Smart Bipap Machine: Hypnus™. My 14 Days Test

 Today, one of the most popular treatments for breathing problems is Bipap therapy, which uses a Bipap machine, a device that delivers air through a face or nose mask into the patient’s airways.

Today I am reviewing the Hypnus™ Smart Bipap Machine and I want to share my 14 days experience

What is The Hypnus™ Smart Bipap Machine?

This is a device that continuously supplies air, generating two levels of pressure. On inhalation, it increases to compensate for insufficient inspiratory effort and to ensure that oxygen is delivered to the lungs.

On exhalation, it decreases to ease the resistance to airflow.

The difference between inspiratory and expiratory pressure allows not only to relieve the load on the respiratory muscles, but also to increase the volume of inhaled air, improves blood oxygen saturation and restores the sensitivity of receptors to excess carbon dioxide.

 The Hypnus™ BiPAP machine operates in 5 different modes:


Smart Bipap Machine: Hypnus™
Smart Bipap Machine: Hypnus™


ST-spontaneous-forced mode which is focused on natural breathing and supports each breath with an increase in pressure. But when the respiratory rate drops below the set limit, it switches to forced ventilation.

Auto S Mode , S Mode– spontaneous ventilation modes support the patient’s natural breathing. The device determines the inhalation effort and increases the pressure, and then reduces it for a comfortable exhalation.

T (Ti Control Mode)-Timed forced ventilation mode provides for an increase and decrease in pressure in accordance with a given speed. The respiratory effort of the patient is not taken into account.

CPAP Mode-this is a spontaneous ventilation mode in which the ventilator maintains a constant airway pressure (the name of the mode accurately describes its essence).

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Why do You Need The Hypnus™ Smart Bipap Machine?

The Hypnus™ BiBap machine is used for more comfortable BiPAP Therapy.

This machine will be a great solution for those patients who can’t tolerate CPAP machines or have elevated carbon dioxide levels in their blood.

The Machine will be useful also for 

  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Neuromuscular diseases (ALS, Duchenne muscular dystrophy)
  • Respiratory failure caused by deformity of the chest, for example, with kyphoscoliosis.
  • Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) with intolerance or lack of therapeutic effect from CPAP therapy.
  • Sleep hypoventilation due to obesity, central sleep apnea, Cheyne-Stokes respiration…

The therapeutic effect is provided by creating a constant positive pressure in the airways to facilitate the penetration of air into the lungs.

The device increases the duration of sleep and prevents the development of dangerous complications of OSD,COPD,CSA…

This Hypnus™ Bipap machine is automatic and is able to analyze the sleeper’s breathing and provide air supply with small deviations up or down from the base value, which increases the comfort of a night’s rest.


Smart Bipap Machine: Hypnus™
Smart Bipap Machine: Hypnus™

Where can I get Smart Bipap Machine: Hypnus™?


If you need to buy the Hypnus™ BiPAP device, it is best to purchase equipment from a distributor official website HERE…



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The official sale guarantees the supply of high-quality BiPAP devices at an affordable price.

You will not overpay for resales formed taking into account the salaries of numerous intermediaries.

In addition, official distributors provide technical support, provide repair of equipment under the warranty card or its replacement in case of sale of low-quality goods.


The Work Principle of the Hypnus™ Smart Bipap Machine


The Hypnus™ Bibap device operates according to a more complex algorithm.

The expiratory pressure is selected so as to eliminate the obstruction (a function corresponding to the CPAP mode).

The second, higher level of pressure helps the patient to take a deep enough breath, i.e. improves ventilation of the lungs and promotes blood oxygen saturation.

The scope of Hypnus™ Bibap equipment is wider than that of CPAP.

It is used in cases where the lungs do not receive enough oxygen for complete gas exchange, regardless of the presence / absence of obstruction.

What does The Smart Bipap Machine: Hypnus™ look like?


The Hypnus™ machine has a small size and a convenient humidifier mounting system what comes with a small integrated humidifier and heated tube.

The electronics calculate and adjust the pressure as accurately as possible, and the joystick button makes it easy to control the device.

The Hypnus™ innovative pressure analysis and selection algorithm takes into account the patient’s performance.

The Machine can also come with a backup respiratory rate for patients; it helps patients who have central sleep apnea.

 Total Content of delivery includes:

  • Main Unit
  • Humidifier
  • Power adapter
  • Full Face Mask
  •  SD Card
  • User Instruction
  • Air Filters (3pcs)
  • Qualification Certificate
  • Heated Tube
  • User  Manual
  • Warranty Card
  •  Carrying Bag

What are the benefits of Smart Bipap Machine: Hypnus™?


 The Hypnus™ Machine has the following benefits:

  •  It not only eliminates airway obstruction, but also increases the volume of inhaled air, contributing to blood oxygenation and removal of carbon dioxide.
  • Allows you to support the patient at a higher therapeutic pressure than is possible with CPAP therapy.
  • Reduces the load on the respiratory muscles: facilitates inhalation and does not create difficulties during exhalation.
  • It provides an opportunity to choose the optimal therapeutic regimen in accordance with the needs of the patient and taking into account his diagnosis.
  • Allows you to precisely synchronize the operation of the device with the patient’s breathing.
  • Provides more comfortable conditions for a night rest.

