Dr Talbot’s Pulse Oximeter Review – My Honest Experience

Dr Talbot's Pulse Oximeter Review.

The pulse oximeter is a device that is used for daily use.

It is necessary to monitor and timely diagnose the level of saturation of hemoglobin in the blood with oxygen.

It Measures it in percentage.

It is relevant for people who suffer from the following health problems:

In a pandemic, pulse oximeters are needed to respond to the coronavirus disease in time.

It only takes a minute for the device to determine the level of oxygen saturation in the blood. This is called “saturation”.


Dr Talbot's Pulse Oximeter Review.

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Dr Talbot’s Pulse Oximeter Features

I had a chance to use this pulse oximeter Dr Talbot’s a little bit and now I will try to describe in detail my impressions about the use of this miracle device, the genius of scientific thought and progress, which, at present, without exception, should be in every home, in every first aid kit.

  •  It is used for Fast & Accurate Oxygen Saturation & Pulse Rate Readings
  •  It has a Patented multi-directional color display
  •  It gives Fast & Easy results with one button
  • Non-invasive comfortable padding
  • Sports & Aviation

According to the manufacturer, the device from Dr. Talbot’s is the most accurate pulse oximeter tested in a comparative study by the Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care at the University of California, San Francisco.

Dr Talbot’s Pulse Oximeter Package

This device measures the oxygen saturation level of arterial blood hemoglobin (saturation,% SpO2) on the finger, and also measures the pulse rate.

The device itself comes in a small blue cardboard box.

Inside the box is the device itself, packed in a plastic bag, two 2 AAA batteries for the device, instructions for use, and a black cord, which, apparently, is attached to the device and allows you to wear it on yourself in certain cases. 

It also includes :

an user manual, lanyard & carrying bag.

Patented auto-adjusting multi-directional display with built-in accelerometer.

I like that it goes with an Excellent kit!

No need to run for batteries, and a convenient case with a cord allows you to carry the device with you.

How to use Dr Talbot’s pulse oximeter Readings Chart?

Using the device is easy and very simple. It looks like a big clothespin that we hook onto our index finger.

For an accurate result, the nails must be without gel coating and of reasonable length.

You press the button and after half a minute we look at the result. The device shows not only saturation, but also the pulse.

The manufacturer also warned in advance not to use the device near an MRI scanner, CT scanner, electrosurgery machine, defibrillator, mobile phone, communication radio equipment, or high pressure oxygen treatment device.

The Work Principle of Dr. Talbot’s Pulse Oximeter

The device itself is made of white plastic with a color display on one side.

The use of the device when measuring blood and pulse parameters is carried out as a clothespin – both sides of the device are pressed from one end, while a kind of holes opens from the other end, into which you need to place your finger, and then press the power button of the device.

After measuring the data, you do not need to press the power button again, just pull your finger out of the “hole” as the device, having lost contact with the finger, turns off by itself.

Dr Talbot’s pulse oximeter accuracy

Dr Talbot’s Pulse Oximeter is one of the most accurate pulse oximeters.

In my case, the saturation is 99, the pulse is 48. Good indicators, you can exhale calmly.

A decrease in saturation to 91% and below is one of the characteristic signs of a coronavirus infection that occurs in moderate and severe forms.

If you do not smoke, and your indicators are consistently below 95% – this is a serious reason to see a doctor.

The Usage of Dr Tablot’s Pulse Oximeter 

The use of the device is possible without limiting the age of the patient. Measuring indicators is absolutely painless.

Perhaps this device will come in handy for parents with young children, as it will allow you to monitor key indicators of the child’s health.

Measurement takes place literally in a matter of seconds.

When you remove your finger from the device, the device automatically turns off.

You need to measure saturation approximately like pressure – the rules are very similar:

  • Sit comfortably and place your hand on the table. It is best if the hand is warm and relaxed.
  • Put the pulse oximeter on your finger. The sensor should be at the base of the nail. If the sensor is above the nail, it’s okay – but to get an accurate result, you will have to wipe off the varnish from the nail before measuring. 
  • Do not move during the measurement, otherwise the angle of incidence of the light will be incorrect and the result will be inaccurate.
  • Wait for the sound signal that the measurement is over.

Dr Talbot's Pulse Oximeter Review.

My Final Thoughts

Summing up, I want to say that I was satisfied with the purchase.

For your own peace of mind it is a necessary thing. Doesn’t take up much space, works fast, turns off automatically and looks nice.

The manufacturer also has non-contact thermometers in three versions, but the discount does not apply to them.

The device leaves a positive impression from its use – it is quite easy to use, quickly measures the pulse and the level of blood oxygen saturation.

Ease of use will allow you to effectively operate the device even for the elderly, for whom it is extremely important to monitor their health, including the pulse rate and the level of blood oxygen saturation.

But there are some drawbacks such as after a month of use, it began to slow down with readings, I had to turn it off and on again a couple of times, then only after a long wait, the readings appeared on the screen…



How does Dr Tablot’s work?

The sensor with LEDs is superimposed on the finger.

When light passes through the blood and soft tissues, it is partially absorbed, which makes it possible to determine the oxygen content in the blood.

The received data is displayed on the display of the device in the form of numbers.

What reading am I looking for at Dr Tablot’s?

It looks like a clothespin with a display that shows two indicators – the pulse rate (number of contractions per minute) and the degree of oxygen saturation in the blood as a percentage.

 What other certifications does Dr Tablot’s device have?

 It has a CE and RoHS (for the European Union) and Health Canada Medical Device License.

How accurate is Dr Tablot Pulse Oximeter? 

Dr Tablo’s r is accurate to within ±2% for blood oxygen saturation levels of 70% to 100%.