Oxiline Pulse 7 Pro vs 9 Pro

Oxiline Pulse 7 Pro vs 9 Pro. What is the Best Choice?

Until recently, only doctors and athletes knew about such a device as a pulse oximeter.

Due to the pandemic, these small devices have become leaders in sales and have created tangible competition even for mobile phones.

The thing is that the pulse oximeter has become an indispensable device in everyday life, which monitors the vital signs of a person’s condition and helps to determine whether a person needs medical help.

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Unfortunately none of them made it to my top #1 Oximeter list.

Let me tell you about the Wellue O2Ring – it’s like the superhero of pulse oximeters, seriously!

One of the coolest things about it is that it doesn’t just clip onto your finger like your average oximeter.

Wellue O2ring

Nope, it’s a smart ring that you wear on your finger, making it super comfortable and convenient. You won’t even feel like you’re wearing anything special, yet it’s working its magic behind the scenes.

What sets the Wellue O2Ring apart from the pack is its continuous monitoring feature.

Most pulse oximeters just give you a snapshot of your oxygen saturation and heart rate, but this bad boy keeps tabs on your levels around the clock.

Whether you’re chilling on the couch, out for a jog, or catching those Z’s, it’s right there with you, providing real-time data.

Oh, and speaking of data, this thing doesn’t just show you numbers – it visualizes your trends over time too.

Imagine having a personal health diary that tells you when you’re acing life and when you might need to take it easy. It’s like having a health-conscious buddy right on your finger!

If you’re already itching to get your hands on the Wellue O2Ring (or, well, your finger in this case), I’ve got you covered.

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Oxiline Pulse 7 Pro vs 9 Pro Introduction


  Oxiline Pulse 7 Oxiline 9 Pro
Introduction It is a fingertip device used for daily use.

It is necessary to monitor and timely diagnose the level of saturation of hemoglobin in the blood with oxygen.

Measured in percentage. Relevant for people who suffer from the health problems

It is an improved version of Oxiline Pulse 7.

This fingertip device is used for daily use with an OLED Display that features bright multicolor digits and Perfusion Index (PI) and even Plethysmograph Waveform.

Where to get it? Official website

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Official website

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What are Oxiline Pulse Oximeters?


To maintain health, it is important that there is enough oxygen. The difficulty is that the body does not immediately indicate oxygen starvation.

At the first signs of hypoxia, the doctor will be able to quickly respond and avoid the sad consequences in the form of serious malfunctions in the body.

Fortunately, the oximeter only takes a few seconds to determine the level of oxygen saturation in the blood.

This is called “saturation”. It becomes the choice of people who carefully monitor their health.

 Oxiline Pulse Oximeters Modern and sophisticated types of pulse oximeters have various additional functions.

They are actively used by therapists to clarify the diagnosis.

But they are not used by athletes who want their workouts to be productive.

For this purpose there are special heart rate monitors for sport, read about it HERE…

Oxiline Pulse 7 Pro vs 9 Pro Advantages & Disadvantages


Oxiline Pulse 7 Pro Advantages Oxiline 9 Pro Advantages
  • Allows to put the alarm when measurements’ are low
  • Additionally Shows pulse and a heart rate
  • It has a LED Display( a high contrast LED display) that features bright and large digits.
  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with batteries in the package
  • The bright color LED display rotates and reads in any direction, displays Spo2, pulse rate, heart rate histogram and perfusion index.
  • Compact, well designed
  • Operates by 1 button, Very easy to use
  • Fast measurements
  • You have the menu of the settings
  • Has smart alarm when the measurements are low
  • The sensor became much more accurate
  • This version provides a reading much quicker than in the previous generation Pulse Oximeter 7 Pro
Oxiline Pulse 7 Pro Disadvantages Oxiline 9 Pro Disadvantages
  • It is not applicable for continuous 24/7 monitoring.
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • It does not come with batteries in a package. You need to buy your own batteries
  • In my case the screen was blurring, was not able to read the measurements
  • It is not applicable for continuous 24/7 monitoring.
  • Rechargeable batteries


