Bone Conduction Headphones Pros and Cons

For those of you wondering if bone conduction headphones are worth it and want to know the bone conduction headphones pros and cons, keep reading.

Bone conduction technology is fairly new in the headphones market.

There’s an increasing number of brands out there who are improving on this technology, and I would say that you can get an excellent quality set of bone conduction headphones these days.

Let’s investigate further into what the benefits are with these headphones vs the downsides to see if they’re worth the purchase.


  • You can listen to music and still hear everything around you. If you have tinnitus, being able to hear external sounds adds additional tinnitus masking. Also, this allows you to stay aware of your surroundings while running outside, crossing the street, or driving, or stay in tune with your co-workers at work.
  • They’re a safer alternative for those with hearing loss or tinnitus. Since these headphones don’t go directly in your ears or over your ears, this can help to protect against ear damage. Also, they’re perfect for those who want to protect their hearing.
  • You don’t have to worry about earbuds falling out of your ear. Since these headphones wrap around the back of your head, they stay pretty securely in place.
  • They’re wireless, so you don’t have to worry about constantly untangling cords.
  • They’re not small like earbuds such as Airpods and are connected unlike earbuds, so they’re not as easy to lose. 


  • You can still hear your surroundings. If this is a negative for you, you can easily pop in some ear plugs to block out external sounds. This gives you the option of either one, depending on what listening experience you’re in the mood for.
  • As new headphones with a new technology, users report they have less bass and poor sound quality. That being said, bone conduction headphones have come a long way since they were first produced. Aftershokz, for example, has a newer model with premium sound technology.
  • They have to be recharged. But remember that any pair of wireless headphones will need to be recharged.
  • Your hearing isn’t totally immune with these headphones. You still can’t blast music or play it very loud. This is pretty intuitive. Also, if you play music at very high volumes, you can feel vibrations against your cheekbones, which can be unpleasant.
  • They don’t come as cheap as standard headphones can. However, most people who want a good quality pair of headphones will probably end up paying around the same price. Aftershokz also has a few different products at varying prices for different types of users.

My Final Words

As you can see, the pros of bone conduction headphones certainly outweigh the cons.

With ear plugs, you can have the option of either hearing or not being able to hear your surroundings while listening to music.

Additionally, at the cost, you can get a pair with excellent sound quality and know that you’re getting a pair of headphones that have a better chance of protecting your hearing.

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