor the body at this time, you need to know exactly what functions it should have.

The technology used in these gadgets is much more advanced than smartphone apps, which use an accelerometer to track movement and, as a result, the data is much more accurate.

The first models of fitness trackers used the movement of the wrist to track sleep, that is, only the accelerometer was involved in monitoring.

But now high-precision optical heart rate sensors have joined the motion sensors.

The pulse rate during sleep allows you to estimate not only the duration, but also the stage of sleep in which you were in a particular period of time.

4 Best Sleep Trackers Reviews

1. Apple Watch Series 7 as Sleep Trackers

Our Top Pick Apple continues to delight its fans with smart gadgets. The Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch has become the best-selling smartwatch this year thanks to its advanced functionality.

But the watch never received its own sleep monitoring technology. Such a function will appear a little later, with the release of watchOS 7 and the new Apple Watch Series 7, and later more updates will appear in all the versions, except for the first and second generation.

But do not be upset, because there are many third-party applications that will highly measure the duration and quality of your sleep in conjunction with Apple Watch 7.

Thanks to the optical heart rate sensor and accelerometer, the watch takes the readings of your heart rate, and these applications can automatically determine the time of falling asleep and waking up…

There is a function for adjusting the sensitivity of the bracelet to obtain the most accurate indicators.

Operating system: Watch OS 6.
Compatibility:  iOS.
Screen:  OLED Retina Touch 1.57 inches (40 mm) and 1.78 inches (44 mm)
Processor:  Apple S5.
Bluetooth:  yes
Water resistance:  Up to 50 meters.
Autonomy:  18 Hours
Price: from 300$
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Pluses Minuses
  • Outstanding design
  • Powerful functionality
  • Always active display
  • ECG sensor
  • Large selection of strap options
  • High cost Low battery life
  • Compatible with iOS only


2. Fitbit Versa 3 as Sleep Trackers

Fitbit devices are considered to be among the best when it comes to assessing your sleep quality.

Their proprietary technology of Fitbit Sleep Stages is constantly evolving and improving as a result of numerous studies and analysis of reviews from gadget owners.

Fitbit is hands on the best value for money sleep tracker you can currently buy, although not as professional as Apple sleep tracker, it has much better value for money due to its  much lower price.

Fitbit sleep tracking system is so smart that it identifies and analyzes the phases in which a person was at night, and in the morning makes recommendations for improving its quality. It is also possible to compare your results over the past 30 days and get even more useful tips.

The tracking accuracy is high enough and the application is simple and straightforward. It stores all your sleep data, organized into easy-to-use graphs, making this watch the best in the sleep range.

Fitbit Versa 3 features a 3-axis accelerometer, optical heart rate monitor, altimeter, ambient light sensor and Sp02 relative sensor.

The watch receives notifications about calls and messages, there is monitoring of 11 sports modes and much more

Best sleep trackers Main Features 

Operating system: Fitbit OS.
Compatibility: Android, iOS.
Screen: 1.34-inch AMOLED
Processor: 1.0 GHz Dual Core Processor.
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0.
Water resistance:  5ATM
Autonomy: Up to 5 days of normal use, up to 2 days with Always-on Display on
Price: from $ 150
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Best sleep trackers Pluses Best sleep trackers Minuses
  • Excellent design
  • Functionality
  • Accurate sleep monitoring
  • Water resistant up to 50 meters
  • No GPS
  • Fitbit Pay is available in a limited number of countries


3. Withings Sleep as  Sleep Trackers

Mattress mats are also as comfortable as fitness trackers. French brand Withings has already released several iterations of this type of device, and all of them have become quite popular.

Withings Sleep is a mat that fits under sheets or bedspreads and can measure sleep quality and cycles, monitor your heart rate, temperature, and breathing.

Both respiration and heart rate are determined by a pneumatic sensor using ballistocardiograph and analysis of body movements along the mattress. A sound sensor and microphone are used to detect snoring and cessation of breathing.

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The received data is synchronized with the Health Mate app. Once synchronized, the app provides detailed data on sleep duration and phases, continuous and average heart rate, snoring duration and overall sleep score, as well as recommendations for improving sleep quality.


Pluses Minuses
Highly accurate sleep analysis

Apnea detection

Used exclusively for sleep

Limited availability Costly

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4. Xiaomi Mi Band 5as – Sleep Trackers

In recent years, Xiaomi has been releasing truly impressive trackers at a fraction of the cost. And the latest Mi Band 5 is a real breakthrough. For about $30, you can get a great fitness tracker with a lot of features, including quality sleep tracking.

Mi Band 5 has introduced a more accurate BioTracker PPG heart rate sensor, which allows you to assess the quality and duration of not only your night sleep, but also your daytime sleep, and 40% more accuracy than before.

When taking heart rate readings, the bracelet uses infrared rather than standard green color, which has a beneficial effect on your sleep, without disturbing either the wearer or others.

All the data is clearly displayed in the Mi Fit app, where you can easily analyze every night or compare performance over a long period of time.

For its price, modern design, lightweight body and 20 days of battery life, this gadget is a great option as a sleep tracker.

Operating system: Branded firmware.
Compatibility:  Android, iOS.
Screen:  1.1 inch AMOLED
Processor:  294 * 126 pixels
Bluetooth:  Bluetooth 5.0.
Water resistance:  5ATM
Autonomy:  14 — 20 days
Price: from $ 30
Check Latest Price Sleep monitoring:8 best sleep trackers for 2021


Pluses Minuses
  • Large bright screen
  • Many functions
  • Convenient application
  • Huge number of straps and accessories
  • Reasonable price
  • Excellent autonomy
  • No “smart” alarm clock
  • No blood oxygen sensor
  • No GPS


Best sleep trackers Final Words

Choosing the right sleep tracker is highly important to properly measure your sleep.

By researching an accurate and up to date sleep tracker, you can hugely improve the quality of your sleep, as by tracking your sleep you are taking the first step towards improving your life quality.

Keep reading our articles, and always conduct a thorough research before any purchase.

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