Anti-Snoring Devices. The Most Popular Tactics for Tackling Snoring

Anti-Snoring Devices. The Most Popular Tactics for Tackling Snoring

Anti-Snoring Devices


Let’s take a closer look at two of the most popular tactics for tackling snoring: anti-snoring devices and active noise canceling (ACP) earplugs.

For those unfamiliar with the subject, here’s a quick rundown of the differences between the two.

Anti-Snoring Devices. The Most Popular Tactics for Tackling Snoring

 Popular Types of Anti Snoring Devices


An anti-snoring device is a gadget / widget / device designed to prevent snoring through mechanical intervention. For example, a night bandage on the jaw.

In general, there are many different devices.

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Some are quite crude and simple (like the jaw bandage option mentioned above). Some are quite artistic, like Smart Snora or Philips…

Also, the efficiency and satisfaction of users with one device or another vary greatly. It might be perfect for one and a complete waste of money for another.

The problem is, you don’t know for sure until you try. And for many devices of this kind, you will have to pay a very large sum.

It is not always worth starting the fight against snoring by finding the right gadget.

In fact, there can be several health problems that cause people to end up snoring, for example:

Active noise cancellation (ANC) (Anti-Snoring Devices)

This technology approaches snoring from a completely new perspective. The ACP does not attempt to tackle the problem of snoring through rude intervention. Instead, a technological innovation called active noise cancellation is used.

What is ANC?

It is when unwanted sound is reduced by emitting another sound specially designed to suppress it. (by creating and playing opposite sound waves to the original sound)

Hopefully this explains the main differences between the two different angles of the problem. Next, we’ll look at snore protection devices in more detail.

There are many different snoring devices available.


Online stores around the world  are full of various snoring devices. It has everything from simple plastic pens to machines that monitor and track your sleeping position.

But, as always, the more solutions there are, the harder it is to find something that actually works.

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The most common types of snoring devices can be grouped into the following groups:

Do snoring devices really work?

As always, there are many opinions and feedback on this issue.

Overall, it’s safe to say that snoring devices may work, but not for everyone. You should also not rely on too cheap options and devices with flashy ads that promise an instant solution to the problem for everyone.

What are Active Noise Canceling Earplugs?

The ANC takes a different approach to snoring.

The purpose of the ACP is not to make you or your bedmate stop snoring. Instead, a different way of solving the problem is suggested.

ACP earplugs like Hearprotek use microphones that pick up the surround sound and speaker. The built-in electronics processes the sound received from the microphone and generates a phase-shifted audio signal that is reproduced by the speaker and suppresses snoring sound.

Therefore, instead of trying to control the position of the head and body, the ANC focuses on interrupting the most annoying noise. Technology blocks it and helps you fall asleep.

Overall, compared to anti-snoring devices, ANC looks pretty promising. Obviously, this doesn’t solve the underlying snoring problem, but it does what it promises – blocking the snoring sound.

Active noise canceling technology can be used to combat other types of noise in addition to sleep problems. ACP can provide a favorable acoustic environment and reduce stress levels in many noisy situations other than snoring.

For example when traveling: how often did you get annoyed by background noise?

Especially on a train, bus, tram, or even an airplane. Since these are all low frequency sounds (like snoring), the ACP algorithm can suppress this noise with high efficiency.

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There are several sets of snoring exercises.

The main purpose of such snoring exercises is to train the muscular apparatus of the pharynx, tongue and lower jaw.

1.Pull the tongue forward and down to the maximum distance and hold it in this state
within 1-2 seconds.

The exercise is recommended to be performed in the morning and in the evening 30 times. Its main focus is training the muscular apparatus of the tongue and the patient’s lower jaw, allowing them to be pushed forward.

2.Press the chin with your hand and move the lower jaw with effort back and forth. Do the exercise twice a day, 30 times.

The main focus of this exercise from snoring is the same as the previous one, maintaining the tone of the pharyngeal structures, which provides an increase in the lumen of the airways and leads to a decrease in snoring.

3.Grip a wooden stick or pencil firmly with your teeth and hold for 3-4 minutes.

This snoring exercise is performed just before bedtime, which can significantly increase the tone of the pharyngeal muscles.

4.Opening your mouth, make 10-15 circular movements clockwise with the lower jaw. Then, the exercise will be repeated counterclockwise.

5.Breathing through the nose, mouth closed. It is necessary to tighten the root of the tongue, and pull the tongue to the throat with force.

Repeat this snoring exercise several times during the day, making 15 such movements with the tongue. This strengthens the palatine curtain.

6.Every day, straining your neck muscles, pronounce the sounds “and”, “s”, “y” out loud 20-25 times.


What is to choose from anti snoring devices?


There are many different gadgets to help you stop snoring.

These devices can be divided into two separate groups according to how they approach the problem: anti-snoring devices, which will prevent you or someone with you from snoring; and devices that prevent snoring from being heard, such as ACP earplugs.

Anti-Snoring Devices Wrap Up

Anti-snoring devices cannot be considered a solution that suits everyone, you can easily verify this by studying the reviews on this or that product.

This is true for both cheap gadgets and those that cost like a good mobile phone. Active noise canceling works like magic, but it does not eliminate snoring (although it is not designed to do so).

The ACP has other useful applications in daily life that go beyond sleep problems for example Travel noise canceling headphones.

Whichever option you choose, be sure to find out what is the cause of your snoring!