Testing the Roscoe Medical Pulse Oximeter

Roscoe Medical Pulse Oximeter Review

 Today, there  are a huge number of fake advertisements on the Internet  about pulse oximeters.

But  the pulse oximeter is a really useful device, and you shouldn’t be fooled by such announcements.

That’s why stay with us and read an honest review.

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Roscoe Medical Pulse Oximeter My Research

 Roscoe Medical Pulse Oximeter is produced by  Roscoe Medical Manufactures. The company produces healthcare products for general people. 

It is especially useful to use a Roscoe pulse oximeter for people suffering from chronic diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as during the rehabilitation period after heart attacks or strokes in order to ensure early diagnosis and appropriate therapy.

The Roscoe Medical Pulse Oximeter is an indispensable tool for athletes who are interested in controlling the intensity and effectiveness of their loads, since increased loads cause active burning of oxygen in the muscles and a decrease in arterial oxygen saturation.

What is Roscoe Medical Pulse Oximeter?

The Roscoe Medical Pulse Oximeter  is a Double-sided Finger Pulse Oximeter with a light and compact design that is easy to operate and incorporates the latest oximetry technology in a spot check device.

This device is durable and will provide accurate, easy measurements for your patients as well as your therapists.

As soon as you put a finger in a pulse oximeter that measures a light-sensitive sensor counts data on a digital indicator.

Clinical testing of the pulse oximeter has shown that it provides accurate, stable and reliable measurements.

Technical Characteristics of Roscoe Medical Pulse Oximeter

  • Low power consumption, it allows more than 30 hours of continuous operation with two AAA batteries
  • Large, easy-to-read, dual-color OLED screen with ten adjustable brightness levels
  • Six display modes
  • The device automatically turns off to save battery power if it is not used for 8 seconds
  • Low voltage warning light
  • Includes two AAA batteries, instruction manual, transparent protective rubber case 
  • One year warranty
  • Display type: LED
  • SPO2 Measuring range: 70 – 99%
  • Accuracy: 80% – 100%, ±2%; 70% – 79%, ±3%
  • Pulse frequency display range: 30 – 235 MPB
  • Accuracy: 30 ~ 99 bmp, ±2 bpm; 100 – 235bpm, ±2%
  • Pulse frequency display mode: bar graph indicator
  • Data update time: < 15
Roscoe Medical Pulse Oximeter Review
Roscoe Medical Pulse Oximeter Review

The Benefits of Roscoe Medical Pulse  Oximeter

The Roscoe Finger Pulse Oximeter is durable and will provide accurate, easy measurements for your patients as well as your therapists.

Like any other Pulse oximeter  Roscoe Medical Pulse Oximeter measures heart rate and saturation – the percentage of oxygen saturation in the blood.

The  Roscoe Pulse Oximeter device also measures the pulse rate.

For most people, it is at rest from 60 to 80 beats per minute, while a pulse of up to 90 beats per minute is also considered the norm. Heart rate can increase with stress and exercise. It also increases with fever.

Reduced heart rate is often observed in trained people: their heart is large and strong, so it needs to make fewer contractions in order to push the necessary amount of blood into the vessels.

  Health Registration certificate and Medical Roscoe Pulse Oximeter?

Roscoe Pulse Oximeter is considered to be a High-quality pulse oximeter  with FDA Approval and Health Registration and  it gives accurate results with each new measurement. The minimum error happens, but it is absolutely infrequent.


If there is no  international health certificate of pulse oximeter, you cannot be sure of the quality of the device. It is likely that it shows the wrong saturation numbers, and there is no way you can check this.

Inexpensive, unregistered pulse oximeters can be ordered online, but I don’t recommend skimping on such a device.

Practice shows that cheap pulse oximeters without a certificate with a price of up 10 USD  have unstable saturation readings.

On such devices, a healthy person without symptoms of shortness of breath will see oxygenation at 93%, and at the next measurement – 95-97%. 

