Innovo vs Oxiline Pulse Oximeters

Innovo vs Oxiline Pulse Oximeters

When buying a pulse oximeter, it is important to find the correct version of form factor and size, and then check the documents for the device.

On sale there are several types of pulse oximeters, which are attached to the finger.

For Example, today, I want to compare Innovo vs Oxiline Pulse Oximeters.


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Unfortunately none of them made it to my top #1 Oximeter list.

Let me tell you about the Wellue O2Ring – it’s like the superhero of pulse oximeters, seriously!

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Innovo Vs Oxiline Pulse Oximeters Chart


Oxiline Pulse Oximeters Innovo iP900AP Deluxe 
What is this? It is an improved version of Oxiline Pulse 7.

This fingertip device is used for daily use with an OLED Display that features bright multicolor digits and Perfusion Index (PI) and even Plethysmograph Waveform.

 This fingertip pulse oximeter model is designed for continuous non-invasive measurement of saturation and pulse rate.

It shows high accurate results for people with medium fingers ONLY.

Oxiline products are made in France, as Oxiline is a French company and not an American or US company.
The company specializes in high quality medical diagnostic equipment.
Their accuracy of medical equipment is at the high level.
Innovo Medical Company is a US company that manufactures Medical Products.

The fundamental guiding principle of Innovo Company is the safety and reliability of all medical products.

Most of the Innovo pulse oximeters are FDA approved.

Where to get it?
How does it work?

The principle of operation and control of the device is extremely simple.

It is enough for the patient to put a clothespin on the finger and press a small button on the case.

Data on the level of oxygen in the blood and heart rate will be displayed on a small screen in 8-10 seconds.

The principle of operation of the device is the ability of saturated and unsaturated hemoglobin to absorb light.

The sensor, which is located on the back side, captures the residual amount of light and analyzes this data.

The amount of saturated hemoglobin associated with oxygen is displayed on the screen.

pulse oximeter works by passing a beam of red and infrared light through a pulsating capillary bed and then measuring the amount of red and infrared light exiting the tissues through the sensor.To improve accuracy, the pulse oximeter ​​uses a proprietary algorithm to collect pulsatile arterial blood data and eliminate tissue noise.

The relative light absorption of oxyhemoglobin (HbO) and deoxyhemoglobin is then calculated according to the Beer-Lambert law and a quantitative measurement of the user’s oxyhemoglobin status, i.e. oxygen saturation level (SpO2), is derived.

For Whom is this?
Сan be also used for professional use, and at home.

It can be ideal for children over 12 and adults.

Definitely not for people with small fingers, it produces inaccurate readings for people with tiny fingers.

Technical Characteristics of Innovo vs Oxiline

Oxiline  Innovo iP900AP Deluxe Pulse Oximeter
It has a Plethysmograph Waveform

( This indicator helps you visualize your perfusion Index in real time)

Has OLED Display and the A9 Nano sensor

Fast measurements

You have the menu of the settings

Has smart alarm when the measurements are low

The sensor became much more accurate. This version provides a reading much quicker than in the previous generation Pulse Oximeter 7 Pro

It shows Oxygen saturation (SpO2), perfusion index (PI), heart beats per minute (BPM)


Display range: 0%~100%

Measuring range: 90%~100%

Accuracy: 95%~100%

Has (2) AAA Batteries


Color informative OLED display

Display of SpO2, heart rate and plethysmogram (pulse wave)

There are six modes of displaying information on the display

Lightweight compact design (weight 50g including batteries)

Low power consumption, continuous work for 30 hours

Automatic power off, battery indication

The pulse oximeter has 10 levels of display brightness

LED Display type


Display range: 0%~100%

Measuring range: 70%~100%

Accuracy: 70%~100%±2%

Innovo vs Oxiline Pulse Oximeters
Innovo vs Oxiline Pulse Oximeters

Innovo vs Oxiline Pulse Oximeters Advantages & Disadvantages

The Advantages of Oxiline Pulse 9 Pro 

  • Compact, well designed
  • Operates by 1 button, very easy to use
  • Fast measurements
  • You have the menu of the settings
  • Has smart alarm when the measurements are low
  • The sensor became much more accurate
  • This version provides a reading much quicker than in the previous generation Pulse Oximeter 7 Pro

