Wellue vs Owlet Baby Motion Monitors

Wellue vs Owlet Baby Motion Monitors.

Baby Motion Monitors are home apnea monitors that track the breathing and heart rate of sleeping babies.

 Usually the baby motion monitors are triggered if the child’s breathing stops briefly (apnea) or if the heart rate is unusually low.


These monitors may seem like a good idea to worried parents. But most newborns don’t need a monitor.

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Should I Buy a Baby Motion Monitor?


One study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found the effectiveness of such devices not proven even for children at increased risk of SIDS.

Movement and respiration monitors have been around for decades, but they have not always been widely available for purchase as they are today.

Today I am reviewing Wellue O2 Baby and Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Motion Monitors…

Wellue Vs Owlet Comparison Chart


  Wellue BabyO2 Owlet Smart Sock 2
What is that? It is the baby monitor that monitors your child’s blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and movements at all times, especially while sleeping. Owlet is a controller that monitors newborn vital signs such as heart rate, temperature, blood oxygen levels and body position during sleep in real time.
What is the work Principle? It uses pulse oximetry to get your baby’s heart rate and saturation level.

It continuously monitor your child’s blood oxygen levels, frequency

heart rate and movement, especially during sleep. When the level

your baby’s oxygen is low or the device is falling, beep

notifies you both on the device and in the mobile application.

Oxygen level measurement is carried out using a built-in infrared sensor.

The position of the child in a dream tracks the accelerometer. The heart rate monitor is responsible for measuring the heart rate. The built-in Bluetooth module allows the device to synchronize with the Owlet mobile app.

All data is displayed on the screen in the form of a graph.

All sensors are positioned so that when the Owlet is placed on the baby’s leg, they are positioned on top.

On the very heel of the child are crossed elastic bands. The device does not prevent the baby from moving.

Owlet is used as a regular sock, on a child’s foot it acts as a biometric sensor. Due to its small size and elasticity, the sock does not cause discomfort to the child during sleep.

The Sock Owlet is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. It supports the operation of the device for up to 18 hours. You can charge it with the included docking station.

Where to get it?




Check Latest Deal


 Check Latest Deal

For what age children is this ideal? BabyO2 will fit your child up to three years old. The gadget is designed for newborns. Despite the electric filling, Owlet is absolutely safe for infants.

The Design of Wellue Baby O2 and Owlet?

The Design of Wellue Baby O2 The Design of Owlet
It is a wearable and light device that is made from soft fabric and it comes in 2 sizes for babies from 0 to 3 years old.

The device comes in two parts:

  • The sensor that we wrap around the baby’s foot
  • And the device itself that wraps around the calf.


The device is shaped like a sock with open toes. It fits securely and comfortably to the leg thanks to the adjustable Velcro straps.

The sock is suitable for any foot. An infant can wear an Owlet from birth until 18 months of age.

All sensors are positioned so that when the Owlet is placed on the baby’s leg, they are positioned on top. On the very heel of the child are crossed elastic bands. The device does not prevent the baby from moving.

The package includes a base station. It synchronizes with the sock and glows green when the biometrics are normal. In addition, the base serves as a docking station for Owlet.

How to install the Wellue vs Owlet?

Wellue Baby 02 Baby Owlet Smart Sock
Installing this device is easy.

Install the sensor on foot using the wrap and secure it properly. The cable should run on the leg.

 After plugging the cable into the device.

Now push the button for 2 seconds to turn it on.

After, all the measurements (the oxygen level and heart rate)will be displayed on the screen. 

 The data is recorded in the device’s built-in memory for up to 10 hours.

 It is also synchronized automatically as soon as the app is switched on.

Just put the Owlet Smart Sock like you put the socks to your child’s leg

To start using it :

Download the Owlet app from the App Store or Google Play.

Put the station from the smart sock on charge.

Open the application, and in the region section, select “I don’t have a device yet.”

Then register, verify @mail.

Go back to the application, enter the account.

Enter your data.

Click on “Start”, confirm the presence of the Owlet device.

Select your device 

Then go to Wi-Fi Settings, connect to the Owlet device.

Return to the application, hold the button on the station (about 10 seconds).

Install a smart sock with an attached sensor on the station. Agree to the terms. Enter the child’s details. The device is ready for use.


Wellue vs Owlet Baby Motion Monitors.
Wellue vs Owlet Baby Motion Monitors.

Final Words of What to Choose Wellue vs Owlet?

Healthy sleep is an integral part of the health of a growing organism. With the help of Owlet and Wellue, you can track the duration and quality of your child’s sleep, and the parent will know how to improve performance in the future.

Pediatricians strongly recommend putting newborns to sleep on their backs. However, in a dream, children often roll over on their stomach, which is unsafe for the life of a newborn. If the baby rolls over in sleep, the parents immediately receive a signal to the mobile device and the docking station.

In the event that the child’s vital signs change dramatically, the smart motion monitors also immediately notify the parents.

 When we are talking about Wellue Baby 02 oxygen monitor and Owlet Smart Sock they show us the same measurements( baby’s heart rate, saturation level) both use a similar concept of taking measurements.

Both of them have an alarm if the baby is not breathing or oxygen levels are getting below normal limits.

 But of course they have differences.

First of all, Wellue’s price is $149.99, and Owlet’s price is $249.

Wellue Baby O2 Monitor monitor can fit babies up to 3 years, while Owlet is only suitable up to 18 months.

The second difference is that Wellue uses Bluetooth so it means that transmission range becomes shorter, only up to 50 meters, while Owlet uses Wifi with 100 meters transmission feet.

 But The advantage of Wellue is that it is connected to the software that allows you to print and share the baby’s measurements with doctors. 

So By comparing these 2 products I would suggest you to choose WellueBaby O2 monitor, what is a winner in this comparison. 



Does Wellue BabyO2 guarantee the safety of my baby?

Wellue Baby O2 is not a medical device so it can not guarantee the safety of the baby.

 It can diagnose, and help you to prevent the healthy conditions of your baby. 

Do pediatricians recommend Owlet?

 Yes. They recommend, Owlet Sock tested the devices on 30 infants aged 6 months and younger in the departments of cardiology and general pediatrics.

But It has not not been approved by theFood and Drug Administration.

Why is the Owlet not recommended?

It can show us false alarms. But in many cases It can diagnose, and help you to prevent the healthy conditions of your baby. 

Is the Owlet really worth it?

Yes. It helps parents to get a better night’s rest and less anxiety. It can also be helpful while  traveling.

Will Owlet tell you if the baby stops breathing?

It will send alerts via WiFi to a smartphone, if a baby were to stop breathing while his/her sleep.

When should I stop using Owlet?

Many parents use the Owlet sock up until 18 months.

Can Owlet give false readings?

Yes, if you put them incorrectly. When The device is close enough or too loose you can get wrong measurements.

Can a 2 year old use Owlet?

 Smart socks can be used from the first day of life up to 18 months.

Can you wear a sock over the Owlet?

 Yes, you can but make sure the Sock is directly next to the skin. 

Can Owlet give false readings?

It is very important to consider which leg and what size the sock. Otherwise, the data may be inaccurate. In other cases it can give you the right information.