Сhoicemmed vs Dr Trust Oximeter

Сhoicemmed vs Dr Trust Oximeter

Pulse oximeters are devices for measuring the pulse and oxygen content in the blood.

They can be used to determine the pathologies of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

It will be useful for athletes and people who monitor their health after a myocardial infarction or stroke.

This device has become very popular during the pandemic.

Someone has already purchased it for home use, and someone intends to do so in the near future.

In this article I will try to figure out what to choose: Choicemmed or Dr Trust Pulse Oximeters and why…

Do you know which adult pulse oximeter can give you the most accurate measurements?
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Oxiline Pulse X Pro is currently the best fingertip pulse oximeter on the market with the easiest adjustment to your smartphone.

It can measure your Saturation Measurements and Perfusion Index in several seconds with 99% accuracy!

It can be used by both professional specialists and ordinary users at home. The latch fits snugly to the finger and does not move out during operation.
The gadget consumes a minimum of energy, so it does not require frequent replacement of batteries.


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Сhoicemmed vs Dr Trust Oximeter Table

Model Choicemmed MD300C21C  Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter
What is this? It is a portable pulse oximeter that is designed to determine the heart rate (in other words, pulse) and measure the level of oxygen in the blood. Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter is a fast acting, easy to use, painless device that uses light and measures our blood saturation level with oxygen.
For Whom is this? It is important for athletes, people undergoing oxygen treatment, as well as for doctors whose patients are under anesthesia. It will be ideal for all age groups and even for pediatric care.

It keeps well-being under control. Thanks to Dr Trust, you will not miss the first signs of deterioration in health.

Technical Characteristics
  1. Measures blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate
  2. Can be used at home and in medical settings
  3. Allows athletes and people undergoing oxygen therapy to assess their condition
  4. Has 6 information display modes
  5. Displays a plethysmogram to assess the functioning of the central nervous system
  6. Runs on 2 AAA batteries
  7. Color LED display has 10 brightness levels
  8. Equipped with a low battery indicator
  9. Automatically turns off 8 seconds after being removed from the finger
  10. SpO2 measurement 90%-99%
  1. Records SpO2 and pulse rate 
  2. Know about your asthma 
  3. Can prevent hypoxia
  4. PI indicates pulse strength at the sensor site.
  5. Has an alarm notification
  6. Runs on 2 AAA batteries
  7. Hypoallergenic latex free material
  8. Dual color and multi directional OLED display.
  9. SpO2 measurement 70%-99%


Where Can I get it? You can buy on the official website HERE

Сhoicemmed vs Dr Trust Oximeter Pluses and Minuses

Choicemmed Pluses & Minuses


  •  The pulse oximeter looks very high quality, not flimsy
  •  Batteries included
  •  Lightweight yet durable
  •  Easy to use, non-irritating
  •  There is a guarantee
  • Turns itself off after a few seconds when you shoot.


Dr Trust Pluses & Minuses


  • Compact Size
  •  Batteries included
  • Pulse Oximeter is designed to withstand an accidental splash of water
  • FDA and CE approved
  • Measures quickly 
  • Alarm Function
  • Shows a real-time reading within 6 seconds 
    Shuts down automatically when you remove your finger.


  • The indicator can be affected by external factors: jitter, bright ambient light. This may not give accurate readings.

 The Benefits of Using Сhoicemmed vs Dr Trust Oximeter

  • Keep well-being under control. Thanks to them, you will not miss the first signs of deterioration in health and will be able to see a doctor in time.
  • Help to avoid panic. Seeing on the screen of the device that the indicators are normal, you will not have a reason for concern, which will ultimately have a positive effect on immunity.
  • Provide timely treatment. You should know how oxygenated the blood is and whether there is a need for hospitalization of the patient.
Сhoicemmed vs Dr Trust Oximeter
Сhoicemmed vs Dr Trust Oximeter

My Experience of Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter

I am sure that Dr Trust Pulse oximeter is the best solution for patient monitoring at home and in various institutions, for self-monitoring.

It shows you the health status but won’t monitor the effectiveness and safety of sports training, unfortunately.

The device is equipped with an LED display, which ensures low power consumption and, as a result, the ability to monitor the patient’s condition for a long period of time.

All Dr Trust pulse oximeters have a good size and lightweight, high accuracy of the results obtained, which will allow you to use this device in almost any conditions.

My Experience of Сhoicemmed Pulse Oximeter

It is an excellent oximeter for this money.

 The device itself  is made from good materials,  it has 2 cases (silicone and handbag) + cord.

The most important advantage is the absence of scatter in the readings.

In some reviews on different oximeters, people were scared by the fact that their oximeters show very different values, but for me, for example, I didn’t have such a problem. Although I checked several times.

 It fully met my expectations.

The principle of operation has an impact on the features of the measurement.

I got the impression that the finger placed inside the device should not be pressed in any way.

You just need to hold it, paying attention to how the measurement curve behaves on the display.

If everything is successful, then immediately there is a pulsation, and after a few seconds – a countdown.

But if the curve on the display is flat, without peaks, then the measurement may not take place, or it will be distorted downward. This is a big disadvantage.

 The accuracy of pulse measurements – corresponds to a conventional tonometer, saturation, of course, did not check.

Final Words Of What to Choose

When choosing which pulse oximeter is best for home use, it is worth considering a number of criteria. Including the speed of operation, dimensions and materials of the device, accuracy.

And to simplify this choice, you can choose Choicemmed Oximeter because it meets all the criteria at the high level. 

A model is suitable for everyday measurement of pulse and oxygen content in the blood, it can be used by athletes too…

The advantages of the device include an error of only 1% when measuring heart rate and 2% for determining oxygen.


What is Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter?

 It is Convenient and compact device with a color screen with a diagonal of 0.96 inches.

The gadget gives SpO2 readings and heart rate (with a histogram), monitors the battery charge and provides an error of no more than 2%.

Measurement ranges of oxygen content in the blood – from 70 to 100%, pulse – from 30 to 250 bpm.

To save battery, the brightness can be adjusted, and when you remove it from your finger or lose contact with the sensor, the gadget turns off after 5 seconds.

Why Are Pulse Oximeters Used in Sport?

 The Pulse Oximeters are used in sports medicine to increase the effectiveness of training without causing harm to health.

What Should Be the Readings of the Pulse Oximeter?

The saturation rate for a healthy person is considered when 95% or more of hemoglobin is associated with oxygen. This is saturation – the percentage of oxyhemoglobin in the blood. It is recommended to call a doctor when the saturation drops to 94%.