Contec Cm S50DL vs CM S50NA

Contec Cm S50DL vs CM S50NA

There are many diseases accompanied by a lack of oxygen in the blood, which is called hypoxia.

Therefore, in medical institutions at all times, observations were made of the level of oxygen saturation of the capillaries of patients with chronic diseases of the lungs and heart.

These measurements are also necessary for prescribing oxygen therapy during sporting events.

The presence in every home of an easy-to-use medical diagnostic device for such control is becoming especially popular.

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 My Test of Contec CM S50DL

The Contec CM S50 DL pulse oximeter is a miniature and handy device in a pleasant blue and white color combination.

It looks very stylish and has everything you need to properly measure your heart rate and oxygen levels.

The advantages of this model are its compact size (only 57x31x32 mm) and low weight – (with batteries no more than 50 grams).

– Also, the pulse oximeter has a very bright LED display with large numbers, which makes it possible to use it comfortably even for the elderly.

– The power consumption of the device is not very large – the manufacturer promises 24 hours of continuous operation from one set of batteries.

– There is a low battery indicator. Shutdown occurs automatically after 5 seconds in the absence of a signal, which also saves power and lengthens the operation of the device.

The pulse oximeter was delivered to me neatly packed in a small box.

The package bundle pleased me, because in addition to the device there was a very nice little black bag closed with Velcro – you can later put a pulse oximeter in it without fear of damaging it.

It also comes with a strap with a carabiner so that the device can be hung in a convenient place.

Also included are 2 x 1.5W AAA alkaline batteries.

The display is small but very bright. It is covered with a transparent protective film. Nearby is a button to turn the device on and off.

In order to perform the necessary measurements, you just have to put your finger into the photoelectric sensor and turn on the device.

The mechanism looks like a clothespin, inside it is slightly spring-loaded.

The Contec CM S50 DL pulse oximeter, based on reviews about it in various sources, is a device that has passed all the tests and has a registration certificate of the Ministry of Health, a relatively inexpensive, but fairly accurate device for measurements:

Heart rate (PRbpm) – from 30 to 250 beats per minute.

Blood oxygen saturation level (its readings will be visible in the upper numbers under the inscription: % SpO2) – from 0 to 100% (with a small error).

After a quick measurement, all that remains is to put the pulse oximeter in your purse and put it away until the right time.

A handbag made of dense synthetic fabric will store the device very carefully in case of an accidental fall. It closes with Velcro.

And if desired, it is hung on a braid with a carabiner.

I am very satisfied with the purchase. We measured saturation with the whole family and all the corrections were right.

The accessory is a portable accessory, necessary for self-control on the side of patients, who suffer from chronic diseases of the dyhal and the cardiovascular systems.

 My Test of CMS50NA Pulse Oximeter

As any other pulse oximeter, this pulse oximeter is for people who have suffered from a heart attack, during the rehabilitation period, and for those who want to control physical stress constantly.

A pulse oximeter is also recommended for athletes too.

Athletes with the help of a pulse oximeter can quickly control the level of their tensions.

This device came well packaged, I didn’t even open it at the pick-up point, I decided that everything was fine with it and I already opened it at home.

The device was packed in a small box, its warranty period is two years, which made me very happy, although a lot of equipment still has a warranty period of about one year.

The packaging itself was wrapped in a film, and there was some information on the packaging itself, well, it was somehow not very informative. There was not a detailed instruction inside.

In the package there are batteries, they come as a gift, this is immediately indicated in the product card, it seems to be not so important, well, it’s so nice that there’s no need to buy extra batteries.

In general, the device is easy to use.

What I like about this model is that it is Small and compact, light and convenient to transport.

I like that the operation of the product is simple and takes a low energy consumption.

There is also an ability to configure menu functions.

The display mode and the brightness of the screen can be easily changed.

I like that there is an indication of battery charge level.

It has an Automatic power off function like the previous model. When the device is in the measurement state, it will automatically power off within 5 seconds.

In the process of using it, I noticed that very often I have a high pulse, even if I am in a very calm mood, and even if I am in a very happy mood, the pulse is still very high, but my oxygen level is almost always excellent…

Contec Cm S50DL vs CM S50NA
Contec Cm S50DL vs CM S50NA

 Final Words of What to Choose Contec CmS50DL vs CMS50NA

At first glance, these 2 pulse oximeters are different only in design, price.

However, according to numerous customer reviews about which pulse oximeter is better to choose

CmS50DL vs CMS50NA for use at home, only 1 proven model takes the lead in terms of price / quality ratio.

It is a Contec CmS50DL. The device measures the readings of saturation and pulse with a minimum error of 1-2%.

The built-in warning system gives a signal if the indicators are below the norm. All results can be stored in the device memory.

If you are in doubt about which pulse oximeter is better to buy, you should not chase after professional medical devices and overpay for a brand.

Both of these pulse oximeters work on the same principle, and the error is still the same 2-3%.

Therefore, simpler models are suitable for home use.


What Does Pulse Oximetry Evaluate?

Pulse oximetry is a non-invasive way to measure arterial oxygen saturation and also allows you to evaluate your pulse rate.

To do this, use a special device – a pulse oximeter.

Normal values: 97 to 99%, values below this level indicate respiratory failure.

When Does the Heart Lack Oxygen?

Myocardial hypoxia (insufficient oxygen supply to the heart muscle) is a common condition that occurs both with cardiovascular diseases and with some methods of their treatment: with coronary disease, myocardial infarction, open heart surgery, during storage of a donor organ before transplantation.

How Quickly Is Saturation Recovered?


The effects of coronavirus persist on average for 2-3 months. In patients with chronic diseases, shortness of breath can remain for life. This is also true for those in whom the virus has led to significant lung damage.