Oura Ring vs Whoop. What is Better Whoop or Oura?

Oura Ring vs Whoop

You won’t surprise anyone with smart watches anymore: many manufacturers produce smart wearable devices, and they are all quite similar to each other.

But today let’s look at smart devices OuraRing and Whoop.

Let’s understand what they are and why we need them in our lives.

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Oura Ring vs Whoop Detailed Comparison Table

  Oura Ring  Whoop 4.0
What is this? This is an innovative sleep tracker that is currently very well known.

It is a smart sleep monitoring device in the shape of a ring

Manufacturer of Whoop has unveiled a new generation of fitness and health monitoring devices. style=”font-weight: 400;”> The gadget was named WHOOP 4.0. It is a Fitness bracelet used by professional athletes.
Why Do People Need it?
  • Measures heart rate
  •  Measures Number of steps
  • Distance traveled
  • Sleep duration
  • Motivates you to lead a healthier lifestyle.


Where Can I get it? You can Buy It Here on the Official Website.  You can buy it Here on the Official Website…
How to wear it? You can wear it day and night when you work, swim or bathe.

It is not much larger than an ordinary ring, and no one will suspect that this is advanced technology.

Medium, ring fingers are not the best options to wear the ring, because the device can unpleasantly pull the skin due to its thickness.

Ideal options for wearing a smart ring are the index and thumb or little finger.

As before, Whoop 4.0 can be worn not only on the wrist, like a regular fitness bracelet.

The tracker can be attached to different parts of the body using specially designed clothing.

These include sports bras, compression tops, leggings, sports boxers and shorts. Any-Wear technology automatically recognizes where the device is on the body.

Who is a Producer?  It was produced by a Finnish Health company.

The company was founded in 2013.

The company mainly produces: Oura Ring.

WHOOP has been in the news quite a lot.

With a $200 million investment in Whoop by Japanese company SoftBank through the Vision Fund, WHOOP became the most valuable fitness monitoring startup with $3.6 billion.

What application does it work with? One interesting feature of Oura Ring is that with full integration with the Apple Health app and the Google Fit app, you can use these apps to view the data your Oura Ring collects. WHOOP Application.

It is at the top of the Health & Fitness app category in the Google Playstore.

It has really good ratings and reviews. Currently, WHOOP for Windows has passed 100,000+ app installs and a 3.2 star average cumulative user rating.

A Detailed Table of: What do Oura Ring vs Whoop Measure? 

  Main specifications of Oura Ring Main specifications of Whoop  
  Oura Ring can count steps


The ring is available in three versions, slightly different in appearance.

Whoop Can count:

-Photoplethysmographic sensor (photo-sensor) for measuring pulse and derived parameters (HRV type and respiratory rate);

– Temperature sensor;

– 3-axis accelerometer for tracking rest / activity;

– Capacitive sensor to determine that the device is in contact with the body;

– Bluetooth Low Energy for communication with a smartphone.

– Memory for storing the collected data in the absence of synchronization with a smartphone for up to 3 days;

– Battery, for round-the-clock measurement of parameters up to 5 days.


The device itself is small, with a replaceable elastic strap.

It is sharpened for constant wearing,you don’t need to take it off to recharge.


The Measurements Oura Ring  Whoop Description

A heigh accurate

+ This parameter only states the fact – the heart beats more often or less often. A person is running or just very worried – it is not clear.

Scientists have determined that the heart muscle contracts at different intervals between cycles of contractions.

This happens regardless of whether the person is at rest or not. This physical process is called Heart Rate Variability or heart rate variability

Distance/Steps + + The simplest device for monitoring the main parameters of movement during the day.
Burned Calories + + Controls your shape and well being.
Sleep +

At night, Oura takes readings from your finger to give you a full account of your time in bed in the morning on your mobile app.


It automatically determines when you go to bed, how much you sleep, how many times your sleep is interrupted, and also monitors the regularity of going to bed.

Sleep is measured by the overall Performance as a percentage.

In order not to get confused by the mass of indicators, the application will tell you the main essence of last night.

For example, if you slept little, but more or less qualitatively, then this is “Enough to get by” (or “generally enough”).

The Control allows you to identify the quality of your sleep and draw certain conclusions, changing your habits based on the recommendations.
Puls + + Heart rate measurement is the easiest and most affordable way to assess the state of the cardiovascular system.
Body Temperature + + From a medical point of view, one of the most important factors in a person’s condition is body temperature. The reason is that a significant part of diseases are accompanied by a characteristic change in body temperature
Saturation + To assess the patient’s condition and the degree of hypoxia (oxygen starvation) of tissues, the saturation level is measured.
Movement Sensor +

3-axis accelerometer for rest/activity tracking.

