APAP Machine. What’s the difference between APAP Machines and CPAP Machines?

APAP Machine. What's the difference between APAP Machines and CPAP Machines? 

APAP Machine. What’s the difference between APAP Machines VS CPAP Machines? 

What is an APAP Machine?


By design, the APAP machine is a compressor that, if the breathing rhythm is disturbed, supplies additional air to increase the pressure in the airways.

Air is supplied through a corrugated tube into the mask, which is worn before bed. The constant flow of air prevents the walls of the pharynx from collapsing, thereby preventing apnea.


The control system of the working processes of an APAP machine controls the parameters of the discharged air by means of sensors for pressure, temperature, air flow force, a compressor controller and a heating element. An example of APA machine we recommend is iBreeze APAP Machine.

The package of the device may include hypoallergenic filters, memory cards, modular ports for connecting to a computer, smartphone, carrying cases and other accessories.

It is very important to clearly understand the difference between CPAP and APAP (Auto CPAP) Machines.

Despite the fact that they are both used for CPAP therapy for OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome), they are two completely different modes of operation of the devices, differing in both functionality and comfort.

Here we have already discussed the difference between BiBAP Machines VS CPAP Machines…

Similarities between CPAP and APAP

Remember that positive airway pressure, which is part of APAP, works the same in both cases.

APAP Machines work primarily by maintaining an expanding pressure on the interior of the airways that is higher than the pressure tending to close (obstruct) the airways.

CPAP and APAP machines have a blower turbine that builds pressure into your airways using a breathing circuit (hose) that connects to your mask.

The mask is applied over the nose or nose and mouth and sealed.

CPAP is a continuous positive airway pressure.


APAP Machine. What's the difference between APAP Machines and CPAP Machines? 


APAP (Auto CPAP) is an automatically controlled positive airway pressure

It is determined primarily by how much maintenance of the upper respiratory tract is required.

CPAP mode works on the principle of one constant pressure.

The difference is that with CPAP, your doctor sets only one therapeutic pressure based on the average or maximum pressure needed to prevent hypopnea and apnea. This pressure is usually performed by a technician while you sleep in the lab.

APAP works on the principle of automatic pressure regulation.

PAP devices have been developed in a way that they can, minute by minute, automatically adjust the pressure required to maintain an open airway. This is APAP (Auto CPAP).

For example, additional pressure is usually required when someone has a respiratory event. Thus, the pressure will change automatically based on respiratory events such as hypopnea and apnea throughout the night.

APAP Machine – Our Top Pick

iBreeze APAP Machine

APAP machine

An ultra-high-tech device that combines a set of advanced features with an affordable price.

Analyzing the physical condition of the patient using the REG algorithm, this APAP device automatically maintains the optimal pressure and humidity of the air entering the respiratory tract. Keep Reading down below for more features.

 Basic Work Principle of APAP Machine 

Before you understand the features of APAP, you must know about the pressure value.

Pmin <PH <PA <Pmax

Pmax. The upper patient treatment pressure limit, which includes maximum leakage or increased patient discomfort.

PA: Apnea pressure – Treatment pressure for the apnea patient

PH: Pressure for hypopnea – The pressure of the treatment for the patient in hypopnea. Regarding the level of hypopnea.

Pmin: The lower patient pressure limit, primarily keeping the upper airway open.

What are the advantages of APAP mode?


1.The first benefit is comfort.

The APAP pressure of the device will vary within the established range of operating pressures (Pmin – Pmax), which is set by a doctor, somnologist or specialist.

This is significantly different from CPAP because CPAP works like a fixed pressure.

While the patient is asleep or there are no respiratory events such as apnea or hypopnea in the airway.

This greatly increases patient comfort and maintains good patient tolerance to CPAP therapy, and the patient takes less time to get used to the equipment.

2.The second advantage is intelligence.

The automatic pressure regulation during treatment is adjusted according to different respiratory events.

In other words, to describe the function, APAP is simply an increase in pressure when the patient needs it. However, CPAP maintains constant positive pressure regardless of need or patient comfort.

What should I Know before buying an APAP Machine?


When buying, it is important to pay attention to the equipment of the device with additional functions.

Equipping the device with additional functions increases the effectiveness of the therapeutic effect of the device, significantly reduces the period of getting used to the procedure, and makes a night’s sleep calm and comfortable.

Air heating and humidification: Inhalation of dry cold air negatively affects the condition of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, which can cause nasal congestion, sore throat, and coughing.

A special heated humidifier prevents these side effects. Often, such a humidifier is built into the device.

