Sleep Problems(Insomnia) and Solutions. The Danger of Chronic Insomnia

What is the main Cause of Insomnia?

Probably, every person in his life spent more than one sleepless night: waiting for a fateful conversation, pondering some serious problem or preparing for a difficult exam or interview.. Moreover, in the modern world, full of reasons for stress, emotional and physical exhaustion, almost every day dozens of situations arise, due to which a person …

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Sleep and Wakefulness Disorder

What causes Wakefulness Disorder?

Sleep and wakefulness disorder is a discrepancy with the normal sleep and wake cycle characteristic of the patient and his environment, accompanied by complaints of insomnia or drowsiness. There are the following types of sleep and wakefulness disorders: Accelerated type, in which the periods of falling asleep and wakefulness are accelerated, sleep and awakening occur …

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Wellue vs Owlet Baby Motion Monitors.

Wellue vs Owlet Baby Motion Monitors

Baby Motion Monitors are home apnea monitors that track the breathing and heart rate of sleeping babies.  Usually the baby motion monitors are triggered if the child’s breathing stops briefly (apnea) or if the heart rate is unusually low.   These monitors may seem like a good idea to worried parents. But most newborns …

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