Best Pulse Oximeter for Sports. My Personal Experience

best pulse oximeter for sport

Every year there are a huge number of gadgets for athletes, and among this variety it is easy to get confused.

There are a lot of pulse oximeters for sport, how do you choose one? What to look for?

Today I will help you to choose the right and the best pulse oximeter for sports.

Pulse Oximeters and pedometers help you to monitor your heart rate, monitor your saturation level, count your steps, and maximize your workouts.

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They are always chosen by those who want to monitor the state of their body during physical exertion.

best pulse oximeter for sport

Proper running should be efficient, safe and fun. Someone gets this pleasure already from the process itself, while others are also interested in the results.

To ensure that all three conditions are met, a special device was designed just for athletes- Pulse oximeter for sports.

 Are you in a hurry? Then look at a short table of “What is the best pulse oximeter for sport”…

Of course, the following models are far from the only ones that will be useful for runners, but the range of possibilities they have is quite revealing.

Top 7 Oximeters for Sports

Fitness bracelet Huawei Honor Band 3


Pulse Oximeter SIGMA PC 15.11


Pulse Oximeter Beurer PM45


Pulse Oximeter Pulse Oximeter Wahoo TICKR X


Pulse Oximeter Polar H10
Wellue O2 ring Wellue O2Ring Oxgyen Monitor Smart Ring Sleep Apnea Monitor


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How do You Choose a Pulse Oximeter for Sports?

A pulse oximeter is a device that measures arterial oxygen saturation.

In athletes during periods of high intensity training, there is a tendency to reduce the level of oxygen in the blood.

The goal of sports training is to prepare the muscles to work harder and for a longer period of time. Oxygenated muscles improve overall muscle function and overall performance.

Today there are several types of pulse oximeters, which are attached either to the finger or to the wrist.

There is no fundamental difference between the two types of devices, but today doctors most often use pulse oximeters, which are a clothespin for a finger. This model is also suitable for home use.

But for sportsmen different pulse oximeters will be popular. When choosing a pulse oximeter for sport it is also worth paying attention to the form factor – it must be practical. Pay attention to the accuracy as well. Many pulse oximeters can give wrong measurements.

The quality of the device itself also plays an important role – it is better to choose well-known brands and check documents. Well, let’s start now…

Best Pulse Oximeter for Exercises 

Fitness bracelet Huawei˜ Honor Band 3

Huawei Honor Band 3 is a complete fitness tracker for active people and novice athletes.

It can measure the pulse, saturation level, there are various training modes and moisture protection. It can also be added to the asset that the bracelet accurately shows the distance traveled.

The bracelet connects to devices based on Android and iOS, while it consumes little energy and works for about 30 days without recharging.

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The screen displays information about the heart rate, date, time, distance traveled and calories burned. All this is displayed in white on a black background.

The device is worn on the wrist. The clasp is strong, but it does not cause any discomfort while doing sport. You can run, swim and sleep in the bracelet. It does not need to be specifically switched to night mode. There is a smart alarm function.

Pros: wide functionality at an affordable price, not afraid of moisture, stylish design.

Cons: compatibility problems with the Android operating system version below 4.4.

Pulse Oximeter SIGMA PC 15.11

The model is produced by the German company Sigma Sport. In production, strict technical control and laboratory testing are constantly carried out.

The display case is made of rubberized plastic, and the strap is made of soft rubber. With it, the device sits tightly and does not dangle on the hand.

The range of adjustment of the strap in girth is from 120 to 210 mm. Color scheme: black-gray, black-blue, black-green, black-yellow.

Display diameter – 26 mm.

The Sigma PC 15.11 heart rate monitor reads the distance traveled, saturation level, heart rate, calories burned.

The watch will be of interest to people involved in running, as there is a function of running with circles – you can see the results of both a separate circle and the entire workout as a whole. Suitable for walking, swimming, hiking.

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The Sigma PC 15.11 heart rate monitor has three training modes: fat burning zone, fitness zone and individual. The first lasts longer, but not very intensely, allows you to burn fat, and promotes weight loss.

An intense endurance workout takes place in the fitness area. The intensity can be adjusted independently. In the third, you can set the upper and lower limits of the pulse, the goal for burned calories, running time and other parameters.

Pros: a large selection of colors, you can select training zones and measure the number of laps.

Cons: inconvenient to turn on the backlight.

Pulse Oximeter Beurer PM45

The Beurer PM45 pulse oximeter can be classified as a sports watch with advanced features. The main advantages I would include counting the pulse, measuring energy consumption and controlling fat burned during and after training and measures of saturation levels.