Decrease in expiratory pressure: A frequent problem with CPAP therapy is resistance during exhalation, which complicates the patient’s process of getting used to the device and can provoke sleep disturbance.

The function of lowering the working pressure in the expiratory phase significantly reduces the number of unscheduled night awakenings.

AutoStart: The function provides automatic switching on of the device immediately after putting on the mask and the first entrance. When removing the mask after a short period of time, the device turns off by itself.

Delaying sleep: A function that regulates the start of a gradual increase in pressure. The treatment mode in the device is not established immediately, but after a certain time, selected individually for each patient.

The presence of this function helps the patient to fall asleep peacefully. After falling asleep, the device begins to supply air in operating mode in accordance with the specified parameters.

Color screen, memory card: The display screen displays an indication of work processes: sleep schedules, the number of apnea episodes, and the SD card records complete information about the sleep phases throughout the year, which allows the attending physician to judge the effectiveness of the therapy.

What is the best APAP Machine to choose for personal use at home? 

iBreeze APAP Machine is an ultra-high-tech device that combines a set of advanced features with an affordable price.

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The unique iBreeze humidifier ensures safety during therapy, while the bright color display and intuitive interface ensure simplicity and ease of use.

apap vs cpap machine

 It is a high-tech device that combines versatility with an affordable price.

The fixation of the correct settings, necessary for effective therapy of snoring with episodes of apnea, is carried out by means of a digital control system.

The function of gradually increasing the pressure of the air entering the mask helps to facilitate the process of falling asleep.

Therapy starts at 50% of the pressure level, then gradually the air pressure increases and reaches the set values ​​when the patient is already asleep.

Analyzing the physical condition of the patient using the REG algorithm, the device automatically maintains the optimal pressure and humidity of the air entering the respiratory tract.

Pressure relief function allows the patient to breathe freely while sleeping.

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Comfort parameters

EVAPS, R-CARE, E-COMP, Ramp, automatic Ramp, IPR (Intelligent Pressure Relief), mask fit, respiratory event detection, auto height adjustment, auto. ON / OFF, leakage compensation.

Additional functions

Auto adjustment of screen brightness, energy saving mode, time and alarm clock, multilingual setting, self-test, patient report on the main screen, SpO2 measurement.

IPR algorithm( IPR – Intelligence Pressure Release )of iBreeze APAP Machine

One of the main difficulties associated with conducting APAP therapy is the pressure that is created when air is constantly supplied to the lungs, which makes it much more difficult to exhale. Unique IPR algorithm minimizes inhalation and exhalation discomfort.

The device automatically adjusts to the patient’s breathing rhythm and slows down the expiratory air supply, which significantly increases the comfort of the therapy. There are three options for IPR settings, the user can choose the setting according to their own needs.

Intelligent hydration. During oxygen therapy, condensation that accumulates in the area of the breathing mask and tube can negatively affect the effectiveness of the procedure, and can even harm the patient’s health.

To solve this problem, devices with the IBreeze function read the temperature and humidity level in the room, and adjust the heating and water supply according to them, preventing condensation from occurring.

APAP Machine. What's the difference between APAP Machines and CPAP Machines? 

Features of iBreeze APAP Machine

The unique 5 ” touchscreen removes all barriers between viewing and using.

Compact design with user-friendly interface.

With the Timely Waveform Display feature, physicians can be presented with more detailed patient breathing patterns.

Numerous therapeutic parameters for better clinical judgment.

E-COMP (Comfort Adaptation Function) allows treatment to be started at 50% pressure, which will then be increased in 1 cmH2O increments per day, making it easier for new users to get used to the therapy.

The unique IPR (Intelligent Pressure Relief) algorithm provides greater comfort during ventilation therapy.

The free iMatrix app which helps you monitor your therapy through your computer or phone.

Technical Characteristics of iBreeze APAP Machine


Noise level 28 dB
Dimensions 23.8 x 17.8 x 12.8 cm
Ventilation type Non-invasive
Inspiratory Positive Pressure (IPAP) 4 to 20 cm H2O
Expiratory Positive Pressure (EPAP) 4 to 25 cm H2O
Pressure rise time 1 (100 ms) – 6 (600 ms)
Humidifier Yes
Working voltage 110-220 V, 50-60 Hz
Patient categories Adults, Children


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The main recommendation for the selection of medical devices is the purchase of products from official dealers of manufacturing companies.

Only then you are guaranteed a prompt solution to emergency situations arising during the operation of the devices: warranty repair, replacement of the device, consultation of specialists…