How Can I Raise My Oxygen Level Quickly? Useful Advice…

How Can I Raise My Oxygen Level Quickly?

Saturation is the saturation of hemoglobin in the blood with oxygen.

Hemoglobin in the blood binds to oxygen as it travels through the lungs. A healthy person with normally functioning lungs will have an arterial oxygen saturation of 95-100%.

Saturation can be measured with a device called a pulse oximeter.

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If each hemoglobin molecule realizes its full potential and attaches four oxygen molecules, your body is supplied so much that the brain feels cheerful and willing to work, the skin is elastic and fresh, and the muscles do not “flood” with lactic acid after training.

But what if this figure is not so high and how can you raise oxygen level quickly?

Let’s figure it out together in this article…

What Causes a Rapid Drop of Saturation Level?

There are a variety of reasons.

Here I am overweight, and anemia, and high blood pressure, and thyroid disorders, and pathology of the heart, and poor blood supply, and respiratory diseases, and smoking, and severe injuries.

Finally, because of the coronavirus. Oxygen levels drop dramatically with COVID-19. When the infection enters the lungs, it infects them, leading to swelling and pneumonia.

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Why should you know about low saturation?

At low oxygen saturation you can feel tired or shortness of breath, but you can not feel any changes. It could be dangerous.

Need to keep an eye on blood saturation level oxygen with the help of your finger oximeter, until you feel better.

Saturations of 92% and below are generally considered critical. A person with such a low blood oxygen level needs urgent medical attention.

There are exceptions. For example, in severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is common in smokers, the saturation index can be from 88% to 92%.

Usually the body of such people is adapted to a lower level of oxygen. If you have a pulmonological disease, your doctor will tell you which saturation value should be an alarm for you. 

How can I increase my oxygen level naturally?

There are five easy ways to train your body to get more oxygen.

First. Breathe in fresh air.

Open windows or go outside. This will give you energy and bring extra oxygen to your lungs.

Second. Drink more pure water.

To saturate cells with oxygen and remove carbon dioxide, our lungs must be hydrated, that is, saturated with water.

Even if a person is absolutely healthy, it is important to monitor how much water the body consumes every day. The person should not feel dehydrated.

How Can I Raise My Oxygen Level Quickly?
How Can I Raise My Oxygen Level Quickly?

Water is important for oxygenation of the blood. The more a person drinks, the easier it is to maintain the level of moisture, and the ability to saturate the blood with oxygen and remove carbon dioxide depends on this.

The third. Eat foods rich in iron.

It is essential for the red blood cells that carry blood around the body. Excellent sources of iron are green leafy vegetables, cabbage and broccoli, fruits, apples, legumes, and lean proteins such as eggs, poultry, and fish.

Fourth. Get exercise.

When we exercise, we get and use more oxygen.

Therefore, our cells are able to produce more energy. Thus, the increased use of oxygen will strengthen our endurance.

Yoga with breathing practice, swimming, Pilates, body flex, breathing exercises, exercise “vacuum in the stomach”, cardio such as boxing or cycling, exercises in the gym where the opening of the chest occurs. Which activity is best for you depends on the goals, contraindications and other characteristics of the body

Fifth. Practice breathing.

Slow and deep inhalations and exhalations increase the level of oxygen in the blood, help reduce stress levels in the body.


Other Unique Methods of Saturation Increasing 


An Oxygen Concentrator


An oxygen concentrator is a device that extracts O2 molecules from the general chemical formula of air, purifies it from dust and bacteria and delivers it directly to a person through a diffuser. This is the principle on which the home inhalation procedure is based.

Oxygen cocktails

The second purpose of the equipment is the preparation of oxygen cocktails.

Half a liter of such an enriched foamy drink, according to doctors, is quite capable of replacing a two-hour walk in the fresh air. These cocktails are still popular in many resorts, being an indispensable component of any course of treatment.

At home, they are prepared on the basis of juices, herbal infusions containing medicinal plants precisely according to the profile of the disease. Special substances and cans are attached to the package, allowing you to get cocktails in a foamy form.

These simple oxygen therapy sessions can enrich the body with oxygen, get rid of insomnia, reduce the manifestation of pathologies, ensure the strength of blood flow and, in general, favorably affect the current state of many diseases.

How can I Raise my Oxygen Level Quickly?

The prone position is one of the most effective and scientifically proven ways to quickly raise oxygen levels in the body.

Doctors advise their patients to do this. A person whose blood oxygen level has dropped should lie on their stomach with a raised chest, supported by several pillows or some clothing.

You can also put a pillow under your neck and two under your stomach.

How do you increase oxygen levels while sleeping?

Many studies have shown that the level of oxygen in the blood decreases in almost every person from 3 to 7 in the morning. Even if a person is awake at night, saturation will still decrease.

Lying on your stomach makes breathing easier and increases saturation – this is called pronation.

Well, drinking water for increasing the saturation is the basis of the basics. When the saturation drops, you need to additionally increase fluid intake…


How long does it take to get oxygen levels up?

Low saturation reflects hypoxia, oxygen starvation. The lungs can not cope with the delivery of oxygen to the cells.

That’s why every person needs a pulse oximeter to realize when saturation drops. Saturation drops in seconds and increasing saturation takes up to several hours.

Does drinking water increase oxygen in the body?

Yes. To saturate cells with oxygen and remove carbon dioxide, our lungs must be hydrated, that is, saturated with water.

What supplements increase oxygen in the blood?

Vitamin B12 is essential for a revitalizing mind and body. It is responsible for saturating the blood with oxygen and saves from anemia.

In winter, the air is more rarefied, which leads to thickening of the blood even in healthy people.

What is the fastest way to increase oxygen saturation?

The prone position is one of the most effective and scientifically proven ways to quickly raise oxygen levels in the body.