Oxygen Can for Breathing

Oxygen Can for Breathing

Oxygen Can for Breathing


Many doctors believe that a breathing oxygen can should be in every doctor cabinet. Sometimes its use is necessary for resuscitation or intensive care for various symptoms. Such assistance measures could help a person overcome a crisis and wait for further help of doctors.

An oxygen breathing canister is a special aerosol can filled with an oxygen-air mixture. The ratio of oxygen to nitrogen is different for different companies that manufacture the cartridges.

Oxygen can for breathing – Intro

An oxygen cartridge is not only useful, but completely safe. It is an effective tool for providing first aid and for the treatment of many chronic diseases.

The small size of the spray allows you to carry it even in a small women’s handbag. You can use the oxygen cartridge in any convenient place

A small container stores a large supply of oxygen, which is designed for 100-150 breaths (16 liter balloon). The spray can replace some medications, as it can greatly improve your well-being in a few seconds.

Oxygen can for breathing – Our Top Pick

Oxygen cartridges have recently been popular, and are actively used to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of chronic diseases, respiratory diseases and insomnia. In addition, users note the compact size of the tool and its convenient use.

Oxygen Can for Breathing

Why do you need an oxygen cartridge for breathing:

  • For the prevention of various diseases and improving tone.
  • Treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract.
  • For the relief of symptoms of hypoxia and heart disease, heart attack and angina pectoris.
  • Eliminate bad symptoms of motion sickness.
  • Relief of nervous tension, getting rid of stress and depression.
  • For soothing nervous disorders.
  • To restore immunity.
  • To restore strength in case of deterioration of health due to stale air.
  • Improving activity (mental and physical).
  • Removal of signs of a hangover.

For long-term asthma, using an oxygen can will help the patient get enough oxygen. In addition, the use of oxygen cartridges raises the general tone of the human body and guarantees a surge of energy, vitality, improves attention, concentration and reduces headaches.

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An oxygen can compensates for the harmful effects of the environment and bad ecology on the human body, restores the required amount of oxygen in the body, and can also be used as a main component in the preparation of an oxygen cocktail. This mixture is non-addictive.

The oxygen breathing cartridge is also used for personalized therapy. This product is popular in beauty salons for wellness procedures, improving skin condition and in bars selling oxygen cocktails. These are healthy drinks with a natural foaming agent and a liquid base.

Oxygen cans can be used as a preventive measure for residents of large cities. After an oxygen therapy, a person’s appearance becomes better, mood and well-being improves, energy and strength appear for work.

Oxygen Can for Relief of Lung Cancer Patients


In some cases, doctors advise using an oxygen cartridge for breathing. In lung cancer, it is irreplaceable. With such a disease, its symptoms often cause additional complications, among which there is a feeling of suffocation and lack of air.

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You can eliminate these symptoms of the disease with an oxygen cartridge. Its use makes it possible to relieve the main attacks and gives the patient the necessary vitality.

Restrictions on the use of an oxygen cartridge

When is it best not to use an oxygen cartridge for breathing?

There are no contraindications to the use of a suitable oxygen cartridge, as well as side effects from it. The tool has an effective use, while it is safe and does not harm human health.

The age of the patient is also not considered a limitation on the use of the spray, it is available to both the elderly and children. An oxygen cartridge can be recommended even for newborns with diseases of the lungs and bronchi.

It should be remembered that the use of this oxygen can during pregnancy must be agreed with the gynecologist – the doctor may additionally prescribe a course of taking an oxygen cocktail.

How to use oxygen Cans?

Each oxygen can is accompanied by instructions on how to use the oxygen cans:

  1. First you need to remove the protective film from the can.
  2. Next, connect the mask to the top of the device.

Oxygen Can for Breathing

The situation in which you will have to use the can will help to determine the number of breaths. It is necessary to inhale a mixture of oxygen according to the indications:

For prophylaxis, increasing tone and improving immunity, you need to take 5-10 breaths twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.

To get rid of depression and stress, as well as cope with chronic diseases, you need to take up to 15 breaths three times with a break of 10 minutes.
In emergency cases, it is necessary to take up to 20 breaths with a short break.

When using an oxygen can, remember that this gas supports combustion, so it should not be used near open flames or near flammable substances.

If the can is used for inhalation through a mask in a patient with infectious diseases, then after each session it must be washed in warm water and soap and treated with an antiseptic solution.

Oxygen Can for Breathing
Oxygen Can for Breathing

What you need to pay attention To?

The oxygen breathing cartridge can be sold in various forms.

You can buy one copy or a set that will save you a good amount. The cost depends on the volume and brand of the oxygen cartridge, as well as on the way oxygen is inhaled.

The cartridge may have a mask that is designed to be used by one person. For a group of people, it is better to buy a contactless container.

Anyone can buy the necessary oxygen therapy devices and carry out the inhalation on their own.

Oxygen cartridges with a height of 30 cm with oxygen and nitrogen are usually on sale. The can has a nebulizer for inhaling gas through the mouth or nose.

Pay attention also to the contents of the can.

Usually the ratio of oxygen to nitrogen is 80: 20%. In some cases, the ratio changes – 95: 5%. With such a ratio of gases, it is safe to carry out health procedures for human health

Contraindications to the use of oxygen in cylinders


The use of oxygen for medical purposes is contraindicated in ARVI, epilepsy, in violation of the patency of the sinuses and auditory tubes, in the presence of cavities in the lungs.

The use is also limited for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: ulcers, tumors, inflammatory processes.

Oxygen can for breathing Final Words

Oxygen therapy is prohibited for pregnant women in the third trimester. It is better for healthy children to consume oxygen in the form of a cocktail from the age of 2-3 years.

The use of oxygen from a balloon for children is possible only as directed by a doctor.