What factors can affect the quality of the measurement results of Roscoe Pulse Oximeter?

Certain factors can interfere with the measurement  with  Roscoe Pulse Oximeter and skew the  final results, such as low blood pressure or abnormal heart rhythms in the patient. The following is a non-exhaustive list of such factors:

  • Arterial hypotension;
  • Hypothermia;
  • Heart rhythm disturbances such as arrhythmia or tachycardia;
  • Incorrectly located sensor;
  • The presence of nail polish on the finger to which the sensor is attached;
  • Excessive patient movement;
  • Anemia;
  • The measurement was taken at high altitude (oxyhemoglobin levels will be lower due to lack of oxygen in the environment)

 The Rules for conducting Roscoe Pulse Oximeter

The  design of Roscoe Pulse Oximeter is a tip sensor that  is attached to the index finger of the hand like any other pulse oximeters.

It is not recommended to simultaneously install the sensor and the cuff of a medical tonometer on the same limb, since in this case the result of the saturation measurement is distorted.

The Pros & Cons of Roscoe Pulse Oximeter

Using a Roscoe pulse oximeter has several advantages, such as non-invasiveness, but also some disadvantages, such as the fact that it does not prevent respiratory problems.


  • Non-invasive;
  • Quick and easy use;
  • Painless procedure;
  • The measurement is instantaneous.
  • Simplified regular monitoring of certain vital parameters.


Roscoe Medical Pulse Oximeter Review
Roscoe Medical Pulse Oximeter Review

What is Pediatric pulse oximeter Lepu Medical?

Lepu Medical is a Children’s pulse oximeter, a device for measuring oxygen in the blood of children from 1 to 12 years old. Measures blood oxygen saturation in the range of 70…99%, heart rate and displays a detailed pulse diagram on the screen.

Children’s  Lepu Medical Pulse Oximeter is equipped with such additional functions as:

  • Sound notification if the indicators differ from the norm.
  • Shows the pulse chart.

This pulse oximeter is designed for quick measurements of saturation in adults, children.

The model has a bright LED display that allows you to see the readings of the pulse and saturation day or night, from any angle of view.

Suitable for patients whose finger thickness is from 8mm to 26mm. It does not require additional sensors. You can take it with you everywhere, as this device is compact, convenient, and light in weight.

The advantages of this pulse oximeter include:

  • Compact size, easy to fit in a bag;
  • Easy to use even for an inexperienced person;
  • Measurement of indicators is carried out quite accurately;
  • Battery powered;
  • The readings are displayed after a few seconds.


 Is the Medical Roscoe Pulse Oximeter for Children a good device?

Child design of medical Roscoe pulse oximeters helps  to reduce anxiety of children because of the special markings on the device.

It also helps  children to correctly position their fingers.

 It has an easy operation for immediate spot check in real time.

How accurate is the Roscoe pulse oximeter?

It is quite accurate. The Accuracy: 30 ~ 99 bmp, ±2 bpm; 100 – 235bpm, ±2%

Is Roscoe Pulse Oximeter FDA approved?

Yes, It is FDA Approved.

This finger oximeter is FDA-cleared tested. The FDA has approved or cleared a device does not mean that it is safe.

This is why you may see class action lawsuit ads looking for people or relatives of people who have been seriously injured or even killed by using FDA-approved products. Such defective products can end up having a significant impact on health, despite their permission or approval

Is Roscoe Medical a good brand?

Yes, The Roscoe brand  really meets high standards with accurate measurements.

 How do you use a Roscoe oximeter?

  • When measuring, make sure that the sensor is securely attached to the finger, and that there is no excessive pressure.
  • Wash your hands. Women should clean their nails from varnish. Warm your hands if possible, as cold fingers can cause inaccurate readings.
  • Try not to move during the measurement, because pulse oximeters are sensitive to bright external light and vibration.
  • Keep in mind that during and immediately after physical exertion, a slight deviation in the level of oxygen in the blood from normal levels to a smaller side is acceptable.