Withings Aura Sleep System

Withings Aura Sleep System

Withings Aura Sleep System


What is Withings Aura Sleep System?


Withings Aura is a sleep monitoring system that improves sleep quality throughout. To ensure this process, a non-contact sleep sensor is used, placed under the mattress, and a device located on the  bedside table with light and sound effects, working in conjunction with a mobile application.

Withings Smart Sleep System is a new evolutionary step in smart products for a healthy lifestyle.

Unlike all smart gadgets on the market today, Withings Aura does not just capture, remember and analyze data, the smart system has a real physical impact on the owner.

The creators of the Smart Sleep System ensure that its use results in a quality improvement in your nighttime sleep.

Withings Aura Sleep System

What do the experts say about this system?


Gaurav Krishnamurthy, a leading American expert in the field of innovative medical developments, called Withings Aura a breakthrough in medical instrumentation.

” A treatment and prophylactic equipment capable of raising modern medical technologies to a completely new level of clinical needs.”

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A team of scientists from Stanford University, who conducted laboratory and clinical trials of the Withings Aura Sleep System, in the final report put an innovative development for sleep control on par with heart valves.

The Bay Area angel investment group, one of North America’s most influential healthcare innovation organizations, estimates that regular preventive use of Withings Aura can reduce the number of patients with advanced cardiovascular disease by 45 percent.

In practice, this means that early detection of problems with the heart and blood vessels will save the life and health of almost every second person using the preventive smart sleep system.

Buy Withings Aura Sleep System:

The price of the Withings Aura, like any other smart device made by Withings, includes free access to health-related data storage.

The design of Withings Aura Sleep System


The material part of the device is represented by an interactive diagnostic mat and a tabletop device that combines an alarm clock, an audio player and a flashlight.

The universal design of the tabletop part of the gadget allows it to be used as a stand-alone lamp, audio player and electronic alarm clock.

The Withings Aura software part allows you to pair the system with your mobile device and access network resources.

The main part in the system for sleeping is played by the sleep sensor mat, which is placed on your bed.

Stuffed with all kinds of sensors, the diagnostic mat sensitively monitors micromovements, records your heart rate and your depth of breathing. 

Withings Aura Sleep System

The bedside sensor works in a rigid bundle with the rug. The alarm clock is crammed with analyzers no less – a sensor for light, sound, ambient temperature and humidity.

Collecting information about the wearer bit by bit, the Withings Aura system analyzes and correlates many seemingly unrelated factors to arrive at the ideal sleep formula.

The bedside alarm clock lights up in different colors and makes different noises.

However, the background noise, the color spectrum, the temperature and humidity in the bedroom are selected individually.

Each sleep program is unique, moreover, it is constantly adjusted, adapting to changes in body position, breathing depth, pulse and your environment.

The creators of Withings Aura have made sure that the system can be used by several people at the same time.

Spouses sleeping in the same bed receive individual sleep settings. The hardware and software part of the smart sleep system from Withings allows them to create and implement several programs at the same time that do not conflict and provide the most comfortable sleep for all users of the system.

The LED flashlight emits a weak light and changes color depending on the correlation of the wavelength of the light wave and the production of melatonin – the most important hormone, the regulator of human circadian rhythms produced by the pituitary gland.

The noise effects used in the Withings Aura promote replication, the process of reproducing a daughter DNA molecule, prompting the body to recover itself.

The sleep system allows you to correct not only your night sleep, but also the circadian rhythm. Modern technologies, armed with the latest developments, make it easier and faster to fall asleep and guarantee waking up at the most favorable time from a physiological point of view.

The capabilities of Withings Aura provide the formation of individual rest programs, adaptive programs to restore the daily rhythm when crossing time zones. Statistics data is transferred to the cloud storage.

Withings Aura Sleep System

 All collected information is systematized, analyzed and visualized. Graphs and charts make it possible to compare many parameters and highlight the reasons that affect the quality of sleep.

Key features of the Withings Aura Sleep System:

After some successful experiments in the field of activity trackers, the developers Withings Inc. drew attention to the diametrically opposite side of human life.

Physiologically, for a full-fledged existence, a modern person must spend a third of his life on restoring physical, emotional and mental resources. The recovery process takes place during sleep.

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However, trends in recent decades show a rapidly deteriorating quality of night sleep. The scourge of our time is stress and insomnia.

In the daily race of working days, in pursuit of an increased level of comfort, humanity has forgotten how to relax.

According to the World Psychiatric Association, 7 out of 10 modern urban dwellers are unable to dissociate themselves from problems even in their sleep.

Overexcited consciousness simply cannot shut off. As a result, even after an 8-hour night’s sleep, a person feels tired and depressed.

Withings Aura monitoring and control system is based on the latest research in the study of sleep problems.

The characteristics of Withings Aura make it possible not only to read information, organize and analyze the results of statistics but this smart device also uses audiovisual effects to harmonize your sleep cycles and positively affect the overall well-being of a person.

Withings experiments


Withings smart sleep system tested 3,000 volunteers undergoing treatment for sleep problems.

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The published test results instantly became a shocking sensation even in the medical professional environment.

Of the 3,000 volunteers testing the Withings Aura, just one person did not notice any improvement in nighttime sleep.

The remaining 2,999 participants reported significant improvements in nighttime sleep and overall well-being, as documented by professional medical equipment and clinical test results.

Withings Aura – Smart Sleep System
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