Facelake Fl350 VS Fl400.What Is the Difference?

Facelake Fl350 VS Fl400

Two years back, when the COVID-19 Pandemic had hit the world, not many had heard about the Oximeters, but thanks to this global pandemic that regardless of this device’s familiarity, with the increased spread of this deadly virus, the use of pulse Oximeters also increased.

These small portable devices measuring the values of oxygen saturation became a new normal in almost every household.

The use of Oximeters not only popped up on various social media platforms but also became a pivotal topic of discussion with friends and family.

As a result of which during the peak of COVID-19 and even after that using pulse Oximeters to measure SPO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels) and pulse rate certainly became a mandate not only for those infected with COVID-19 but for those having shortness of breath.

Even today the use of Oximeters has become an integral part of our lives and today there will hardly be any house without Oximeters.

However the non-prescription versions of the Oximeters became a boon for those doing rigorous sports training or doing other aerobic activities.

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Unfortunately none of them made it to my top #1 Oximeter list.

Let me tell you about the Wellue O2Ring – it’s like the superhero of pulse oximeters, seriously!

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Wellue O2ring

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What sets the Wellue O2Ring apart from the pack is its continuous monitoring feature.

Most pulse oximeters just give you a snapshot of your oxygen saturation and heart rate, but this bad boy keeps tabs on your levels around the clock.

Whether you’re chilling on the couch, out for a jog, or catching those Z’s, it’s right there with you, providing real-time data.

Oh, and speaking of data, this thing doesn’t just show you numbers – it visualizes your trends over time too.

Imagine having a personal health diary that tells you when you’re acing life and when you might need to take it easy. It’s like having a health-conscious buddy right on your finger!

If you’re already itching to get your hands on the Wellue O2Ring (or, well, your finger in this case), I’ve got you covered.

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The Fl350 VS Fl400 models Oximeters which one to buy?

With the market full of Oximeters, leaving the customers a confused lot, here from my experience I can explain either to buy FL350 OR FL400 models Oximeters.

As the name suggests, the Facelake FL350 and The Facelake FL400 both are portable devices used to accurately check the SPO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels) and pulse rate of a patient.

Having more or less the same features, fl350 is widely used by doctors and other health professionals, while Fl400 is used for sports and aviation only and is not considered a medical device.

Both the devices are available on leading e-commerce s Amazon, making it convenient for the buyer to easily place their orders to get any one of the devices.

Display difference

While, before buying any one of them, I always pay attention to  the most noticeable difference between FL350 and FL400 is of the display screen.

The FL-350 has an OLED screen, while the FL-400 has a LED screen.

Besides this, the FL350 model Oximeters also has a line graph that is included on the screen. Equipped with an antimicrobial silicone sensor, the FL-350 allows a patient to get simple and accurate measurement reading of the oxygen levels with just one press of the device’s primary button.

Meanwhile, both FL350 and FL400 come with a no-hassle money-back guarantee and one year warranty.

 Accurate results in just 10 seconds, make FL350 a must buy…

The FL350, which is widely used by doctors and other health professionals, gives accurate results of any patient’s SPO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels) and pulse rate within just in 10 seconds.

The BPM range monitored by the device is 30-240BPM. Also, unlike other devices, offering small screen sizes, the FL350 conveniently displays the results on a large OLED screen display.

This cost-effective device along with monitoring the real-time heart rate animation also features an auto-rotational display and an automatic shut-down component.

Equipped with one set of two AAA batteries keeps the device powered for up to 30 hours of average usage.

Fl350 offers a finger chamber with a smart spring system

The compact and portable device, Fl350 offers a finger chamber with a smart spring system and   accommodates a wide range of finger sizes. It’s easy-to-use feature helps the person to accurately monitor the SPO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels) and pulse rate

The FL350 meets all required and prescribed   criteria set by CE and FDA standards for pulse Oximeters.

The Facelake FL350 Pulse Oximeters is a trouble-free solution to keep a check on the day-to-day health activity in the body.

Facelake Fl350 VS Fl400
Facelake Fl350 VS Fl400

FL400 equipped with 2-AAA Batteries

Equipped with 2-AAA Batteries, the FL400 device is also a lightweight, portable device that is used for easy monitoring of both heart rate and blood oxygen levels in seconds (24 seconds for the most accuracy).

As compared to FL300 which comes with an OLED display, the FL400 comes with a vibrant LED screen that tells the accurate results by just placing your finger inside the antimicrobial vinyl sensor.

I would not recommend to use FL400 for medical purposes, it  is used only for sports and aviation.

The FL400 is also equipped with a battery-saving automatic power-off function and also shows a heart rate bar graph on the top of the device.

What I like is that, FL400 offers a soft hypoallergenic medical grade silicone finger chamber
Offering a soft hypoallergenic medical grade silicone finger chamber, the FL400 gives high accuracy and is smaller in size as compared to other Oximeters.

Equipped with the latest digital technology and lower power consumption, the FL400 offers one-button operation. The device also offers a low battery indicator feature

The device comes with a safe and easy-to-carry battery cover and also features a heart rate line graph. The user can carry this portable device in a pocket, backpack, or other small space. The device also comes with a lanyard that allows the user to wear the device even around their necks.

Why Is FL400 the Best Variant for Me?

The FL400 is new and updated technology that allows me to get quick, precisely accurate readings.

The device comes with an easy battery removal feature and measures radial pulse. The BPM range as measured by the device is 30-240BPM.

Convenient Use is My Priority

Designed with an ergonomic design, convenient use makes  me to but FL400.

The device comes with a sturdy and easy-to-remove batter cover and also offers a light indicator feature for low battery.

The device is the perfect use for all ages and its lightweight and compact structure makes it an easy-to-carry device universally accommodating different finger shapes and sizes.

Availability of devices at both online and offline platforms

Like, The Facelake FL350, the FL400 is also a trouble-free solution to keep a check on the day-to-day health activity in the body.

While, both FL350 and FL400 come in various colors, hence giving an option for the buyer to choose from the wide range offered by the manufacturer both in an online and offline mode.

Is buying Oximeters still useful?

As the impact of COVID1-9 has lightly decreased across the globe but the use of Oximeters hasn’t.

You cannot deny from the fact that being a easy-to carry device, costing not much, pulse Oximeters can be considered as one of the best options of keep a track on our SPO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels) and pulse rate, that too without making frequent visits to any hospital, except  in an emergency.

It would not be incorrect to say that the use of Oximeters for various age groups has not only spread awareness among the masses but has also given an option to each one of use to keep close check on the well-being of our near and dear ones.

What the Minimum Cost of Buying  FL350 and FL400 Oximeter is?

Now most of us might be thinking what the minimum cost of buying an Oximeter varies from seller to seller.

For example, the FL400 Pulse Oximeter that comes with carrying case, batteries, neck and wrist cord costs around $17.95.

Meanwhile, FL350, that comes with carrying case, lanyard and set of batteries costs around $18.95.

Before buying any Oximeters, as a smart buyer, it is always recommended to do a detailed analysis to grab the best one.