BEST Underwater Headphones

BEST Underwater Headphones

Many people like to swim in the pool, while for some it is a serious sport, while for others it is just a recreation.

If earlier the minimum swimming equipment consisted only of goggles, which did not allow diversifying training, now everything has changed – it became possible to swim fast with rhythmic music.

To do this, it is enough to have special waterproof headphones for swimming, which are available in a huge assortment.

Underwater Headphones Working Process

Almost all swimming headphones are paired with the user’s gadget via Bluetooth.

There are also models equipped with a built-in MP3 player.

Their design consists of two parts, where speakers, a microphone, a control panel and a battery are placed.

All elements of the device are interconnected by a bow passing through the neck, one of the blocks has a USB connector, through which you can load your favorite tracks into the player’s memory.

The control of such headphones is performed using a special remote control worn on one of the user’s fingers.

Underwater Headphones Pluses & Minuses

Waterproof headphones represent a technological innovation that was previously only dreamed of.

With the help of them, you can swim in the sea, the pool, and also take walks in the rain to the sounds of your favorite songs.

Headphones for Swimming have Several Pluses:

The intracanal type of design allows you to tightly close the ear canal, providing a high level of sound and waterproofing.

In addition, the swimmer gets unlimited freedom of action during sports.

Swimming headphones are easy to maintain and require little maintenance. They have a long service life and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Headphones are presented on the market in a huge selection of models, the functions of which are constantly being improved.

Almost all devices run on batteries and have a quick charge function (the process takes from 15 to 30 minutes).

They can be used not only for their main purpose – for swimming, but also connected to the player, tablet, phone as a stylish headset.

Waterproof headphones are ergonomic and lightweight.

Manufacturers additionally equip them with special clips that allow the fixture to be held in the selected position.

Headphones for Swimming have Several Minuses:

Sound quality is not the best. Although all manufacturers try to bring the sound quality of such headphones closer to conventional models, they are still inferior to them in many ways.

This is especially true for audio transmission via Bluetooth.

Some models have a built-in amplifier that optimizes the sound and prevents loss of volume during signal transmission, but they are expensive.

The price can be too high. To buy a really high-quality device that has all the basic functions, you need to shell out a considerable amount of money, and not everyone can afford it.

Cheap headphones will last a short time and will not please you with good sound.

BEST Underwater Headphones
BEST Underwater Headphones

What to Know Before You Buy Underwater Headphones

1.Waterproof Case

All underwater headphones come with a waterproof case, but it is a good idea to check this protection before submerging in water.

According to international standards, it can be from X0 to X8, while it is important to note that products with the X0 index cannot be used underwater.

Headphones with an X1 indicator are reliably protected only from the penetration of water drops (suitable for walking in the park during rain), and devices with an X8 index allow swimmers to dive underwater for a long time.

2.The Weight

Headphones for swimming and snorkeling are mainly designed for people who lead an active lifestyle, so they usually choose lightweight models.

Heavy headphones can spoil the pleasure of swimming to your favorite tracks and cause a lot of discomfort. If the waterproof device is too light, then it means that it is made of low-quality plastic.

The optimal weight is considered to be from 30 to 40 gr.

3.Battery Life

It is important for every swimmer to know the battery life of waterproof earbuds, as this will determine how long you can swim with music on a single charge.

Cheap models have the ability to work autonomously for 5 hours, which may not suit professional swimmers.

High-quality and expensive headphones function from 8 to 10 hours in a row.

Underwater Headphones for Swimming. TOP Choice

Despite the fact that the market is represented by a chic range of waterproof headphones, it is difficult to make the right choice in favor of one or another model, since each of them has a certain functionality, and also has its own pros and cons.

The most common models that have received a lot of positive feedback include the following.

HAYLOU PurFree Bone Conduction Headphones

These are the most sensitive headphones that come with 10mm drivers.

Their sound is low frequency. Additionally, the device is equipped with three pairs of interchangeable ear pads of different shapes and sizes. Advantages: high noise reduction, balance separation, resistance to temperature extremes, shock, the ability to dive to a depth of 1 m.

Disadvantages: inconvenient connection to a device that plays audio files (wired), fastening is not provided.

H2O Audio Sonar IPX8 

Considered ideal for pool swimming, they can only be used with a waterproof turntable.

These earbuds fit comfortably in your ears.

They are well fixed and able to withstand immersion to a depth of 2 to 3 m. The advantages of the model include: the ability to listen to music for up to 1 hour (then the device must be wiped dry), high-quality sound, the presence of a case for and 5 pairs of ear pads.

The disadvantage is the presence of a long wire in the design, which can restrict movement while swimming.

Finis Duo

These are some of the best headphones available with our unique bone conduction technology.

The manufacturer releases them with a built-in mp3 player (its memory is 4GB). The device is securely fixed on the glasses, has a convenient control panel, and is compatible with iTunes.

The disadvantage is the high cost.

Sony NW-WS623 4 GB 

It is a stylish headset that delivers great bass, clear stereo and waterproof function.

This model is ergonomically designed and supports True Wireless Stereo technology, thanks to which sound can be transmitted wirelessly between the left and right channels.

In addition, the device has a unique noise reduction function (while playing music files, the user does not hear extraneous sounds).

It has a good fixation in the ear, the range of the signal transmitted via Bluetooth is up to 10 m, the location of the silicone ear cushions at an angle of 45 degrees, the presence of a built-in microphone and convenient one-button control. There are no cons.

JBL Endurance Peak II

These earphones have a fast-charging battery, which makes it possible to listen to music continuously for 8 hours. The model comes with powerful speakers that are mounted on the ear and give excellent sound. Advantages: high moisture protection (IPX7), wireless connection to the player, touch control. Disadvantages – high cost.

Final Words: Are There Any Underwater Headphones?

More recently, Headphones that you can swim and dive in were considered a dream, but now they have successfully flooded the market and are in great demand.

Manufacturers offer a choice of various modifications of waterproof headphones, both with a player (built into the design) and with the ability to connect to a phone or music device via Bluetooth.

Since each model can have its pros and cons, there are many criteria to consider when purchasing waterproof headphones for swimmers.

It is important that underwater headphones have high quality audio playback, are comfortable to use and have additional features.

In addition, you need to take into account ergonomics, weight, dimensions, device connection method and the presence or absence of a built-in player.

An important role is played by the built-in memory of the headphones, the best option is 24 GB (it will allow you to download up to a thousand tracks).

When choosing a model, it is worth considering its cost. You can’t save on quality, it’s better to buy high-quality headphones once and enjoy good sound than save money and suffer.

I suggest buying headphones from trusted manufacturers who have been on the market for a long time and have many positive reviews.


Is it Possible to Listen to Music Underwater?

Yes, To do this, it is enough to have special waterproof headphones for swimming, which are available in a huge assortment.

How Can I Listen to Spotify While Swimming?

 You can listen to Spotify while swimming.

You can connect your swimming headphones to your phone via Bluetooth and start using Bluetooth mode and playing the Spotify (and other apps) music from the phone.

Can I Swim In The Pool With AirPods?

The MagSafe Charging Case and AirPods Pro (1st Gen) Wireless Charging Case are not sweat or moisture resistant.

AirPods Pro and AirPods (3rd generation) are not designed for showering or water sports such as swimming.