Choicemmed vs Omron Pulse Oximeters

Choicemmed vs Omron Pulse Oximeters

Always I choose the pulse oximeter very meticulously, I read all the reviews, look at people’s feedback…

As for me, I am at risk group (thrombophilia), so that’s why, pulse oximeter is a good device to have at my home.

And this is important not only for those who already know that he/she has problems with this, but also for those who think that he/she is healthy.

Do you know that the level of oxygen in the blood below 95% already indicates the presence of a dangerous disease or the risk of developing it?

Today I will write a review on two pulse oximeters: Choicemmed vs Omron…

As I know from different reviews, it is important that the box of pulse oximeters must be blue and not white, which means that it is not a fake. I got 2 blue boxes, which is a good sign….

So, here is my experience of three days of use…


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Choicemmed vs Omron Technical Characteristics

Choicemmed MD300C21C Pulse Oximeter is a portable pulse oximeter that is designed to determine the heart rate (in other words, pulse) and measure the level of oxygen in the blood.

All these indicators are extremely important for athletes, people undergoing oxygen treatment, as well as for doctors whose patients are under anesthesia.

The Choicemmed MD300C21C pulse oximeter runs on two AAA batteries and provides the transfer of all information in 6 modes, including the ability to show a pulse histogram, which experts will definitely appreciate.

The large color LED display can be individually adjusted with 10 levels of brightness, and the automatic shut-off 8 seconds after removing the pulse oximeter ensures efficient battery consumption.

The device looks great and has a hanging cord included, so it won’t get lost.

As for Omron Pulse Oximeter, it is also a portable and fast Pulse oximeter that gives highly accurate measurement of heart rate (pulse) and oxygen levels (SpO2) of the blood.

Measurement quality assurance from OMRON, a Japanese corporation with several factories around the world.

The new display design (LED technology, green color) makes it easy to read the instrument readings even in low light conditions.

Visual alarm facilitates the detection of arrhythmia and filling of the pulse. The pulse oximeter is designed for professional clinical and personal use.

The Question Choicemmed MD300C21C Omron P300 Intelli IT
What is the technical Comparison?
  • Measures blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate
  • Can be used at home and in medical settings
  • Allows athletes and people undergoing oxygen therapy to assess their condition
  • Has 6 information display modes
  • Displays a plethysmogram to assess the functioning of the central nervous system
  • Runs on 2 AAA batteries
  • Color LED display has 10 brightness levels
  • Equipped with a low battery indicator
  • Automatically turns off 8 seconds after being removed from the finger
  • SpO2 measurement 70%-99% (maximum error 3%)
  • Size: 60mm x 34mm x 30mm
  • Weight: 50 g
  • Auto power on when applied to the finger, auto power off when removed.
  • Simple and fast data acquisition (5-10 seconds after turning on the device) – SpO2 perfusion, pulse rate.
  • Bright LED display, easy to read SpO2, pulse rate.
  • Visual indicator of the frequency and filling of the pulse
  • Long-term operation – up to 30 hours of continuous operation on one set of batteries.
  • Battery level indicator
  • 30 month warranty
  • SpO2 measurement 90–99% (maximum error 1%)
  • Using LED technology, display SpO2, pulse rate, pulse filling, low battery indicator
  • Storage at -20°C-55°C, humidity up to 93%
    Operating time up to 30 hours (on one set of batteries)
  • Power supply 2 AAA batteries
  • Dimensions 66mm x 39mm x 32mm
  • Weight 48 gr. (with batteries)
Where can I Get It? You can Get it On the Official Website
What are the Benefits? The MD300C21C model of pulse oximeter is a compact, handy device that allows anyone to measure 2 vital signs at once:

The MD300C21C pulse oximeter is also necessary for patients during oxygen therapy: it will clearly show whether you are benefiting from oxygen therapy.

Athletes, on the other hand, can use it not only to measure their heart rate, but also to analyze their own program. Are these exercises enough, whether it is necessary to increase or decrease the load?

Omron Pulse Oximeter measures the heart rate and the percentage of oxygen saturation in the blood.

The device is intended for self-monitoring by patients suffering from chronic diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

People who have had a heart attack during the rehabilitation period, to control physical activity.

It is also recommended for patients receiving oxygen therapy.

Athletes can use a pulse oximeter to quickly monitor their exercise levels.

During physical exertion, the muscles burn oxygen and the level of saturation of arterial blood with oxygen falls.

The Choicemmed MD300C21C pulse oximeter is a portable device that turns on when put on your finger.

It starts working immediately, displaying the above information on a large LED display that occupies its entire surface.

Depending on the level of illumination of the room, on the angle at which you look at it, on the characteristics of your vision, you can choose one of 10 levels of display illumination and thereby adjust it in the most convenient way.

The MD300C21C model of pulse oximeter has 6 display modes, including the ability to create and display a pulse histogram. This picture alone will tell the doctor a lot about your condition…

 As for the Omron Pulse Oximeter, it is an easy to use device.

The main advantage is that there is no need for blood sampling to obtain data. It is a Portable pulse oximeter which is powered by the mains or run-on AA batteries. You can measure your heart rate and saturation index on your own or use the help of loved ones.

The working process of this model is identical to others: The sensor, which is located on the back side, captures the residual amount of light and analyzes this data. The amount of saturated hemoglobin associated with oxygen is displayed on the screen.

Choicemmed vs Omron Pulse Oximeters
Choicemmed vs Omron Pulse Oximeters

Choicemmed vs Omron Pluses & Minuses

Choicemmed Pluses & Minuses


  •  The pulse oximeter looks very high quality, not flimsy
  •  Batteries included
  •  Lightweight yet durable
  •  Easy to use, non-irritating
  •  There is a guarantee
  • +Turns itself off after a few seconds when you shoot.


Omron Pluses & Minuses


  • Quick and ACCURATE result
  • Two indicators
  • Well made
  • Compact
  • Comfortable


  • A Little Expensive

Final Words of Choicemmed vs Omron Pulse Oximeters

When Choicemed is compared to Omron, it is not accurate device.

Yes, devices always measure with an error, the instructions should say what error is permissible but in Choicemed’s error of SpO2 measurement is 3% which is already too much. But from the pluses, it gives the results quite quickly, it is easy to use.

I would definitely recommend you Omron Pulse Oximeter. It is easy to use, the numbers on the display are clear, the device itself is compact, the case is reliable.

The price is not small compared to other pulse oximeters, but the device is worth it, I trust its performance 100%.

It quickly and 99 % accurately determines blood oxygen saturation, as well as heart rate.


Are there Pulse Oximeters for NewBorns?

There are adult and children’s pulse oximeters in the form of a clip-clothespin on the finger.

For newborns, a flexible silicone sensor is used, often attached to the side of the leg.

The same sensors are used for adults when long-term monitoring is required – it is attached to the finger. Another version of the sensor is in the form of a clip-clothespin on the ear.

Do Cheap Pulse Oximeters Work?

The cost of pulse oximeters is also worth paying special attention to.

It is not recommended to buy cheap devices, although they are the most affordable, but nevertheless, they are short-lived.

Even replacing the batteries does not guarantee the further stable operation of the device and the accuracy of the readings during the measurement.

How to Understand That The Pulse Oximeter is Broken?

If it is broken, the indicators will drop significantly. At values of 90% and below, the accuracy of a household pulse oximeter can no longer be trusted.

If your breathing is difficult, your general condition is in decline, and the level of oxygen in the blood on such a gadget is dropping rapidly, you need to urgently consult a doctor for advice.