When using optical sensors, you can get quite reliable heart rate data.
Bluetooth Low Energy + For communication with a smartphone. This interface also allows you to connect the tracker to third-party devices and programs like a regular BLE heart rate monitor.
Contact Sensor +

Capacitive sensor to determine if the device is in contact with the body

Due to the small surface of contact between the sensors and the user’s body, gadgets show inaccurate measurements.
Oura Ring vs Whoop
Oura Ring vs Whoop

My Experience: What is better Whoop or Oura?

Oura Ring Device

This device came as a pleasant surprise for me. I spent a week with it and realized that it is much more convenient than a fitness tracker, although in some scenarios the ring loses functionality to a wrist device.

Firstly, I liked the fact that the smart ring is invisible on the hand and does not distract.

When you have a tracker, you always want to see the time, go in to review some notifications, play with the dials, there is a temptation to look through photos, use other functions.

With a ring, there is no such temptation and therefore you are more focused on work or training.

Secondly, very cool tracking of all indicators. For starters, this is about sleep indicators.

As for me, sleep tracking here is at the level of medical devices, because you can clearly see when you went to bed, when you woke up at night, and the distribution of sleep phases.

In fact, sleep tracking, it would seem, is not an important feature for everyone, but when you really start tracking it, your well-being, productivity and desire to do anything improve.

The heart rate is very nice as well. You can watch it on the chart by day, in real time.

Well, I would also like the ring to become a little thinner. Then one could wear it on the ring finger or even use it as an engagement ring.

Whoop Device

From the first view, the fitness bracelet looks unremarkable.

It doesn’t have a screen.

If you persistently knock on the case, the LEDs will show the charge level. The charger is a small external battery that clings to the top of the bracelet.

All interaction takes place over the phone. Whoop is waterproof and designed to be worn 24/7.

Whoop is based on an accurate heart rate sensor. It is from here the bracelet pulls all the information it needs and interprets it.

The main parameters measured are heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV) . From this data, Whoop determines three main sets of your indicators – strain, recovery and sleep.

There is only the necessary information about how your body works, whether the training volumes are sufficient and whether recovery after exercise is properly organized.

The device is highly specialized.

Final Words of What is better Whoop or Oura?

Whoop is used to find out and tell you about the current state of your body and everything that is possible. 

Like all other sleep trackers, Oura is designed to solve an important problem: to deal with poor sleep quality.

As for me, I used to monitor sleep using Whoop fitness tracker – but my experience and other customers’ reviews say that it estimates the duration of sleep with too many errors.

The first thing I noticed while using Oura Ring is that I sleep much less than I used to think.

It turns out that my Whoop often overestimates rest time and records hours spent in bed as sleep duration. In this part, the Oura ring turned out to be more accurate: it better determines when you are just lying-in bed, and when you are sleeping.

Oura Ring marks falling asleep when you actually fall asleep. The Whoop starts counting your sleep from the moment you lie down in bed and close your eyes.

The Whoop hardly reads micro-awakenings in the middle of the night, while Oura Ring notices them.

Another indicator that makes sense to monitor is the duration of deep sleep: it is at this time that the most important recovery processes take place in the brain and in the body as a whole, growth hormone is released, and the immune system is strengthened.

Deep sleep begins sometime after falling asleep and then progresses to light sleep and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

In my case, the Oura and the Whoop data on the amount of deep sleep approximately coincided – and they are normal.

So, what device to choose depends on your goals. If you need a sleep tracking device, then the choice is obvious: Oura Ring. If you are interested in general health, then the choice must be the Whoop.


Does Oura Measure Blood Oxygen Level?

The Third generation Oura ring measures blood oxygen, or SpO2, using red and infrared LED sensors.

Can Oura Detect Sleep Apnea?

 It can help to detect Sleep Apnea, the Blood oxygen saturation levels drop, and the ring lets you know that with the alarm.

Can you use Oura without a subscription?

Yes, without a subscription, you will be able to use Oura Ring and you can export your data via Oura on the web.

Does the Oura Ring emit radiation?

Oura Ring does not cause any harm to the body. 

It uses Bluetooth technology to connect with a smartphone, which is considered safe for health.

How accurate is Oura Ring calories?

Burned Calories Feature is not accurate because Oura Ring is considered to be a sleep tracking device.