Oura Ring Vs Fitbit. What is Better and Why?

Oura Ring vs Fitbit

Is a smart ring like Oura Ring or a smart watch like Fitbit better for monitoring your health?

Fitbit makes great fitness bands and smartwatches, but it lacks a smart ring in its lineup.

The Oura smart ring, in contrast, has a ring form factor and focuses on monitoring the user’s health.

Today, I compared these 2 smart devices to find out which one is the best choice to buy.


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Comparing Oura Ring & Fitbit Chart


Oura Ring Fitbit
What is this? Oura Ring is a ring-shaped activity tracker made of titanium with a heart rate sensor.

Fitbit is an American company that makes a range of digital fitness products such as fitness bands, smartwatches, step trackers, heart rate monitors, and more.

Which material is used? The gadget is made of lightweight titanium with moisture protection up to 100 meters.

The frame is made of plastic.

The classic strap is made from flexible, durable elastomeric material, similar to the material used in many sports watches, and contains a stainless-steel buckle.

What to wear?

It must be on the finger, but it is certainly thicker than a regular ring and may cause inconvenience.

And it still attracts attention more than the already familiar format of a fitness bracelet.

This device is worn on the wrist. Fitbit also offers the ability to wear the Inspire HR fitness tracker anywhere on the body thanks to the optional clip.

But the main place, of course, is the wrist.


The smart ring is available in two versions: Balance and Heritage. Models differ only in appearance, and the functions are exactly the same.

Before buying a ring, you will need to use a special original set with metrics to determine the size of your finger, which is sent out by the company.

There are different size options with different prices (the larger the size of the ring, the higher the price).

In general, the procedure is quite simple. However, due to the long delivery times, you need to be patient.

Once you decide on a size that is comfortable to wear, the company will send the actual device within 24 hours.

There are several models from Fitbit, but they are all designed to be worn on the wrist.

The range includes fitness trackers of various sizes and smart watches.

from simpler sports bracelets like the Inspire HR to the modest Charge 4 fitness tracker.

Then there are smartwatches like the Versa 2 that offer a much larger screen for viewing step counts and more, including access to more powerful apps.

Luckily, all of the company’s new trackers are water-resistant up to 5ATM.

This makes it possible to track who is swimming in the pool.

Fitbit smartwatches such as the Versa and Ionic have this capability as well, with advanced swimming metrics.


Oura also syncs with iPhones and Android phones.

Like Oura Fitbit, it also syncs with iPhones and Android phones.

Where can I get it from?

Only the Official Site

oura 1

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Battery Life

When it comes to the Oura ring, it promises up to 1 week of use and the charging time is 20–80 minutes.

Ultimately, the smart ring has the same time zone as the Fitbit.

Maybe slightly more due to the lack of a screen.

When it comes to battery life, Fitbit devices offer about a week of battery life on average.

When you factor in features like GPS and continuous heart rate monitoring, this reduces battery life.

As a rule, one charge is enough for 5-7 days with an average load.

Fitbit vs. Oura Ring Fitness Benefits

Oura Fitness Center

Oura Ring has many useful sensors. Some are on Fitbit devices, others are not.

In this small ring case, there is a place for an accelerometer and a gyroscope to measure movements.

Motion sensors are pretty much standard on wearables, including Fitbit devices.

There are also two infrared light sensors that are used to detect sleep and heart rate. The developer claims that using an infrared sensor to take measurements is more reliable when taking biometric measurements on various skin types.

Oura Ring also tracks body temperature with two built-in sensors.

This measurement is not available on any Fitbit trackers or smartwatches.

The smart ring measures body temperature through the skin on the finger. Having this information can be useful for early diagnosis of diseases (the company is now actively involved in research on this issue) and for understanding the physical condition in the morning.

If you need to measure your heart rate during exercise, then this smart ring does not have such an opportunity.

It is possible to monitor the heart rate during sleep and during the day.

Other metrics Oura can capture include total calorie expenditure, inactive time, workout calorie burns, and analog walking.

One sensor found in Oura is the SpO2 sensor, which activates the oxygen saturation estimation feature during sleep tracking.

Activity Indicators:

* Steps* Walking equivalent* Activity/total calorie consumption* Inactive time* Activity level goal* Progress goal

Fitbit Fitness Facility

Fitbit offers a huge number of fitness tracking options on its devices. Simply because the larger form factor makes it possible.

All trackers and watches from the manufacturer track steps and monitor sleep using motion sensors like those found in the Oura ring.

These heart rate gadgets offer continuous heart rate monitoring, resting heart rate tracking, and heart rate zone monitoring during exercise.

And the new Charge 4 puts an emphasis on getting your heart rate up in the high zones, and it calls it Active Zone Minutes. And it became a new goal.

All Fitbit trackers offer access to women’s health tracking from within the Fitbit app, and the company’s smartwatches allow some of these features to be controlled from the wrist.

While Oura is compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit, Fitbit still doesn’t support the Google platform.

