Camping with CPAP. Helpful Advice

Camping with CPAP

When we are planning a camping trip we are thinking of how long can I stay off CPAP therapy?

Just because you can skip CPAP for a night or two doesn’t mean you have to become someone who uses CPAP only occasionally. Regular use of CPAP everywhere (home, travel, camping) is the best way to get rid of obstructive sleep apnea for a long time.

You can think of CPAP as a healthy diet.

In any treatment, the main thing is consistency. CPAP therapy, like any other treatment, does not tolerate episodic treatment.

Any uncoordinated break, and health will return to the starting point from which you started.

Camping with CPAP
Camping with CPAP

Manufacturers of CPAP devices, like no one else, are well aware that even in matters of health, no one has canceled the need for comfort.

That’s why today I give you some Advice of camping with CPAP…

Camping with CPAP

Fortunately, recent developments in CPAP technology and design provide many more options for travel enthusiasts.

Modern CPAP devices weigh no more than 2 kg and are transported in a small and convenient transport bag. The devices are provided with automatic voltage converters (from 110 to 240 V) and automatic therapeutic pressure regulators depending on the position above sea level. Read an article of CPAP Travel Machines.

If you have sleep apnea ,you should use a CPAP machine every time you sleep, even if you’re just planning a short siesta.

Sleeping without it can leave you vulnerable to dangerous sleep apnea. So don’t forget CPAP machine when you are camping, just like you should not forget your first kit aid as anything can happen when you are away from home.

If you are camping and you forgot your CPAP machine here are some recommendations what you can do:

 Use Sleep Apnea Treatment Oral Devices.

Just use dental implants, or other oral devices that can help with sleep apnea

How do I power my CPAP when camping? Or How can I power my CPAP machine without electricity?

The most common question when you are planning camping with CPAP is whether you’ll have access to electricity.

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Most camping slots and state parks offer spots with electricity.

Of course it goes without saying that a special CPAP machine isn’t required for traveling with you. But there are modern CPAP devices for traveling that are designed to be used on the go as easily.

Portable СPAP devices can be optionally equipped with rechargeable batteries, the resource of which is designed for several nights. Thus, you can continue therapy even if there is no outlet nearby.

It is important to understand that a portable device will not replace a classic CPAP machine. Unfortunately, the fee for miniature dimensions is the following:

  • Resource reduction: such equipment is not designed for daily operation for a long time, and, consequently, its service life is reduced;
  • often there is no part of the functions for a more comfortable treatment. In other words, a travel CPAP device should be bought in addition to the classic one, but by no means instead of it.

So what to do if there are no spots with electricity?

When there is a power outage, your CPAP simply turns off.

The device can only be connected to a wall or a battery, not both. Thus, in order to use the battery, you need to manually unplug the CPAP from the outlet and from the battery.

There are two main options for dealing with these “off” CPAP and camping situations. You can use a car battery adapter or purchase a portable power source for your CPAP machine. 

How do I charge my CPAP while camping if I can’t find spots with electricity?


There is a way to use your CPAP without power. You can Use the CPAP battery. The CPAP backup battery can provide up to two nights of sleep apnea therapy on a single charge so you can rest easy without electricity. 

 The best solution is to get a portable power station.

Camping with CPAP
Camping with CPAP

A portable power station is a generator powered by batteries. Equipped with an AC outlet, DC carport and USB charging ports, it can keep all your equipment charged, from smartphones, tablets, laptops to CPAPs and small appliances such as a fan, mini coolers, electric blankets, etc. 

In fact, it is a DC to AC converter that steps up the DC voltage and then converts it to AC before sending it to power a device like your laptop and TV.

The DC input port collects and stores electricity/energy from an AC outlet or solar panel and outputs it through the built-in USB ports, DC canopy or AC outlet.

CPAP Battery for camping and CPAP charger for camping

Most CPAP devices can be powered from a car cigarette lighter (to be specified in the instructions).

This requires a special cable with a connector for the car cigarette lighter (supplied separately as an option).

The CPAP device must be placed no further than 2 meters from the cigarette lighter. In this case, you can use a standard cable.

