How can You Improve your Hearing? Is this Possible To Improve at Home? Professional Advice

How can You Improve your Hearing? Is this Possible To Improve at home?


This is a question that we are asked quite often, but very often people do not even suspect how complicated everything is.

The restoration of natural hearing directly depends on the reasons that caused its decline. I will try to explain as clearly as possible in which cases it is possible to improve our hearing and how to improve our hearing at home.

Why does hearing deteriorate?

First, let’s figure out what causes hearing loss in humans. Here I will name only the most common causes and consider the possibility of improving the hearing.

Eardrum injury

Too loud sound (explosion, gunshot, loud music) can cause stretching or perforation of the eardrum. When stretched, hearing will improve on its own over time, and perforation (rupture) requires a serious treatment

Aging – Improve your Hearing

With age, the sensitivity of our nerve cells deteriorates, tissues wear out, and the human auditory system is no longer able to pick up sounds as clearly as before.


Remember that when using headphones, you place the sound source very close to the eardrum. It is easy to get injured under intense exertion.

Sulfur plug, foreign bodies in the ear

You’d be surprised to know how many patients suffer from pain, congestion and hearing loss for years, although this problem can be solved with one or two visits to the doctor.


These are inflammatory diseases that can be caused by bacteria or viruses.

There are three types of otitis media according to the place of their occurrence – external, middle or internal otitis media. Please don’t joke with this disease – see a doctor as soon as possible. Hearing loss with otitis media can be irreversible!

Improper hygiene

Experts recommend abandoning the use of cotton swabs and other items for ear hygiene – it is very easy to push the sulfur deep inside or injure your eardrum. You just need to wash your ears with warm water and dry them well.

Injuries and anatomical changes

Head injuries can damage the auditory system, and some diseases, such as otosclerosis, can cause changes in the structure of the middle ear, which also interfere with the transmission of sound.

How can You Improve your Hearing? Is this Possible To Improve at home?

Hearing Improvement Techniques

Knowing the causes of hearing impairment, you can more or less clearly answer the question “is it possible to improve my hearing?” For an accurate diagnosis, you need to contact a therapist, or audiologist.

If your hearing is impaired due to a wax plug, a foreign object in the ear, inflammation or trauma to the outer ear, then hearing gain is most likely possible.

Most often, hearing is restored after eliminating the cause of the decrease: to cure inflammation or injury, remove the plug or water that has got into the auditory canal.

If the middle ear is affected, then success is much more difficult to achieve. Tympanic membrane perforation or anatomical changes may require surgical treatment

If the problem lies in the inner ear, then, most likely, the hearing loss is irreversible, and natural hearing will not be able to improve your hearing. However, hearing can be enhanced with a cochlear implant or digital hearing aid, which can help you regain your ability to hear.

Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants are designed for people with severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss. In this type of hearing loss, the hair cells of the inner ear are damaged and cannot properly recognize sounds.

A cochlear implant bypasses these damaged hair cells and sends electrical signals directly to the brain, where they are perceived as sound.

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Digital Hearing Aid to Improve your Hearing

Digital Hearing Aid is an electro-acoustic sound-amplifying device for personal use. Its main purpose is to transform the signal created by the source of sound information, so that this signal can be perceived by a hearing impaired person with a sufficiently high degree of auditory sensation.

To do this, the hearing aid amplifies the sound signals and changes their dynamic and frequency characteristics in accordance with the degree and nature of the hearing impairment.

Due to the variety of functions of hearing aids, there are several options for classifying them. Any hearing aid is viewed from different points of view and finds its place in each of the classifications.

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All of these hearing enhancement methods are designed to be performed under the supervision of a professional. Do not self-medicate under any circumstances – it is very easy to harm yourself without specialized knowledge and equipment…

How to improve your hearing at home?

Like any medical condition, hearing loss is easier to prevent than to cure.

But how can you improve your hearing at home?

Workout. Like any sense organ, healthy hearing can be trained. We must always clearly remember that we hear not so much with our ears as from our brain, our brain knows how to filter out unnecessary information.

Try to listen to the quietest sounds in your home, do not turn up the TV volume too high, learn to pay attention to pleasant sounds: birds singing, leaves rustling. Your brain will learn to select and recognize sounds faster through training.

Older people and Hearing 

How can You Improve your Hearing? Is this Possible To Improve at home?

For older people, hearing is often the only available means of perceiving information – they rarely know how to use an e-mail application or instant messengers.

Live conversation for them is the only method of communication. Therefore, it is so important to monitor their hearing health.

To improve your hearing, it is necessary to follow the rules of prevention, follow a pleasant diet and do simple exercises.

As for food, you should refuse or at least severely limit the use of the following products:

  • Salty;
  • Pickled mushrooms and vegetables;
  • Animal fat;
  • Smoked;
  • Alcohol;
  • Coffee.

At the same time, your diet should contain food rich in vitamins C, E, B, zinc and magnesium.

  • Lean meat;
  • A fish;
  • Fruits (especially citrus fruits) and vegetables;
  • Milk;
  • Legumes and cereals;

Training for Hearing to Improve your Hearing

Gymnastics should be done every morning, repeat the exercises 15 times. Recommended to be combined with general health gymnastics.

Simple exercises will help you strengthen your hearing:

  • Rubbing the auricles with open palms in a clockwise direction;
  • Pull the lobes up and down;
  • Clasp your head, pressing your palms to the auricles, gently tap the back of your head with your fingers;
  • Pinch your ears with your palms to create perceptible pressure, then quickly remove your hands. Repeat several times;
  • Insert your fingers into the ear canal (shallow!) and press on the walls, twirl your fingers, as if rubbing the skin.

Improve your Hearing Final Words


Take care of your hearing – treat all the diseases on time and do not neglect to see a doctor.

Remember, often the ability to improve your hearing depends on taking the appropriate measures in the appropriate time!