Smart Pillows: Baby Sleep has Become More Affordable

Smart Pillows

Smart Pillows: Baby Sleep has Become More Affordable


Good quality sleep has a big impact on overall productivity and long-term health.

There are several factors that affect the quality of your sleep. Some of them are related to the general physical, mental and emotional state.

But regardless of health and mood, it is difficult to sleep well on uncomfortable bedding. The pillow plays an important role here.

Fortunately, some pillows are now not only comfortable but also smart.

What is a smart pillow?


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iSense Sleep Smart Pillow
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smart pillow

A smart pillow is a pillow that contains some electronic devices designed to provide comfort to the user. It is designed to ensure the most healthy sleep possible. Therefore, it has many functions, including data collection and regulation of sleep, cooling, sleep tracker, etc.

The level of comfort that users get with the smart pillow obviously provides much better sleep than conventional pillows. However, it should be noted that purchasing the wrong smart pillow is also possible and fraught with consequences. It is important to know the needs of your body and, based on this, make a choice

Important parameters. The main components of the smart pillow are:


There are several factors to consider when choosing a smart pillow.

They may differ depending on the make and model of the smart pillow. Now that many brands are producing these types of pillows, competition is intensifying. Accordingly, numerous innovations appear and prices come down.

All this is good for the buyer, but an obvious problem arises – which pillow to choose, especially if this is the first time purchasing this product.

Smart Pillows

Battery life

The first rule is to choose a pillow that looks like a regular pillow.

The built-in electronics should be invisible. Nobody likes sleeping on a whole set of chips and sensors.

A battery that needs to be charged every day will probably not bring the expected comfort either.

When buying a smart pillow, you need to give preference to models in which the battery can work for at least a week before the next charge. These batteries even allow you to take your favorite pillows on a trip.


Most smart pads have small built-in speakers. Their role is to reproduce different audio tracks at a comfortable volume for the user. They make falling asleep easier.

Snoring detectors

These detectors can detect when a user is snoring by measuring the decibels of sound emanating from the mouth and nose during the wearer’s sleep.

As soon as the sensors detect snoring, they must send a signal to perform certain actions aimed at slightly waking the user up. It can be:

Soft unobtrusive sounds

Light vibration that will make the user change position.
Adjusting the shape of the pillow, which will make the wearer turn his head, etc.
Obviously, the most important thing here for the user is not to wake up completely. A snore detector that wakes up the wearer completely is not good.

Sleep tracker

A sleep tracker is a chip that is built into the pillow and tracks the user’s movements while sleeping. Constant movement is defined as a sign of discomfort, while staying in one position for several hours is defined as good sleep.

It is this chip that sends data to a mobile application, which later analyzes this data to obtain detailed information about the owner’s dream and display it in the application.

Technical support

Most smart pillow manufacturers have mobile apps that collect data from the pillow’s sleep tracker.

This data includes the sleep cycle, the movements the user makes during the night, and the level of snoring.

All of this data is used to assess sleep. Thus, the goal of the user will always be to improve this indicator.

Therefore, good apps should provide guidance on how you can improve your sleep score.

Be sure to check when purchasing whether the application supports a particular operating system. Some may not work with Android or iOS.


A smart pillow should not only be smart, but also have the good characteristics of a regular pillow. The thickness of the cushion padding must be sufficient to accommodate the electronic devices correctly without being felt by the wearer.

The thickness of the padding also determines the level of comfort the user will receive while sleeping. The thicker the pillow, the more comfortable it is for the wearer. Therefore, when choosing a smart pillow, it is always important to pay attention to the thickness of the padding.

General comfort

Additional comfort functions can be configured with smart pillows. Some models are equipped with wearer’s body temperature sensors and devices that regulate the temperature of the pillow.

There are also models that absorb sweat from the head and neck so that the wearer does not experience the discomfort associated with perspiration during sleep. These additional features are also worth looking into when choosing a smart pillow.

Memory effect

The most comfortable smart pillows contain memory foam. Such models wrap the neck as comfortably as possible and provide support for the muscles in any position.

Models to look out for

The following pillow models have undeniable advantages and have proven themselves well.

iSense Sleep Smart Pillow

When developing this pillow, the main focus was on helping people who snore while sleeping.

The model comes with a handy mobile app that you can use to adjust sleep parameters such as sound sensitivity. Also in the same application, you can view sleep data and recommendations.

