How Do I Wear My Oura Ring?

How Do I Wear My Oura Ring?

As we already know from previous articles, ŌURA is a Finnish smart ring startup founded in 2013.

I will not consider the first version of their ring, it is no longer on sale, and it is unlikely that I would ever have purchased such a device (due to its appearance and low autonomy).

Today, let’s understand how to wear the Oura Ring correctly.

In a Hurry? My Fast Answer is

Unfortunately Oura Ring didn’t make  it to my top #1 Oximeter list.

Let me tell you about the Wellue O2Ring – it’s like the superhero of pulse oximeters, seriously!

One of the coolest things about it is that it doesn’t just clip onto your finger like your average oximeter.

Wellue O2ring

Nope, it’s a smart ring that you wear on your finger, making it super comfortable and convenient. You won’t even feel like you’re wearing anything special, yet it’s working its magic behind the scenes.

What sets the Wellue O2Ring apart from the pack is its continuous monitoring feature.

Most pulse oximeters just give you a snapshot of your oxygen saturation and heart rate, but this bad boy keeps tabs on your levels around the clock.

Whether you’re chilling on the couch, out for a jog, or catching those Z’s, it’s right there with you, providing real-time data.

Oh, and speaking of data, this thing doesn’t just show you numbers – it visualizes your trends over time too.

Imagine having a personal health diary that tells you when you’re acing life and when you might need to take it easy. It’s like having a health-conscious buddy right on your finger!

If you’re already itching to get your hands on the Wellue O2Ring (or, well, your finger in this case), I’ve got you covered.

Check out their official product page here.

What does the Oura ring look like?

The Oura Ring looks like any other trendy ring that a person wears. However, since its technological interior requires a certain amount of space, don’t expect Oura rings to be thin like some women’s engagement rings.

Rather, the Oura Ring is shaped like a thick, ribbon-like ring that is popular among many people.

The Oura Ring is almost perfectly round. The only exception is the “top” bend of the ring is a bit flat for a small part.

How Tight Should Our Ring Be?

The Oura Ring should fit tightly and securely around your finger, but not get to the point where it’s uncomfortable.

Given that the width of the smart ring is quite large (2.5 mm), it can unpleasantly pull the skin between the fingers. Therefore, it is most convenient to wear the device on the thumb or index finger.

How to choose the size of the ring?

Oura Ring looks stylish, comfortable to wear, it can track sleep and lasts a long time on a single charge.

However, you don’t get many features, and the Ring is more expensive than many smartwatches and fitness bands.

Buying an Oura Ring is complicated by the fact that you need to find the perfect size for your finger.

I liked Oura’s approach to their clients.

Realizing that the device you are buying is quite expensive and you will not be able to change its size (you can take a different strap with the Apple Watch, there are also universal smart rings, the size of which is adjustable), the manufacturers approached the solution of the problem very coolly.

When ordering, the manufacturer first sends a set of plastic rings in different sizes.

How Do I Wear My Oura Ring?
How Do I Wear My Oura Ring?

How do I wear my Oura ring?

Usually for the best measurements and best performance, they recommend wearing the Oura ring on the index or middle finger.

You must avoid fingers where the base is very narrow. The sensor bumps inside your Ring should be on the palm side of your finger.

Usually, when ordering, the manufacturer first sends a set of plastic rings in different sizes, after which you choose the one that suits you.

Two types are available to the user: Heritage and Balance. The first is made of titanium, weighing only 5 grams, with a matte finish that is not conspicuous like the silver or gold version.

However, due to the sensors, the real thickness of the ring is 2.55 mm, so you will always feel its presence on your finger.

The diameter of the Ring is also not small – 7.9 mm, so the smart ring will stand out on the hand more than other jewelry. But the case here is very reliable – it is not afraid of scratches, water or dirt, and it is wiped easily and quickly.

The Oura Ring Material and Allergies

The ring also does not irritate the skin, although, on the other hand, it is easy to lose it – there is no search function here.

This is understandable, because it is difficult to fit components to create vibration or sound on such a small device.

In general, you will get used to the ring on your hand pretty quickly without allergies, even if you start to touch other objects more often or feel the accessory on your finger when you take something in your hand.

In addition, it is important to approach the choice of colors wisely – Oura Ring should be treated not only as a gadget for measuring body parameters, but also as a decoration.

How to choose the size of the Oura Ring?

Try on samples from the manufacturer and choose(select) your size.

I took a “universal” ring in size 12.

For me, it was a little big even on my thumb , but anyway this did not stop tracking activity and sleep.

Tips from Oura Ring

  • Any hand and any finger will work, but sensors work best on the index, middle, and ring fingers
  • It is better to take a ring, the size of which fits several fingers
  • The sensors inside the ring should be in contact with the skin (especially important at night when the heart rate is monitored), the ring should not hang out, but it should not be removed too tight.
  • If possible, do not wear an Oura Ring next to other rings (on the same or adjacent fingers)…

Why do I like the Oura Ring?

For me, this device was a pleasant surprise.

I spent a week with it and realized that it is much more convenient than a smart watch, although in some scenarios the ring loses functionality to a wrist device.

Firstly, I liked the fact that the smart ring is invisible on the hand and does not distract. When you have a watch, you always want to see the time, go to review some notifications, play with the dials, there is a temptation to flip through the photo, use other functions.

With a ring, there is no such temptation and therefore you are more focused on work or training.

Secondly, very cool tracking of all indicators. For starters, it’s about sleep metrics.

As for me, sleep tracking is at the level of medical devices, because you can clearly see: when you went to bed, when you woke up at night, the distribution by sleep phases.

In fact, sleep tracking may not seem like an important feature for everyone, but when you really start to track it, your well-being, productivity and desire to do anything improve.

Final Words

The Oura Ring impresses first of all with how so many sensors and functions fit on such a tiny device.

A few years ago, it was impossible to imagine that a smart ring would appear that could track sleep, heart rate and breathing rate, work a week on a single charge and be convenient in everyday life.

For getting accurate measurements you need to put it correct so it will bring you more benefits.


Can Oura Ring be worn on Pinky?

The Manufactures typically recommend wearing the Oura Ring on your index, middle fingers to see accurate results. But many consumers use different fingers and get accurate results.

Which hand is best for an Oura Ring?

It is highly recommended to wear your Oura Ring on your non-dominant hand. It will help to limit friction (and scratches to your ring) with items you touch with your dominant hand.

Do you wear an Oura Ring all day?

It is recommended to wear an Oura Ring all day. For getting better measurements sync Oura Ring daily with your Oura app.

The Oura Ring can continue to collect data without syncing to your device for up to 3 weeks.

Which finger is best for an Oura ring?

It is most convenient to wear the device on the thumb or index finger.

Which finger is most accurate for the Oura Ring?

For optical accuracy, better wear your Oura Ring on your index finger. If it is more convenient for you to wear it on another finger then better avoid fingers with large knuckles (where the base of your finger is narrower than the knuckle).

How do I know if my Oura ring is too tight?

You will understand it if you have a gap between the top of your finger and the inside of the Oura ring.

How much gap should there be between ring and finger?

The best option is to buy the one a half or a quarter size which will be wider than your finger circumference.