The Fitbit Ionic smartwatch and Charge 4 wristband have built-in GPS to track outdoor activities directly from the device, while other devices use the connected smartphone’s GPS.

And swimming metrics on Fitbit devices are also available.

Fitness Activity Indicators:

Fitbit activity statistics:

* Steps* Minutes of activity* Calories* Heartbeat 24 hours a day* Resting heart rate

Oura Ring vs Fitbit

Sleep Monitoring

Oura’s Sleep Monitoring Function

One of the strong features of Fitbit and Oura is sleep tracking—and both systems are excellent.

However, there are significant differences between them.

In fact, both ecosystems do it so well that, to a large extent, the choice of gadget comes down to the device that the user is most comfortable wearing.

Oura is for those who need more data and better details on their sleep.

The smart ring uses built-in sensors to record a variety of metrics and data. including fixing the stages of sleep (deep, light, and REM). This is also possible on the Fitbit platform, which uses a similar method for tracking sleep.

Based on the range of heart rate, respiration, and temperature, and understanding the effectiveness of sleep, signs of calm, and a record of total sleep time and time spent in bed, a sleep quality score will be generated.

The collected sleep data counts towards another interesting Oura metric called Readiness. This metric also takes into account activity to assess the level of fitness during the day and will be of interest to those who monitor recovery after training as well as overall well-being.

The metric is reminiscent of Garmin’s Body Battery feature. As a reminder, it also evaluates sleep and resting heart rate data, body temperature deviation, respiratory rate, and sleep balance to form a measure of the body’s fitness level for exercise.

Fitbit’s Sleep Monitoring Function

When it comes to Fitbit and sleep monitoring, this is an aspect that we have long considered the best in the wearable electronics market.

Like Oura, Fitbit has participated in a number of sleep studies and has long led the way in terms of accuracy and analysis of sleep from the wrist.

All Fitbit trackers and smartwatches offer automatic sleep monitoring, and those that track heart rate will provide additional layers of data with a greater level of accuracy.

All of this data is combined, so Fitbit can generate a single score based on things like heart rate and sleep stages.

Fitbits can track sleep duration, the time it takes to fall asleep, and the key sleep stages of deep, REM, and light sleep.

Fitbit also counts time spent awake or restless during sleep time, so it gives a much more accurate estimate of nighttime activity.

There are also additional features, such as a sleep schedule that tries to find the optimal sleep time to improve sleep efficiency.

Fitbit Premium offers additional in-depth information about the collected data.

Pros and Cons

Oura Ring Advantages Fitbit Pros
  • Oura Ring does not require the attention of the user because it is worn on the finger.
  • It allows you to wear a good classic or smart watch.
  • The finger is a great place to put health-tracking sensors, because here the heart rate is especially accurate.
  • provides more accurate sleep characteristics
  • long battery life due to its size.
  • very compact
  • The body temperature sensor
  • Meditational application
  • Exercises are well tracked.
  • Convenient charts with transcriptions
  • holds a charge for up to a week.
  • Fitbit is worn on the wrist—and it’s a great place to hit daily goals, track progress, and generally get used to it.
  • It is suitable for different needs and for different tastes. It is quite broad.
  • Has GPS
  • five-day battery life.
  • has branded shockproof glass.
  • It has a temperature sensor.
  • Has NFC
  • Bluetooth version 0.8 is newer.
  • It includes a barometer.
  • There are warnings for irregular heartbeats.

Oura Ring Con. Fitbit Cons
  • may appear rough on a woman’s hand.
  • Some features are not available.
  • Quite expensive
  • needs to be very accurate in size.
  • Available only at the official website.
  • Some models do not track the phases of deep and REM sleep.
  • Some models do not take into account the speed and type of movement, heart rate, and do not support GPS.

Which is more precise: Oura or Fitbit?

These two gadgets are quite similar, and there are no serious differences between them.

There are many similarities in software and tracking metrics, accuracy and both manufacturers offer quality and reliable devices.

In my opinion, what to choose all comes down to personal perception of the device form factor and design.

If you prefer an inconspicuous and more comfortable everyday look, then your choice might be the Oura Ring.

If you’re the kind of person who needs to keep track of your progress on a wearable device screen, Fitbit is the best choice.


Can Oura Ring Detect Heart Problems?

Yes, it tracks heart rate, heart rate variability, temperature, activity, and calories burned. It will signal if there are problems with the heart.

Can You Shower with an Oura Ring?

It’s a waterproof ring to 50 meters, so you can take your Oura Ring 3 with you on any water adventure.

Does the Oura Ring Scratch Easily?

No. Because of its hardness, it is more difficult to scratch and provides quality over a longer period of time.

Since the Oura Ring fits snugly to the skin, it is important that it does not cause unpleasant reactions or irritation to the wearer’s skin.

Can Oura Ring Help With Anxiety?

The most important thing about the Oura Ring is that it will help you truly and more fully understand your sleep, your body, and how it affects your health and quality of life.