Otherwise, you must also have a special extension.


Before driving, you should make sure that the vehicle battery is well charged, otherwise the battery may be completely discharged by morning. It is also not recommended to use the battery 2 nights in a row unless you drive the next day and your vehicle’s alternator will not recharge the battery.

Will insurance cover a CPAP battery?


No, in most cases CPAP batteries are not covered by insurance. Unfortunately, most health insurance companies do not consider CPAP batteries to be medically necessary.

Because the CPAP machine already comes with a power supply that plugs into a wall outlet, the CPAP portable battery is often considered an optional accessory.

What size battery do I need to run a CPAP machine?

Today Many CPAP machines might be powered from a 12v or 24v CPAP battery pack, and it requires between 30-90 watts of power

 Guide of How do I connect my CPAP to a battery

The DC adapter cable uses alligator clips to connect to the positive and negative terminals of a deep cycle battery. It then outputs power to the cigarette lighter plug. From there, you can connect your car’s DC cable to the cigarette lighter plug and power the car that way.

Camping and a cold

What can be done if the patient has a cold and cannot breathe through the nose?

In this case, you can take drops or nasal spray from the first aid kit for a short time while camping.

As a rule, nasal drops facilitate the time it takes to fall asleep. If the drops do not work or the patient has a severe cold, as an exception, the respiratory apparatus should be abandoned until breathing through the nose becomes possible again.

With chronic irritation of the mucous membrane, an oil or nasal patch also helps (apply before going to sleep)




Does a CPAP machine use a lot of electricity?

The amount of electricity consumed by СPAP is small (from 150 – 600 W.), but still depends on the specific model of the device.

Can you run a CPAP machine on a car battery?

Yes, You can buy before plugging in, you will need a car’s cigarette port. You need to buy a cigarette lighter.

How long will a deep cycle battery run a CPAP machine?

When the pressure rises, CPAP Machines consume more energy. A modern CPAP machine can run on a car battery for at least 8 hours. You can also use mains power for recharging. To do this, you will need a charger.

How long will a CPAP run on a 12 volt battery?

A good quality battery can power a CPAP Machine for five to eight days of approximately 7-8hour usage.

Can I run my CPAP with an inverter?

Of course. Inverters can be used for all types of CPAP machines. 

Is there a 12 volt CPAP machine?

Yes, there are still some 12-volt CPAP Machines .But Today mostly most manufactures provide CPAP machines that operate at 24 volts.

How many volts does it take to run a CPAP machine?

On average, a 400W inverter will work with most CPAP machines on the market today.

Can you use an extension cord with a CPAP machine?

 The use of extension cords is not really recommended. Just Put a CPAP Machine into the wall outlet.

How many amps does it take to run a CPAP machine?

With a water pressure of 20 cm3, a 4.5 amp CPAP machine requires 36 amp-hours in 8 hours. So, your battery should be at least 54 amp-hours. Thanks to this, your car can sleep for one night. CPAP devices used by truck drivers typically require a 30-40 amp-hour battery for 2 nights.

How many watts does a DreamStation CPAP use?

It is an 80 Watt Power Supply.

Will a 300 watt inverter run a CPAP machine?

When we stay in a place with no electricity, we just plug the 300W inverter into a 12V outlet and her PDA into it. Works fine.

Can CPAP be used without water?

Of course, you can continue to use the device, you just need to install a protective plug instead of a humidifier.

Can I use bottled water in my CPAP machine for one night?

It is recommended to use Distilled water.

Most manufacturers of CPAP equipment strongly recommend using distilled water in a heated humidifier. During distillation, water turns into vapor and then condenses back into liquid.

What happens if my CPAP machine runs out of water?

 Drain the rest of the water if there is , rinse the cup humidifier with clean water and fill in a new portion. It is impossible to add water, as this will increase the amount of various salts and chemicals in the remainder of the evaporated water.

Can I use Aquafina in my CPAP?

 No, do not use bottled water for your CPAP humidifier. Aquafina Brand removes impurities from water. 

Can you drink CPAP water?

No, never drink water from CPAP Machine and never reuse it again