Wellue Vs Beurer FingerTip Pulse Oximeters. What is The TOP Choice?

Wellue vs Beurer

Today I am making a review of Wellue FS20F Bluetooth vs Beurer PO4 FingerTip pulse oximeters.

 I want to remind you that the Finger pulse oximeter is a compact diagnostic device designed to monitor the oxygen saturation of capillary blood.

This indicator is called the term saturation of blood with O2 molecules and is conventionally designated SpO2. 

These pulse oximeters also allow you to monitor your heart rate.

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Pulse Oximeter is just the device that few people have at home , it is the little thing that is important and necessary (especially for those who observe a rapid or confused pulse; or whose lungs do not work at full capacity due to past illnesses or related problems).

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Let me tell you about the Wellue O2Ring – it’s like the superhero of pulse oximeters, seriously!

One of the coolest things about it is that it doesn’t just clip onto your finger like your average oximeter.

Wellue O2ring

Nope, it’s a smart ring that you wear on your finger, making it super comfortable and convenient.

You won’t even feel like you’re wearing anything special, yet it’s working its magic behind the scenes.

If you’re already itching to get your hands on the Wellue O2Ring (or, well, your finger in this case), I’ve got you covered.

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By Comparing these 2 pulse oximeters I would suggest getting Wellue FS20F.

It has a good LED screen which works perfectly even with bright light, because the device has a newly upgraded OLED screen which is clearer than Beurer’s PO4 pulse oximeter, it shows multiple colors, and features your readings in both numbers and pulse wave.

The Wellue Pulse oximeter has a possibility to connect with the application so it automatically saves all your records. 


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Before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, few people knew about such a tiny, but such a necessary device as a pulse oximeter. Not only did few people buy this medical device, but in general, not everyone at least just heard about it and saw what it was like.

Wellue FS20F Bluetooth and Beurer PO4 are portable, non-invasive devices designed for selective oxygen testing Arterial hemoglobin saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate.

They are Suitable for private use (at home or on the road) as well as for use in the medical sector (hospitals, hospital-type facilities).

  Wellue FS20F Beurer PO4
Description The pulse oximeter measures simultaneously the oxygen saturation and even a heart rate.

The Wellue Pulse oximeter will be ideal as a private oximeter, for hospitals, for allergy sufferers and athletes . 

The pulse and oxygen meter is easily operated by one button.

The display of the Pulse Oximeter shows a statement about the current blood oxygen saturation in percent, it also shows the heart rate in heart beats per minute.

The signal strength of the heart rate is shown as a histogram bar on the side.

It is connected to an application and you can find Further history in the mobile APP VI Health. 

With this model, the user also receives information about saturation and pulse in real time on a color display (in numerical and graphical form).

A distinctive feature of this model is the definition (%) of the perfusion index (pulse modulation index).

The perfusion index (PI, PI) depends on the intensity of blood flow at the measurement site, on filling the vessels with blood, and on the number of working capillaries.

This parameter tells the user how ready the environment and the user’s body is for a correct saturation measurement.

Sizes Length: 5.79 mm x Width: 3.00 x mm Height: 3.60 mm Length: 5.84mm x Width: 3.35mm x Height: 3.70mm


Batteries It comes with 2 x AAA alkaline battery 1.5 V

The icon of low battery will appear on the screen when the battery voltages will be low and will need to change.

By then, batteries need to be replaced.

Batteries are included

Also not simple, but duracell =)

It’s just that manufacturers often neglect this point, and batteries have to be purchased separately.

The battery compartment does not spontaneously open, does not play, is not fixed with bolts / screws.

But, at the same time, it is very easy to install batteries inside without breaking your nails (the main thing is to follow the polarity of the batteries).

Plates of good quality, fixedly fixed.

Producer Made by a Chinese health-tech company Shenzhen Viatom Technology The company focusses on innovative medical products.  Beurer is a German Mittelstand manufacturer of electrical devices for health and well-being. 
Where to get it? Official website HERE Official Website HERE


Wellue vs Beurer

Pulse Oximeter Work Principle

The principle of operation of a Wellue vs Beurer finger pulse oximeter is identical.

Finger pulse oximeters do not pierce the skin and do not take blood for analysis. The device evaluates the pulsating nature of the light signal passed through the blood, as well as the degree of light absorption.

The device has a sensor with a light source of red and infrared spectra and a photo editor that registers the color of blood.

The color is determined by the degree of absorption of light by hemoglobin, and it changes depending on the concentration of O2 molecules attached to it.

The devices analyze these indicators, and the average value is automatically displayed on the display. The pulse is measured by determining the change in the volume of blood in the capillary after each beat of the heart.

Similarities & Differences 

Wellue Similarities  Beurer Similarities
Easy to use Easy to use
Small and light (total weight with battery only 60 g) Lightweight and portable
Reliable results Accurate measurements and reliable results
Wellue Differences Beurer Differences
  • OLED display of SpO2, PR, pulse and waveform
  • Splash-proof and impact-resistant housing
  •  Sampling or continuous measurement mode
  • Audible and visual alarm with low battery indicator
  • Automatic shutdown in the absence of a signal
  • You can check the real-time readings on APP, data is recorded in application 


  • Scientifically proven accuracy for a wide range of patients
  • One button control
  • Ideal for use at home and on the go
  • Large 3-color bright OLED display with 4 display modes
  • SpO2 and heart rate threshold warning
  • The results will flash if they are outside of the recommended values.