The Features of The Smart Bipap Machine: Hypnus™


Smart BiPAP Machine: Hypnus
Smart BiPAP Machine:Hypnus™


Features Description
Humidifier There are 5 levels of  humidity control + The humidifier can be preheated 1 hour before usage
Pipe heating Adjustable temperature from 16℃ to 30℃
SMART start Automatic start/stop therapy
Advanced Data Management:


PC Software

App: You can get the readings of the device and full reports on the results of BiPAP therapy when you will be connected to wifi, users can check their sleep reports through the App, which includes usage time, and even different therapy modes:

IPAP, EPAP, average leak, AHI, etc.

The App can detect a sleep score based on the patient’s data and his/her behavior. So you do not have to visit a doctor to decipher the readings.

For convenience, the report files can be stored in the device’s memory.

PC Software: Snoring Reports, Pressure, Air Leakage, Sleep apnea detection can be easily found and downloaded in PC Software too…

Intelligent Respiratory Measurements Detection Smart Electronics calculates and adjusts the pressure as accurately as possible, and the joystick button makes it easy to control the device.

Thanks to highly accurate sensors that have i-Sense technology you can get Real-time parameters on the monitor:

Respiratory volume, respiratory rate, minute ventilation, leakage.

They can immediately capture every subtle respiration airflow change such as

  • AHI ( Sleep Apnea–Hypopnea Index)
  • FL (Flow Limitation)
  • Snore
  • CSA (Central Sleep Apnea)
  • CSR (Cheyne-Stokes Respiration)
  • PB (Periodic Respiration)
  • AI ( Sleep Apnea Index)
  • HI (Hypopnea Index)
User-Friendly LCD Display


The advantage of the Hypnus™ Machine is a simple interface.

Most of the features can be influenced by the dial button, which makes it easy to operate even for the first use.

100% Eco Friendly Materials The Hypnus™ BiPAP machine uses high quality food-grade PC materials for ensuring that every patient’s breath is safe …

The Machine has a high quality motor that provides patients with a more gentle treatment experience during BiPAP therapy.

Ramp Settings This feature allows you to start at a lower pressure(what makes it easier to fall asleep) and then increase the pressure over time. 


My 14 Days Experience of Smart Bipap Machine: Hypnus™


 First of all, I want to mention that before this Machine I often had headaches in the morning because of a sharp decrease in the level of oxygen in the body, a decrease in the ability to concentrate, think logically, learn and remember something…

In addition, insomnia lead to changes in my mood and behavior, so that’s why very often I was depressed.

That is why the problem of snoring and sleep apnea requires immediate treatment. I consulted with my doctor, made the correct diagnosis with him and we agreed that I need Bipap Therapy with a good quality Bipap Machine.

After a long and propriate search I found Hypos Bipap Machine …

Before this machine I used for a long time a different Bipap Machine but it was broken later and I stayed without the machine for some period of time. 

Well, I will start with My adaptation to that BiPAP machine

It took some time and required some effort from me. Sometimes it was difficult for me to adapt, but over time I got used to the device and practically stopped noticing it. In my personal case it took no more than a week.

During such a period, it is already possible for me to evaluate all the positive and negative aspects of The Hypnus™ BIPAP machine in relation to my health and lifestyle.

For example, with a mask on the face I did not face any problems, the first impression of the machine was not wrong. Already after the first night, I felt the effectiveness of the BiPAP machine and quickly got used to the use of the equipment.

From the functional point of view, I liked the device very much. It is easy to use and it has a clear screen.

I like that I can get my reports in the application and show them to the doctor. This is a big plus. And it is very easy to maintain. You need to remember to change the filter(once every 6 months) and add water to the humidifier daily if you use the humidifier.

My recommendations: The company can provide 3 types of Masks: Large, Medium, and Small. The original complete comes with the Large size mask for fitting most people.

But you can choose a different size for an additional 10 USD (here you can choose the right mask size).

So choose the correct mask size because the incorrect mask size may cause air leakage. The incorrect mask side reduces the therapeutic effect and may lead to irritation of the mucous membrane of the eyes.

I was worried that my spouse could be annoyed by the noisiness of this machine.

 But most likely, after my spouse stopped hearing my snoring at night, and even noticed an improvement in libido, increased efficiency and other positive effects of therapy, he was happy  with this machine and adherence to my treatment.


Will the Hypnus™ mask work with nasal masks?

Yes, you can adjust any mask. It can work with any full face masks, nasal pillows, nasal masks, full face masks, with the exceptions of masks for ResMed AirMini.

Can I use a Hypnus™ Bipap Machine without a Humidifier?

Yes, you can. But remember that in any case, the heated humidifier increases the level of comfort and effectiveness of the treatment.

A humidifier is especially indicated when you experience symptoms such as dry cough at night, nasal congestion, dry mouth while using the Hypnus™ Bipap machine.

When will I get the effect from the Hypnus™ Bipap Mask?

The effect you will get after your first use.

You will feel completely different: You will get enough sleep, feel alert and healthy, won’t experience drowsiness during the day, won’t fall asleep at the wheel, headaches in the morning and depression will go away, pressure will normalize, weight will gradually decrease.