Zacurate 500dl vs 500bl Zacurate

Zacurate 500dl vs 500bl Zacurate

The most common type of pulse oximeter is now considered to be finger-type devices.

They are very compact and easy to use, so they are suitable for home use.

Outwardly, they look like a big clothespin.

Devices of this type are in the line of the USA brand Zacurate, an expert in medical technology.

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Unfortunately none of them made it to my top #1 Oximeter list.

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Zacurate 500dl Vs 500bl Zacurate Chart

Despite the fact that these devices are not medical, thanks to ultra-sensitive sensors, they show high accuracy and guarantee quality.

Model 500 dl will provide an accurate result in a few seconds. The color display will show not only the saturation percentage and pulse rate, but also a histogram and pulse graph, as well as a perfusion index.

By looking at the comparison table you will understand that Zacurate 500DL pulse oximeter will definitely be a winner at the market , and more popular above Zacurate 500 BL.

Zacurate500 dl Zacurate 500 bl
Where Can I Buy It?
A Kind of Protection Double Plastic Shields + Silicon Cover Protection that protects it from all the damages. Single Plastic Shields Protection.
Saturation Level Measurements 0%-100% 0% to 99%
Pulse Rate Resolution +/ – 1bpm +/ – 1bpm
Accessories Includes 2X AAA Batteries. Comes with 12 months WARRANTY and USA based technical phone support. Include 2X AAA Batteries. Comes with 12 months WARRANTY and USA based technical phone support.
Sizes It has a smart Spring System. Works for ages 12 and above.

Selection of the sensor according to the size of the patient’s finger. If it is expected that the device will be used by several family members, then it is advisable to choose a model with an adjustable spring system that is suitable for fingers of different sizes of children and adults.

Suitable for adults mostly.

Due to the characteristics of the organism, the perfusion index can be reduced, which will distort the saturation values.

If you know that you have problematic blood vessels (for example, often cold hands), have any diseases or age-related changes that affect the state of the vascular system, you should pay attention to the Zacurate 500dl pulse oximeter.

Thanks to an improved algorithm for measuring and stabilizing readings, the device will allow you to get correct results in people with vascular system peculiarities.

This model has a different measurement algorithm that improves accuracy even at low perfusion.

An ordinary person will be able to use the device even if he has just come from the cold (hence, the vessels are constricted) and the results obtained by the device will be accurate.

What are Similarities of Zacurate 500 dL vs 500 bL?

  • The Zacurate 500BL and the Zacurate 500DL have large LED displays with dark lighting conditions. They use two LEDs to illuminate muscle tissue: one diode emits red and the other infrared light.
  • Both of them are light and have a compact design.
  • These devices turns on automatically as soon as a finger is inserted into the device. This feature is especially useful in emergency situations where you need to check your SpO2 level or pulse rate urgently.
  • Both the 500BL and the 500DL have almost the same set of primary features.
  • Performance of both pulse oximeters is on a high level.
  • Both of them consist of a probe and a monitor that displays the results. 
  • They are made from high-strength materials, is waterproof, does not break after being dropped. Removable silicone covers are used to protect against mechanical damage and water.
  • The principle of operation of a pulse oximeter is the ability of saturated and unsaturated hemoglobin to absorb light. The sensor captures the residual amount of light, the data is digitally processed by a microprocessor and displayed on the monitor as a percentage of the level of saturated hemoglobin associated with oxygen, pulse rate and perfusion index.
Zacurate 500dl vs 500bl Zacurate
Zacurate 500dl vs 500bl Zacurate

Zacurate Pulse Oimeters Work Better in Perfect Conditions

To carry out the procedure, you must place the index finger of the hand in the device.

To obtain the most accurate results, the skin should not have cuts, calluses, and the nail plate should not be too long and varnished.

 During the procedure, you can not move, in particular move your fingers.

When measuring saturation, it is impossible to simultaneously measure blood pressure, as this will pinch the arterial channels and distort the results.

The procedure should be carried out in a shaded place, away from intense lighting.

Final Words of Which Zacurate Oximeter is best?

When you need to choose 1 of the best pulse oximeters I would suggest you Zacurate 500dl. It is the best pulse oximeter that can read and display up to 100% for SpO2.

Additionally, the hardware of the 500DL is a little bit improved; it has some medical grade materials that makes the device hypoallergenic and latex free.

I would definitely choose it since oxygen saturation readings are more accurate. That’s why The price of Zacurate 500DL is higher than Zacurate 500bL.


Is Zacurate pro 500DL FDA approved?

Yes, Zacurate pro 500 dl is an FDA-approved pulse oximeter. It has a long battery life, good quality LED display.

How accurate is the Zacurate pulse oximeter?

 The Zacurate pulse oximeter  is accurate because the hardware of the 500DL is a little bit improved; it has some medical grade materials that makes the device hypoallergenic and latex free.

Which is the most trusted oximeter?

Oxiline Pulse X Pro can measure your Saturation Measurements and Perfusion Index in several seconds with 99% accuracy!

It can be used by both professional specialists and ordinary users at home. The latch fits snugly to the finger and does not move out during operation.

The gadget consumes a minimum of energy, so it does not require frequent replacement of batteries.