Is The Oura Ring Durable?

Is The Oura Ring Durable?

The Oura Ring is quite similar to Apple Watch and other fitness trackers, it’s the same type of device. But instead of a watch, it takes the form of a ring.

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Of course, one big difference between a health monitoring device like the Apple Watch and Oura Ring is that Oura Ring has no display and no app ecosystem. You cannot install other applications on it, in other words.

Oura Ring has its own app, of course, but it’s designed to run on your iPhone or Android device so you can track the metrics Oura Ring collects about you.

Looking for a The Best Pulse Oximeter?

Unfortunately Oura Ring didn’t make it to my top #1 Oximeter list.

It has way too many flaws!

Let me tell you about the Wellue O2Ring – it’s like the superhero of pulse oximeters, seriously!

One of the coolest things about it is that it doesn’t just clip onto your finger like your average oximeter.

Wellue O2ring

Nope, it’s a smart ring that you wear on your finger, making it super comfortable and convenient. You won’t even feel like you’re wearing anything special, yet it’s working its magic behind the scenes.

What sets the Wellue O2Ring apart from the pack is its continuous monitoring feature.

Most pulse oximeters just give you a snapshot of your oxygen saturation and heart rate, but this bad boy keeps tabs on your levels around the clock.

Whether you’re chilling on the couch, out for a jog, or catching those Z’s, it’s right there with you, providing real-time data.

Oh, and speaking of data, this thing doesn’t just show you numbers – it visualizes your trends over time too.

Imagine having a personal health diary that tells you when you’re acing life and when you might need to take it easy. It’s like having a health-conscious buddy right on your finger!

If you’re already itching to get your hands on the Wellue O2Ring (or, well, your finger in this case), I’ve got you covered.

Check out their official product page here.

Who Owns Oura Ring?

Oura was founded in 2013 in Oulu, Finland. Its creators are Kari Kivelä, Karkku Koskela and Petteri Lahtela.

The company believes that the basis of health is sleep, so the main information about the health of the owner is obtained while he/she sleeps, according to the manufacturers.

Is The Oura Ring Durable?

Wellue O2ring vs Oura Ring

Buying an Oura Ring is complicated by the fact that you need to find the perfect size for your finger.

The Company sends you plastic temples of what ring size to choose.

The girth of the fingers not only changes during the day, but also depends on the temperature. Therefore, if you measure your fingers on a hot summer day, the ring may be too loose in winter.

This is because the fingers swell a little at high temperatures.

Therefore, measure your fingers at room temperature, when they are neither particularly warm nor particularly cold.

After choosing the right size it will be comfortable to wear and will show you accurate measurements.

Oura Ring is a titanium ring embedded with various electronic devices and sensors that can monitor heart rate and breathing, temperature, sleep patterns and more.

One of the most well-known benefits of titanium is its durability.

Titanium products can withstand almost any adverse conditions. This metal is not pressed in, practically does not scratch and does not lose its luster. Titanium does not corrode and does not change color over time.

Due to their hardness, titanium rings do not lose their shape.

Despite the fact that this metal is very durable, titanium accessories can be made in a variety of styles, inlaid with stones and even other metals. Titanium is also lighter than many other metals. This quality makes titanium accessories (even really massive ones) more comfortable to wear.

Is The Oura Ring Durable?
Is The Oura Ring Durable?

How Often Do You Have to Charge Oura Rings?

When the battery is fully charged, the Oura Ring can be worn continuously for about 7 days. As soon as the battery is discharged, you need to remove it for charging and put it on the charger from the kit.

Starting from the 3rd generation, it is equipped with a practical LED display so you can always know the current charge level.

Full charge takes no more than 2 – 3 hours…

The manufacturer recommends always keeping the charge between 40 and 80%. This way the battery stays full and you don’t have to put the ring on the charger for a long time.

At approximately 25% of the remaining charge, the application informs you that the ring needs to be charged urgently.

How Tight Should the Ring fit?

Of course, your Oura ring should not be too tight or too loose. But how do you know if the chosen size fits perfectly?

If you can slide the ring over your knuckles without feeling a little resistance, it’s definitely too loose .

If, on the other hand, you have to make an effort to put the ring on your finger, then it is too tight.

If your Oura ring does not fit despite careful sizing, you can of course return it within the legal right of return.

Is the Oura Ring scratch resistant?

At first glance, this is an ordinary ring that must be scratch resistant. But is that true?

Once you look inside, you will realize that there is so much more to it. To be honest, it’s a little shocking that something so small can do so much.

The Oura Ring Gen 3 is capable of some of the useful health tracking you’d find in a fitness tracker.

Of course, given how small it is, you can’t expect the world to, but it has learned some of the basics while still being remarkably comfortable to wear.

The titanium construction makes it lightweight and scratch resistant and still it feels pretty solid. And although there are three protruding LED sensors inside, you don’t notice them at all when you wear the ring.

Is Oura Ring Safe?

Even in its natural form, titanium is biocompatible with almost all human skin types. This means that almost everyone can wear titanium accessories without fear of rashes and other allergic reactions of the body.

Often, even those people who have experienced intolerance to products made of gold or silver can wear titanium without any problems.

The main reason is that, unlike other precious metals, titanium does not mix with other alloys and metals that can cause allergies. Titanium shows its best qualities precisely in its “pure form”, so it suits almost every person.

My Final Word

Of course, the Oura Ring is not the only “smart” pulse oximeter ring on the market. After a big boom in fitness wristbands and smartwatches, manufacturers are now also paying more and more attention to smart rings .

There are various models, such as the NFC ring, which allows contactless payments. Other rings even allow you to make calls.

If you are looking for an alternative way to measure sleep and activity, you may want to look into the Wellue O2 ring.

Wellue O2Ring Oxgyen Monitor Smart Ring Sleep Apnea Monitor

It is a strong competitor to the Wellue O2 ring and it can beat the Oura Ring in terms of sleep measurement.

But if you’re focused on fitness tracking, then you’re better off choosing smartwatches and sport pulse oximeters from leading manufacturers. These smart gadgets track a lot more data and have a lot more functionality.


How long does the Oura Ring last?

When the battery is fully charged, the Oura Ring can be worn continuously for about 7 days. As soon as the battery is discharged, you need to remove it for charging and put it on the charger from the kit.

Is Oura worth the money?

Yes, The Oura Ring Gen 3 is capable of some of the useful health tracking you’d find in a fitness tracker. It can prevent diseases and tell everything about your health.

The ring reads the wearer’s pulse, body temperature, movement and intensity to provide a holistic picture of health.

The device is made of titanium alloy. It has built-in infrared diodes, temperature sensors, an accelerometer and a gyroscope.

The owner of the ring can see all the information in the Oura mobile application.

The program evaluates his condition according to three parameters: sleep, readiness and activity. Readiness for any load is determined based on the quality of sleep and physical activity the day before.

Is the Oura Ring FDA Approved?

The FDA is responsible for maintaining public health through the regulation and oversight of the safety of food, tobacco products, dietary supplements ,pills (both prescription and over-the-counter), vaccines, and medical devices.

 Yes, The FDA has cleared the Oura ring. 

Is the Oura Ring FSA eligible?

Yes, You can use your account FSA to purchase OURA accessories with your pretax dollars.