Wellue Beurer
Application sometimes can be stuck


The minus appears in the screen, I would not call it critical:

The OLED display glares a little in bright daylight. And for this you don’t even need direct sunlight – just good weather, and you will already need to look closely at the screen, squinting slightly.

I would not say that the indicators on the screen become directly unreadable, they are slightly just a little worse to see.

May not work well with gel(painted) fingernails May not work well with gel(painted)painted fingernails
Batteries must be regularly changed Batteries must be regularly changed 


For whom Wellue and Beurer Pulse Oximeters?

Measurements of the level of oxygen in erythrocytes are used in the complex diagnostics of a number of diseases, for the prevention of complications in chronic disorders, as well as in sports.

Some diseases are often accompanied by hypoxia – oxygen starvation of tissues, in this case, constant monitoring of the level of oxygen in the blood is necessary. During training or certain medical interventions, it will also not be superfluous to control the pulse and blood condition.

There are a number of conditions and medical situations in which it is necessary to measure red blood cell oxygen saturation and heart rate:

  • Diagnostics of the state of the respiratory system;
  • Carrying out oxygen therapy;
  • Great physical activity;
  • Chronic lung diseases;
  • Blood diseases;
  • Cardiovascular disorders (hypertension, arrhythmias);
  • Tuberculosis;
  • Sarcoidosis;
  • Performing surgical operations;
  • Postoperative period;
  • Pregnancy.

How accurate is Beurer vs Wellue?

Wellue vs Beurer

If you think about it, the pulse oximeter should show what is hidden INSIDE the capillaries.

Get through multiple layers of skin and connective tissues to hemoglobin, and determine what percentage of it in arterial blood is saturated with oxygen.

That is, you understand what penetration should be, but at the same time the “selectivity” of the rays is to determine and separate different tissues of the body, and also to “understand” the difference between venous / arterial blood + determine something in its components…

That’s what technology has come to a tiny pulse oximeter device on your finger, a red beam – and in a few seconds you get those indicators that were previously determined only by laboratory methods.

Beurer and Wellue Pulse Oximeters are FDA-cleared pulse oximeters and their oxygen accuracy is high. They measure saturations of FDA cleared pulse oximeters are 90-100%, not FDA approved are intermediate at 80-90%, and even below 80%.

 Final Words of What to choose?

By Comparing these 2 pulse oximeters I would suggest getting Wellue FS20F.

It has a good LED screen which works perfectly even with bright light, because the device has a newly upgraded OLED screen which is clearer than Beurer’s PO4 pulse oximeter, it shows multiple colors, and features your readings in both numbers and pulse wave. The Wellue Pulse oximeter has a possibility to connect with the application so it automatically saves all your records. 

Although these devices do not cause any discomfort, then even this Beurer PO 40 model can be left on the finger for half an hour +/-, following the changes in values ​​over short periods of time, but 

 Wellue FS20F and Beurer are not suitable for long-term constant monitoring of the patient’s condition for a very long period of time (for example, throughout the day). I think you have seen, as they show in films, when it is necessary to monitor the condition of a bedridden patient in intensive care and prevent a critical development of events.

With these compact pulse oximeters, you can measure blood oxygen saturation “here and now” (get instantaneous values), but for constant monitoring, which is shown in films, you need another compact pulse oximeter such as Wellue O2 ring. It tells you if the indicator falls below the norm even at night. It can be an overnight monitor.

Wellue O2Ring Oxgyen Monitor Smart Ring Sleep Apnea Monitor

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Is the Beurer blood pressure monitor accurate?

 Yes. Beurer is a FDA-cleared pulse oximeter so it means that blood pressure monitor rate is high.

Is Beurer vs Wellue oximeter FDA approved?

Wellue and Beurer devices is an FDA-approved Fingertip Pulse Oximeter.

How do you check your blood pressure with Beurer?

  • Sit comfortably with your back against the back of a chair.
  • Place your hand on the table and put the blood pressure cuff on it. Remember, in order to correctly measure the pressure with a tonometer, the cuff should be placed at the level of the heart and slightly above the elbow bend (1.5-2 cm).
  • Insert the phonendoscope into the ears and press against the brachial artery in the region of the cubital fossa.
  • Check the pear valve of the tonometer, it must be closed.
  • While squeezing and unclenching the rubber bulb, inflate the cuff to 20-30 mm above normal systolic.
  • Gradually loosen the valve to let the air out. To correctly measure the pressure with a tonometer, carefully follow the arrow and listen to the pulse: remember at which digit you heard the first beat of the pulse (this is systolic, upper pressure) and at which digit the beats stopped (diastolic, lower pressure).

What arm to take blood pressure if you are left handed?

It’s the best to take blood pressure from the left arm anyway

Is beurer a German company?

Beurer is a German Mittelstand manufacturer of electrical devices for health and well-being. 

Where is Beurer made?Is the Beurer oximeter made in China?

Beurer is a German Mittelstand manufacture.Their products are manufactured in China.