Oxiline Pulse 7 Pro vs 9 Pro
Oxiline Pulse 7 Pro vs 9 Pro

The Difference of Oxiline Pulse 7 Pro vs 9 Pro


Oxiline Pulse 7 Oxiline 9 Pro
  • Fast accurate measurements. It gives you accurate pulse oximeter readings in under 7 seconds
  • Shows your PI index, which can be helpful
  • Shows large digits against a crisp contrast
  • A battery life of about 6 months
  • It has an FDA clearance
  • It has a Plethysmograph Waveform
  • ( This indicator helps you visualize your perfusion Index in real time)Has OLED Display and the A9 Nano sensor

The Similarities of Oxiline Pulse 7 vs Pulse 9 Pro


The Similarities of Oxiline Pulse 7 vs Pulse 9 Pro 1.All indicators are displayed on an OLED display capable of displaying two colors.

This makes the device convenient for visually impaired people, and allows it to be used even in poor lighting conditions.

2.Adjusting the brightness of the screen – depending on the circumstances, you can select the appropriate level.

3.The display works in several formats – in each of them the oxygen content in the blood is shown as a percentage.

You can configure the device in such a way that the screen displays the pulse rate or pulse wave, pulse modulation index, and select the vertical or horizontal orientation of the numbers.

4.When batteries are discharged, a special indicator informs the user about it.

5.After use, the device stays on for 8 seconds and then turns off automatically. This makes it possible to conserve battery power.

6.Maximum ease of operation – just press one button to measure…

7. The same working principle :The pulse oximeter picks up fluctuations in saturation and displays the results on a small screen.

The normal level of oxygen in the blood is 95-100%. Lower rates may be observed in smokers or people with respiratory and cardiovascular problems.

8.The Pulse Oximeters use high quality materials that will not stop working at the slightest drop.

They are Shock-resistant pulse oximeters and are convenient to take with you on the road, office, but not sport…

What to know before using Oxyline Pulse Oximeters?


Using these devices is very easy, but it is important to follow certain rules. This is the only way to achieve an accurate result.

  • Before using it , make sure that the device has fully charged batteries.
  • The device must be fixed on the finger so that the device is well fixed, but at the same time does not press hard on the skin.
  • There should be no varnish or other coating on the nails, otherwise the pulse oximeter will provide you with wrong numbers
  • To get an accurate result, you need to wait 7 seconds. This allows the device to process the received data and display it on the screen.
  • The possibility of the negative impact of the electromagnetic field, which is created by surrounding objects, is excluded.

Final Words of What to Choose Oxiline Pulse 7 Pro Vs 9 Pro ?


Both of them are Portable pulse oximeters worn on the finger. They are considered the most accurate and reliable among all types of devices.

These 2 pulse oximeters are identical in the manufacturer and cost, but they are a bit different in some features.

By comparing these 2 products to each other I would suggest choosing Oxiline 9 Pro because it is an improved pulse oximeter and has better features.

First of all, Oxiline 9 Pro has an OLED Display and the A9 Nano sensor screen is large and the values easy to read.

It has more clarity, the numbers on them are displayed without interference.

Secondly, It has a Plethysmograph Waveform(it has a graphical determination of fluctuations in the volume of various members of the body, depending mainly on the degree of their blood supply).


Is Oxiline FDA approved?

 Yes, Oxiline Pulse Oximeters are FDA-approved with: a long battery life.

How fast do you get the measurements from Oxiline 9 Pro?

This version provides a reading much quicker than in the previous generation Pulse Oximeter 7 Pro.

Is Oxiline Pulse Oximeters worth it?

Yes, Oxilines are simple and very useful devices.

With their help, it is easy to determine the amount of oxygen in the blood without visiting the clinic.

Due to the compactness of the device, measurements can be taken on vacation, business trip or other trip.

What Pulse Oximeter to choose?

If you are in doubt about which pulse oximeter is better to buy, you should not chase after professional medical devices and overpay for a brand.

All devices work on the same principle, and the error is still the same 1-2%.

Therefore, simpler models are suitable for home use, such as the Wellue O2 ring. Despite its low cost, it is not inferior to more expensive models either in accuracy or in quality of operation.

With it, you can monitor and control the level of oxygen saturation in the blood at the level of high-quality equipment.