Oxiline Pulse 9 Pro Review.

Oxiline Pulse 9 Pro Review – My Experience

Oxilines Pulse Oximeters are simple and very useful devices.

With their help, it is easy to determine the amount of oxygen in the blood without visiting the clinic.

Due to the compactness of the device, measurements can be taken on vacation, business trip or other trip.

 Several Days ago I did an honest review of Oxiline 7 Pulse Oximeter.

Today I want to make a full review of The Oxiline Pulse 9 Pro. So as you understand it, it is a fingertip pulse oximeter.

Oxiline can help you in controlling the work of the respiratory, cardiovascular and other body systems. It can be used in pulmonology, anesthesiology, sports medicine and other fields.

If the device is purchased for independent use, then you should familiarize yourself with its characteristics.

 Oxiline Pulse 9 Pro is an improved version of Oxiline Pulse 7.

This fingertip device is used for daily use with an OLED Display that features bright multicolor digits and Perfusion Index (PI) and even Plethysmograph Waveform.

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Unfortunately Oxiline Pulse 9 Pro didn’t make it to my top #1 Oximeter list.

Let me tell you about the Wellue O2Ring – it’s like the superhero of pulse oximeters, seriously!

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Where to buy oxiline blood pressure monitor and Oxiline Pulse Oximeters?


 You can get all the products from the official website, because the official store has a direct agreement with the manufacturer, which means a lower price to the consumer. 

Buying it at the official websites saves you money.


Oxiline Pulse Oximeter Pro 9


Official Website

Oxiline Pulse Oximeter Pro 7

Official Website

Oxiline Blood Pressure Monitor


Official Website

Oxiline Pulse 9 Pro Review From Personal Experience

When relatives fell ill, I ordered Oxiline Pulse 9 Pro for them.

Why this particular? Because it is Easy to use, it always shows accurate measurements.

 The pulse oximeter itself is beautiful, comfortable and proven. My parents put it in the first aid kit and forgot about it.

And when my dad got sick (temperature and weakness for more than 5 days), they remembered that there was such a device, they measured his saturation , and saw that the oxygen level dropped, as a result, they didn’t wait, called the ambulance and they took him to the hospital.

 It is the necessary apparatus, which shows accurate measurements.

I would recommend you to get it because if the lungs fail, but people do not feel it, it is easy to breathe, but the fact that part of the lung does not work, you do not understand this.

This Pulse Oximeter showed accurate measurements. It is a necessary thing, especially in our difficult times when it is easy to catch a virus and get pneumonia.

 Oxiline Pulse 9 Pro pulse oximeter is special because it has an OLED display and provides readings for saturation in the blood and heartbeats. It has a Perfusion index and also includes a plethysmograph (SpO2 Waveform).


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The uniqueness is that it has an Oxiline VTEC A9 Sensor. 

As for the measurements, The measurement procedure is recommended to be done in a dark place and away from working devices so that sunlight and electromagnetic radiation do not affect the accuracy of the readings.

The body must be kept still, unless the pulse oximeter is worn on the body at all times. The skin at the attachment point of the clothespin should be clean and dry.

It is necessary to ensure that the device is in close contact with the body.

Keep in mind that the device is very sensitive and if there is nail polish, a tattoo or hair at the attachment point, the result may be incorrect.

The duration of the procedure is usually no more than 25 seconds. With a low level of saturation, a person cannot a priori feel good, since hypoxemia always causes weakness and other negative symptoms.

Therefore, if a person feels alert and full of energy, and the device shows a saturation below 90%, then this indicates a malfunction of the device.

What is so good about Oxiline Pulse 9 Pro?

 From all Oxiline Pulse Oximeters I would suggest choosing Oxiline 9 Pro because it is an improved pulse oximeter and has better features.

 Oxiline 9 Pro has an OLED Display and the A9 Nano sensor screen is large and the values are easy to read. It has more clarity, the numbers on them are displayed without interference.

The Advantages of Oxiline Pulse 9 Pro 

  • Compact, well designed
  • Operates by 1 button, Very easy to use
  • Fast measurements
  • You have the menu of the settings
  • Has smart alarm when the measurements are low
  • The sensor became much more accurate
  • This version provides a reading much quicker than in the previous generation Pulse Oximeter 7 Pro

The Disadvantages of Oxiline Pulse 9 Pro

  • It does not come with batteries in a package. You need to buy your own batteries
  • In my case the screen was blurring, was not able to read the measurements
  • It is not applicable for continuous 24/7 monitoring.
  • Rechargeable batteries

How does Oxiline Pulse 9 Pro work?


The sensor with LEDs is superimposed on the finger.

When light passes through the blood and soft tissues, it is partially absorbed, which makes it possible to determine the oxygen content in the blood. The received data are displayed on the display of the device in the form of numbers.

Is Oxiline Pulse 9 Pro FDA approved?

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certification is one of the most prestigious and difficult to obtain for a manufacturer.

It allows the Oxiline Manufactures to supply pulse oximeters to the US market, which is known for its high demands.

An FDA Auditor must conduct a manufacturing facility audit annually.

The main attention during the audit is paid to the presence of a systematic approach and the necessary documentation at each stage of production, as well as the cleanliness of the equipment and premises.

The safety of the feedstock and all products obtained during its processing is carefully monitored, and, of course, the level of qualification of the personnel. Product samples must be shipped monthly to FDA laboratories for testing.

Each process and microprocessor in production is subject to high hygienic and microbiological requirements, the fulfillment of which allows us to ensure the safest possible production

 Oxiline Pulse 9 Pro is an FDA-approved pulse oximeter that comes with a high contrast LED display with large digits for easy reading.


Is Oxiline legit?

Of course, using a portable pulse oximeter, you can easily take measurements yourself, at a convenient time and at any convenient place. You can’t take it with you when traveling.

Where are oxiline products made?

Oxiline products are made in France, as Oxiline is a French company and not an American or US company. The company is located in FRANCONVILLE, ILE DE FRANCE, France.

Which pulse oximeters are FDA approved?

All Oxiline Pulse oximeters are FDA-approved with: a long battery life.

Are Oxiline Pulse Oximeters used in the Hospitals?

Yes. All Oxiline Pulse Oximeters are used in hospitals and at home too.