The key features of this model are as follows:

  • The pillow is equipped with snore detectors.
  • The electronic devices in the pillow are powered by a lithium-ion battery that can be charged via the USB type C interface.
  • If snoring is fixed, 4 air sacs located inside are included in the work. They inflate or deflate, depending on the position of the head. By gently changing the position of the sleeper, this system stops snoring.


Pluses Minuses
Has one of the most effective snore detectors. High price compared to most smart pillows on the market.
There is a mobile application for setting parameters and viewing sleep data. Relatively heavy compared to regular pillows
The padding is sweat-absorbent and cool.


ZeeQ Anti-Snoring Smart Pillow

ZeeQ is a smart pillow made by REM-Fit (a company known for making health gadgets).

This is one of the cheapest smart pillows you can find on the market and will probably fit most users. If you have trouble snoring or falling asleep for a long time, this is definitely worth considering.

With the app, you can view information about your sleep habits and advice on what to do to improve sleep quality.

Here are some of the features of this smart pillow:

  • Snoring detector. When it detects snoring, it triggers certain sounds and vibrations that will cause the user to change their head position.
  • Eight built-in loudspeakers in the pillow reproduce sounds suitable for fast falling asleep.
  • The pillow also has a sleep tracker that tracks sleep habits such as movement and snoring in decibels.
  • This pillow also supports mobile app.
  • All electronics in this smart pad are powered by a lithium polymer battery and the total weight with all accessories is around 4kg.
Pluses Minuses
effective snore detectors. High price 
Sounds what make you fall asleep fast
Has a sleep track


Xiaomi Smart Pillow

Smart Pillows


This pillow is a dual use pillow. In shape, it is like a home pillow. It has been tested and optimized many times to make the cushion bend more closely to the shape of the head and neck. At the same time, it also has the function of professional deep stretching and massage while sleeping.

Supports four massage modes (deep stretching, neck massage, relaxing sleep and early morning awakening). This allows you to deeply relax the cervical spine before going to bed, massage the neck and reach the most suitable temperature so that the person can enter sleep better.

Smart Pillows
Smart Pillows


The pillow is 93% made of natural latex imported from Thailand. It is sized for both men and women, although this is a matter of personal preference. The male pillow, of course, has dimensions of 60 x 34 cm x 7 (11 at the thickest point) cm and weighs 1.2 kg. The smaller pillow measures 60 x 34 x 5 (8) cm and weighs 1 kg

Pillow from Xiaomi has stereo speakers, built-in Bluetooth and a massager.

The Heating Pad

The central part in the area where the neck is located has a slightly concave shape. This is where a heating pad and three pulse emitters are located, which increase blood flow and relieve tension in the neck muscles.

The heating pad can be set to 6 different temperatures ranging from 38 to 53 ° C. The three emitters produce a 1000 Hz pulse, which the company claims is harmless to the human body. There are 15 intensity controls that allow you to simulate different types of massage and even acupuncture.

It also has the function of waking up in the early morning, the traditional alarm clock wakes people up abruptly and makes them feel irritable. The smart pillow can set the wake-up time in the Mijia app, start the morning wake-up program in time, and gently wake up to inspire a whole day of vigor.


How to choose a Smart pillow?

  • The correct height of the pillow depends on the physique. The wider the shoulders, the higher the pillow should be. The pillow for a man should be higher than for a woman.
  • The correct height of the pillow, as well as its elasticity, depends on the usual sleeping position. If a person sleeps on his side, then he needs a high model, about 12-16 cm. In this case, the height of the pillow should correspond to the width of your shoulder. If a person prefers to sleep on his back and stomach, then he needs a lower model. More precisely, for sleeping on the back – the average height is 10-13 cm.
  • If a person likes to sleep on his stomach, then a model with a low height of 6-8 cm, or with an adjustable filler, is suitable for him. Models with adjustable filler are versatile, they can be adjusted to different heights and resilience.
  • The height of the pillow should match the position in which you are used to sleeping.
    To maintain the spine in a physiologically correct position, the pillow must completely fill the space between the neck and the mattress.
    Therefore, when sleeping on the side, the pillow should be higher than when sleeping on the back and stomach.
  • It is also necessary to take into account the rigidity of the berth:
    The mattress is soft – the pillow will feel higher. Medium firm mattress – the pillow feels full height. The mattress is firm – the pillow will feel lower.
    Accordingly, high models are suitable for soft mattresses, and lower models for hard ones.



The level of comfort that users get with the smart pillow obviously provides much better sleep than conventional pillows. However, it should be noted that purchasing the wrong smart pillow is also possible and fraught with consequences. It is important to know the needs of your body and, based on this, make a choice