The Disadvantages of Oxiline Pulse 9 Pro

  • It does not come with batteries in a package. You need to buy your own batteries
  • In my case the screen was blurring, was not able to read the measurements
  • It is not applicable for continuous 24/7 monitoring.
  • Rechargeable batteries

The Advantages of Innovo iP900AP Deluxe Pulse Oximeter

  • It has one-year warranty
  • It has an easily readable led display
  • It includes batteries, lanyard, and silicon cover

The Disadvantages of Innovo iP900AP Deluxe Pulse Oximeters

  • This pulse oximeter can often cease to function after a year, so it makes the warranty useless.
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • It is not applicable for continuous 24/7 monitoring.
  • It has a LED display which may be somewhat challenging to read (because it has a lot of information on the screen) …

Personal Experience of Oxiline vs Innovo Pulse Oximeters

Oxiline Pro 9 Innovo iP900APPulse Oximeter
When relatives fell ill, I ordered Oxiline Pulse 9 Pro for them.

Why this particular? Because it is Easy to use, it always shows accurate measurements.

The pulse oximeter itself is beautiful, comfortable and proven. My parents put it in the first aid kit and forgot about it.

And when my dad got sick (temperature and weakness for more than 5 days), they remembered that there was such a device, they measured his saturation , and saw that the oxygen level dropped, as a result, they didn’t wait, called the ambulance and they took him to the hospital.

It is the necessary apparatus, which shows accurate measurements.

I would recommend you to get it because if the lungs fail, but people do not feel it, it is easy to breathe, but the fact that part of the lung does not work, you do not understand this.

This Pulse Oximeter showed accurate measurements. It is a necessary thing, especially in our difficult times when it is easy to catch a virus and get pneumonia.

Oxiline Pulse 9 Pro pulse oximeter is special because it has an OLED display and provides readings for saturation in the blood and heartbeats.

It has a Perfusion index and also includes a plethysmograph (SpO2 Waveform).

The device is packaged in a small compact box that is easy to open and close.
It has a color display.It turns on with one push of a button, and turns itself off after a short time, writing “Finger out”, which means “Finger is missing”.In order to take measurements, just lightly press on the opposite edge of the device – it will open.All the time while the finger is in the device, measurements will be taken.One digit on the display shows saturation in%, and the second – the pulse.The norm for a healthy adult is 95-99%. Anything below indicates a lack of oxygen.In this case, you will need to immediately consult a doctor.I tested the device on me and the children. Everything is in order in terms of indicators.

The pulse shows correctly.

Final Words of What to Choose Innovo vs Oxiline

These 2 Pulse Oximeters are fairly simple devices, but I would choose Oxiline Pro 9, it has some additional features, such as a Plethysmograph Waveform, this version provides a reading much quicker, but it makes it more expensive.

Oxiline Pro 9 Pulse Oximeter has more clarity, the numbers on the display, are displayed without interference.

I like it more, it has a Plethysmograph Waveform (it has a graphical determination of fluctuations in the volume of various members of the body, depending mainly on the degree of their blood supply).

Oxiline can be used for adults and children when Innovo Pulse Oximeter is not for people with small fingers, it produces inaccurate readings for people with tiny fingers.


Is Innovo Pulse Oximeter Made in USA?

Innovo Medical Company is a US company that manufactures Medical Products.

Are Innovo Oximeters Accurate?

 It is made in the USA. This Pulse Oximeter is considered to be quite accurate +- 2% for determining oxygen saturation in the blood and pulse rate. During operation, the device does not require maintenance and periodic calibration…

When Will You Get the Results of Innovo Pulse Oximeter?

After 10-20 seconds, it shows the level of oxygen in the blood and the pulse.