SantaMedical vs Zacurate Pulse Oximeter

SantaMedical vs Zacurate Pulse Oximeter

Just a few words about what a pulse oximeter is – understanding the issue will also help you make the right choice when buying a pulse oximeter.

The device measures the amount of oxygen in the blood.

It does this optically: it “shines through” the arterial blood and analyzes the content of hemoglobin in it – the particles responsible for the oxygen content in the blood.

That is, the main task of the pulse oximeter is to measure this parameter. Additionally, pulse oximeters measure heart rate.

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The importance of the procedure is as follows: the amount of oxygen in the blood of a healthy person has certain values.

With various diseases, the level of oxygen in the blood decreases, which makes it possible to analyze your condition.

Thus, when choosing a pulse oximeter, it is important to pay attention to its direct function, and not to additional “features”: whether the device performs it and how well it works.

Today I am comparing the following models: SantaMedical Generation 2 vs Zacurate 500 DL…

SantaMedical vs Zacurate Pulse Oximeter
SantaMedical vs Zacurate Pulse Oximeter

SantaMedical Vs Zacurate Features


Zacurate 500 dl Pulse Oximeter:

Despite the fact that these devices are not medical, thanks to ultra-sensitive sensors, they show high accuracy and guarantee quality.

Model 500 dl will provide an accurate result in a few seconds.

The color display will show not only the saturation percentage and pulse rate, but also a histogram and pulse graph, as well as a perfusion index.

SantaMedical Generation 2:

This pulse oximeter reads your SpO2 and heart rate with accurate measurements.

It switches on with one push button on top of the device.

From the consumer reviews his device is quite accurate and gives you exact information so it is good to control respiratory conditions like asthma and others.

This pulse oximeter is a light-weighted device and can be easily carried on the go.

Zacurate500 dl SantaMedical Generation 2 
Where Can I Buy It?
A Kind of Protection Double Plastic Shields + Silicon Cover Protection that protects it from all the damages. Double Plastic Shields Protection.
Saturation Level Measurements 0%-100% 0% to 95%
Pulse Rate Resolution +/ – 1bpm +/ – 1.5bpm


Accessories Includes 2X AAA Batteries.

Comes with 12 months WARRANTY and USA based technical phone support.

The device has an updated design and more features than previous models.

Include 2X AAA Batteries.

Has a two-year warranty,

 Has a lanyard for easy portability

Sizes It has a smart Spring System. Works for ages 12 and above.


Selection of the sensor according to the size of the patient’s finger. If it is expected that the device will be used by several family members, then it is advisable to choose a model with an adjustable spring system that is suitable for fingers of different sizes of children and adults.

Suitable for adults, sportsmen…

The PROS & CONS of SantaMedical vs Zacurate Pulse Oximeters

SataMedical Pros  Zacurate Pros
  • User-friendly, it provides a real-time spot check
  • Has 2-way text displays (it allows you to read from different directions)
  • Fast Measurements in 10 sec
  •  It has a 1-year warranty and easily available at all leading pharmacy as well as online
  • Has a two-year warranty
  • The automatic shut-off function
  • Is ideal for sportsmen
  • Has large LED displays with dark lighting conditions. 
  • The Device is light and has a compact design.
  • Turns on/off automatically as soon as a finger is inserted into the device. 
  • Made from high-strength materials, is waterproof, does not break after being dropped
  • adjusts to the size of your finger
  • Shows accurate results
  • Ideal for adults and children over 12



SantaMedical Cons Zacurate Cons
  • It doesn’t have smart functions as low saturation alarm
  • Cannot register a SpO2 of 100%.
  • When measuring you must stay completely stationary 
  • Has only one year warranty
  • No data save function
  • Battery compartment difficult to open

The Moments You Must Know Before You Buy SantaMedical vs Zacurate

SantaMedical Generation 2 Pulse Oximeter Zacurate Pulse Oximeter

  • The Model does not have an alarm when measurements are low however this model has a low battery alert to help users keep their devices powered.
  • The pulse oximeter is for home use. It is not used by professional athletes. It won’t show you how hard the heart is loaded during training, so you can miss a heart attack. 
  • The Zacurate pulse oximeter is accurate because the hardware of the 500DL is a little bit improved.
  • Remember that when you measure pulse rate and heart rate you must be 100% still. Otherwise, the results will be false.
  • If you have some difficulties keeping your body, limbs, or fingers during the process then pay attention to a different model

What Do I Think about SantaMedical vs Zacurate ?