With the help of a heart rate monitor, you can create and customize a personal training program.

Special thanks can be said to the manufacturer for a good package. The box contains a watch with a strap, a chest belt with a strap for fastening, an additional strap, a bike mount and a case.

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A sensor built into the chest strap reads the electrical impulses on the skin and transmits the data to the watch. The band can be stretched to fit your size and secure the belt.

The display is backlit.

Additional features include a calendar, an alarm clock and a stopwatch. The body of the device is waterproof, but the manufacturer does not recommend diving to a depth of more than 30 meters and pressing buttons in the water. It is also impossible to measure the pulse underwater.

Pros: price, features, functionality.

Cons: It is better not to dive with them to a depth of more than 30 meters.

Best Pulse Oximeter for Athletes 

Pulse Oximeter Pulse Oximeter Wahoo TICKR X

The Wahoo Fitness TICKR X chest heart rate monitor is useful for running, cycling and during fitness training. It has a built-in accelerometer, and the mount on the chest does not interfere with doing various exercises.

The device can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth LE and ANT+ and download the native Wahoo Fitness app.

It will show the heart rate, calories burned, duration of the workout and other parameters. The heart rate monitor is compatible with popular fitness apps Strava, Runkeeper, MapMyFitness and more.

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Tickr X has built-in memory up to 16 hours. The results of the training can be viewed later in the application.

Durable and water-resistant housing will withstand even intense workouts.

Pros: there is an accelerometer, compatible with sports applications.

Cons: Problems with belt adjustment.

Polar H10

Polar H10 is the latest development from the Finnish company Polar, which works in the production of heart monitors. In this model, the logic has been changed and the accuracy of heart rate measurement has been improved.

The developer equipped the device with a memory of the training session, convenient fixation of the belt in the required position and the latest sensors with signal protection.

The chest strap contains four additional electrodes that read data more accurately. Major competitors usually have only two electrodes. On most of the surface of the strap there are fixing drops made of silicone so that the heart rate monitor does not slip on the body.

As the main functions, I would note the ability to record a workout in memory. I come home, turn on the device, and the data is automatically uploaded to the application on the smartphone.

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I was especially attracted to the ability to overlay heart rate data on video from a GoPro HERO4 or HERO5 action camera, but this will additionally require a smartwatch from Polar.

Separately, I would like to talk about autonomy. The device will work for 400 hours, and weighs only 60 grams with the strap.

Pros: good battery life, can be synchronized with GoPro.

Cons: Can’t be used with multiple devices at the same time.

Best Pulse Oximeter for Cold Fingers

The portable pulse oximeter is a device for home use, for the purpose of screening, it does not always give an accurate result.

And in today’s environment, even approximate results of blood oxygen saturation are important, and there are some tips for the correct use of a pulse oximeter:

  •  Fingers should be warm and dry. Cold or damp hands can cause low readings.
  •  Thick nails, nail polish can also underestimate performance.
  • Bruises, tattoos on the fingers can cause inaccurate readings. It’s better to choose another finger to measure.
  •  Keep your hand and finger still and do not move yourself during the measurement.

A saturation of 95% or more is considered normal.

The best pulse oximeter that will show accurate results for cold hands is the Wellue O2 ring.

 I would recommend choosing the Wellue O2 Ring . I think it is the latest technology of pulse oximeters.

It is the best choice for overnight oxygen saturation monitoring and health monitoring.

It has accurate tracking of all indicators and very common features such as oximetry Technologies, waterproof resistance, smart alarms and saturation alerts.

Wellue O2Ring Oxgyen Monitor Smart Ring Sleep Apnea Monitor

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The device is simple and reliable in operation so that it can be used at home without special technical and medical knowledge.

It often happens that the low saturation values ​​obtained do not correspond to the actual situation of a person – in fact, a person does not feel so bad. Do not be afraid, try to measure on the other hand a few more times and take into account the greatest result.


What is the Best pulse oximeter during exercise?

When choosing a pulse oximeter for sport it is also worth paying attention to the form factor – it must be practical.

Pay attention to the accuracy as well. Many pulse oximeters can give wrong measurements.

The quality of the device itself also plays an important role – it is better to choose well-known brands and check documents.

 What is the Best pulse oximeter for training?

Fitness bracelet Huawei˜ Honor Band 3,Pulse Oximeter SIGMA PC 15.11,Pulse Oximeter Beurer PM45.

Can you use Pulse Oximeter during exercise?

Yes, there are Pulse oximeters that are developed for athletes. They are pulse oximeters that are used extensively during exercises.

Do athletes have higher blood oxygen levels?

Their blood oxygen saturation is most likely in the normal range.