Is The Oura Ring Waterproof?

Is The Oura Ring Waterproof?

Today, almost everyone knows what a pulse oximeter is and what it is for.

It is worth remembering that a portable pulse oximeter is a device for home use, for the purpose of screening, it does not always give an accurate result.

And in today’s environment, even approximate results of blood oxygen saturation are important, and today I give you some useful tips for the correct use of a pulse oximeter and water.


In a Hurry? My Fast Answer is

Yes Oura Ring is Waterproof in Theory, but in reality it broke after my 3rd swim in the pool. 

So I wouldn’t recommend you to buy it.


Let me tell you about the Wellue O2Ring – it’s like the superhero of pulse oximeters, seriously!

One of the coolest things about it is that it doesn’t just clip onto your finger like your average oximeter.

Wellue O2ring

Nope, it’s a smart ring that you wear on your finger, making it super comfortable and convenient. You won’t even feel like you’re wearing anything special, yet it’s working its magic behind the scenes.

What sets the Wellue O2Ring apart from the pack is its continuous monitoring feature.

Most pulse oximeters just give you a snapshot of your oxygen saturation and heart rate, but this bad boy keeps tabs on your levels around the clock.

Whether you’re chilling on the couch, out for a jog, or catching those Z’s, it’s right there with you, providing real-time data.

Oh, and speaking of data, this thing doesn’t just show you numbers – it visualizes your trends over time too.

Imagine having a personal health diary that tells you when you’re acing life and when you might need to take it easy. It’s like having a health-conscious buddy right on your finger!

If you’re already itching to get your hands on the Wellue O2Ring (or, well, your finger in this case), I’ve got you covered.

Check out their official product page here.

How to Keep a Good Saturation Level When Swimming?

If each hemoglobin molecule realizes its full potential and attaches four oxygen molecules, your body is supplied so much that the brain feels cheerful and willing to work, the skin is elastic and fresh, and the muscles do not “flood” with lactic acid after training.

The saturation of such blood with oxygen will be 100%. But what if the saturation is not so high?

1) To solve the problem with the amount of iron, you need to choose a diet rich in iron. This is where a nutritionist can help. 

2) If a comprehensive study has shown that the problem is low respiratory volume then do some sport.

Yoga with breathing practice, swimming, Pilates, body flex, breathing exercises, exercise “vacuum in the stomach”, cardio such as boxing or cycling, exercises in the gym where the opening of the chest occurs. Which activity is best for you depends on the goals, contraindications and other characteristics of the body.

3) The amount of hemoglobin can be increased with the help of hypoxic training. It promotes the synthesis of new red blood cells and prolongs the life of old ones. Such exercises can be combined with exercises that increase respiratory volume. 

Fingertip pulse oximeter and the Usage in Water

You need to know that fingertip pulse oximeters are not used in water, as it may enter water, which will damage the pulse oximeter.

Here are some general recommendation about fingertip pulse oximeters usage

  • Do not expose the instrument to dust, vibrations, corrosive substances,
    explosive materials, high temperature and humidity.
  •  If the appliance gets wet, please stop using it. If the device
    transferred from a cold room to a warm one, do not use it immediately, wait.
  • Do not press the button on the front panel with a sharp object.
  • Disinfection is only with high temperature steam or high
Is The Oura Ring Waterproof?
Is The Oura Ring Waterproof?

Is the Oura ring waterproof? Is The Wellue O2 waterproof?

Today, Oura Ring Gen 3 for Sleep Tracking, in my subjective opinion, is one of the smartest ring worthy of attention for monitoring the user’s health.

The developer managed to place in a compact case many modern health monitoring sensors and indicators that are present in advanced smartwatches. And that led to the Oura smart ring gen 3 becoming iconic.

The uniqueness of the gadget is in focus on sleep, rest and recovery of a person. Obviously, a relatively massive smart ring will not suit everyone, but the manufacturer managed to squeeze out competitors from Motiv and Amazon from the market. And Oura Gen 3 offers even more heart rate measurement options…

Oura Smart Ring is made of titanium and can work underwater at a depth of up to 100 meters. The weight of the device is from 4 to 6 grams, depending on the size. With its incredibly compact dimensions, the novelty is able to provide from 4 to 7 days of battery life.

As for the Wellue O2 ring. The device has dust and water resistance rating of IP24

What Else Can check your saturation level while Swimming?

Many other groups of fitness and medical devices appear all the time.

Almost every week we see the announcement of another manufacturer about the release of a fitness tracker, pulse oximeter which, of course, is better than others.

Almost all of the presented devices allow you to track physical activities of various kinds, but in addition, they all offer training, help, general health details and new techniques for their owner.

Let’s Look closer…


The creators of this device call it “the first activity tracker designed for swimmers.”

Xmetrics is attached to the back of the wearer’s head on the goggle strap. The device detects swimming style, counts strokes, measures activity duration, lap time, turn quality, and provides near-real-time feedback of the heart rate, pulse and saturation via connected headphones.

In addition, the gadget monitors standard parameters, such as the number of calories burned, exercise performance and the degree of achievement of goals.

The data is sent to the corresponding mobile application, which on the general screen allows you to understand how far the swimmer has progressed in achieving his goals.

All data that is collected on a smartphone can be shared with a coach or colleagues for comparison and general health data can be shared with a doctor.

Mbody Coach

Myontec has released Mbody Coach shorts with built-in sensors that measure the wearer’s muscle load, heart rate, saturation and balance ratio.

Working in tandem with this “device”, the application during physical activity offers the user various tips, working as a “virtual” trainer.

The app can advise the athlete to extend warm-up exercises or focus on technique to optimize training sessions. After you complete your workouts, the app offers options for comparing exercises, reviewing your data, and sharing with friends via social media.



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SensoTrack has developed an unusual fitness tracker, which, unlike its competitors, is placed not on the arm or leg, but on the ear.

The tracker can measure heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation and respiratory rate. As well as all other standard parameters – the number of calories and steps burned, speed, activity level, body position, height and location, etc.

The device conducts all measurements in real time, keeping a constant record. In addition, SensoTrack helps you set and meet your physical activity goals, including, for example, the intention to walk at least four kilometers a day.

All data is sent to the app, which allows users to upload workout options, share running routes, and get suggestions for their next workout. The developers have provided a version of the program for mobile devices (Android, iOS), as well as a web version…


Another device is Lumafit, which is very similar to ear pulse oximeter: SensoTrack, but nevertheless they have different developers.

Lumafit is a fitness trainer that keeps track of your workouts and is also a meditation trainer that keeps you healthy in mind in a strong body.

It is a small plastic device that is placed over the ear and attached to it with a clip.

The clip, reminiscent of the usual finger clip-pulse oximeter, has an integrated LED and a pulse sensor that continuously monitors it.

Lumafit also has a built-in accelerometer that monitors the movement of the head and body as a whole…

To Conclude, almost all of the presented devices allow you to track various kinds of physical activity by checking your health measurements, but also in addition, they all offer training, help, and new methods for their owners…


Can you swim with oura ring?

You can bathe, wash dishes, and even swim with it on. So as You understood, Oura Ring is waterproof up to 100 meters.

Can oura ring get wet?

Yes. You can wear the ring in hot tubs, saunas, and cryotherapy tanks.

Can you shower with oura ring?

Yes. The Oura Ring is waterproof up to 100 meters.