SantaMedical Generation 2

The device is quite miniature – only 5 and a half centimeters in length and can easily fit anywhere, you can carry it in your pocket.

The pulse oximeter comes with a textile cord to wear on the wrist.

When you insert a finger, press the button and after 10 seconds you get the indicators.

It is better to measure indicators in a warm room.

For the first time, when I measured my indicators on the street and the device stubbornly did not give out any information, I thought it was broken.

But it worked well at home.

I don’t know if there is any connection, but I had such an experience.

I also noticed that when the hands are very cold, the device also starts to blunt and measures for a long time. Maybe it’s just mine.

Zacurate 500 DL

Zacurate 500 DL Pulse Oximeter got the best reviews from consumers which makes it a very reliable pick.

 Zacurate 500 DL Pulse Oximeter is considered to be a professional pulse oximeter that can detect Sp02 level of up to 100%.

As for my experience, this pulse oximeter is surprisingly not bad at all. When I received it, my husband and I were surprised by the quite good quality. The plastic is dense, smooth, without notches and burrs, not flimsy, without foreign odors.

You take it in your hands and it’s an even nicer feeling of expensive material. Moderately hefty.


When you start using it, the device first “thinks”. Sometimes a little longer, sometimes a little faster, but not for long.

I timed the stopwatch to see how much it measured. It was less than 6 seconds.

I don’t like the indicators on the device that can change places, which sometimes almost bring me to a heart attack. I’m getting used to the fact that the oxygen indicator shows at the top of the screen, and the pulse at the bottom. And sometimes this position changes, and the pulse becomes at the top, and SPO2 at the bottom.

Final Words

If you are in doubt about which pulse oximeter is better to buy: SantaMedical or Zacurate, then you should not chase after professional medical device SantaMedical and overpay for a brand.

These 2 devices work on the same principle, and the error is still the same 1-2%.

Therefore, simpler models are suitable for home use, such as the Zacurate 500 DL Pulse Oximeter.

Despite its low cost, it is not inferior to more expensive models either in accuracy or in quality of operation. With it, you can monitor and control the level of oxygen saturation in the blood at the level of high-quality equipment.

If you want to measure saturation while you are doing sport, then choose SantaMedical Generation 2. The device will be useful for those who are professionally involved in sports.


Why do Sportsmen need a SantaMedical Pulse Oximeter?

It is important for athletes and climbers to control the level of oxygen saturation with SantaMedical for many other reasons.

Due to a low indicator, people may lose consciousness or there is a clouding of reason. Therefore, in many fitness centers you can find a bar with oxygen cocktails.

The feeling of oxygen deficiency occurs due to stress, in which the body’s breathing does not contribute to the ingress of the required amount of air.

SantaMedical Pulse Oximeter Can easily spot it.

What is the Benefit of Sport Pulse Oximeters?

Many trainers recommend buying and using a pulse oximeter even in the absence of health problems.

This is due to the fact that its correct use allows you to increase the effectiveness of classes by 10-15%.

The concentration of oxygen in the blood, in normal health, can be seen as a potential reserve of strength.

Why Is It so Important to Monitor Saturation?

If you correctly assess the body’s response to stress, you can prevent the development of chronic diseases. If some symptoms appear without changing the saturation indicators, then you need to reduce the load. In the event of a drop in value, even in the absence of other symptoms, you need to undergo an examination.