Aftershokz Aeropex Research and Aftershokz Aeropex EQ Settings

Aftershokz Aeropex EQ Settings

 Today Aftershokz is the market leader in consumer

Other developers really look up to it and copy it constantly, which is confirmed both in words and in the design of other people’s models.

To begin with, it is worth saying a few words about the technology of bone conduction of sound.

Surely, most of my readers are already familiar with it.

Therefore, very briefly – to remind those who know and give a general idea to those who do not know.

Simplified, the perception of sound by a person can be represented as follows: the outer ear picks up vibrations, in the middle ear, with the help of the auditory ossicles (hammer, anvil and stirrup), these vibrations are converted into mechanical vibrations.

Further, in the inner ear, or rather in its department, which is called the organ of Corti, or the cochlea, they are converted into electrical impulses using special receptors.

It remains to deliver these impulses along the nerve fibers to the temporal lobes of the cerebral cortex, where the auditory centers are located.

In the case of in-ear headphones, the role of the outer ear is practically reduced to nothing, the sound is delivered directly to the auditory canal.

But, as it turned out, you can go even further and transmit sound directly to the inner ear through the hard tissues of the skull, bypassing both the outer and the middle ear.

The sound source comes into contact with the head, causing the bones to vibrate, after which it is immediately perceived in the inner ear – this is the technology of bone conduction of sound.

Ok, so As for Aftershokz, it came up with a convenient form and a way to extract good sound from piezo speakers with a decent range, and much more, which is still unattainable for others.

For the past couple of years, the company has been busy with a different problem: how to make headsets even lighter, even more convenient.

And they created the updated headband – titanium – which ensured the lightness of the design, compensated for the universal size of the headsets, removing all plastic models from the assortment.

The most recent model is the Aftershokz Aeropex EQ…

 Aftershokz Aeropex EQ Settings
Aftershokz Aeropex EQ Settings

My Honest Experience of Aftershokz Aeropex


Standard” (regular use) and “Earplug” (For improved sound quality).

I bought the Aeropex to replace a previous model Trekz Air, which I have been using for over a year.

The headphones are packed in a cardboard box with an excellent design, unusual design and high-quality printing.

A large illustration is placed on the front of the package, where you can immediately see how the headphones look on the head.

On the back, there is traditionally a list of the main technical characteristics, information about the manufacturer and other information.

The scope of delivery is relatively small, but very interesting.

In addition to the headset itself, it includes printed materials – instructions, warranty card, and so on. Nothing particularly original or interesting here.

I don’t know how exactly the battery life of the headset has increased compared to the Trekz Air, in principle, the old one was enough for me.

I use them mainly as a headset for conversations, less often for listening to audio books, I don’t listen to music so often.

Aeropex is definitely not a product for everyone.

Let me explain why.

The price is high, but the brand is not very well known, so it’s hard to compete with Apple headphones.

Although Aeropex has much more advantages – in ordinary life they do not fly off the head, do not interfere in the ears, the operating time is much longer.

An absolute plus is the way sound is transmitted – at least for me (the fact is that the eardrum does not suffer during bone sound transmission, in addition, you continue to hear sounds around, but if the surrounding atmosphere interferes, then there are earplugs in the kit and ears can be trite shut up).

The quality of the music in general is ok for me – I’m not a music lover, although, as I already mentioned, it has improved compared to the previous model.

If you decide to buy – my advice: still find the owner of such headphones and listen to how they sound, there are still nuances, for example, with strong bass there is a slight vibration at the temples, but these are nuances.

For me, Aeropex is valuable primarily as a headset to talk and not hold the phone to your ear – your hands are free, and taking into account the fact that you have to talk a lot and often, they have no equal in this.

Believe me, I know what I’m talking about, because every morning for me begins with the fact that I put it on and take it off before going to bed.

So, for me they are out of competition.

Advantages of Aftershokz Aeropex 

  • Ease to use: well fixed on the head, do not fly off, do not interfere. Is it uncomfortable to sleep in them when the head is on the pillow?
  • The headphones weigh approx. 25 grams – highly regarded among the main audience: athletes. On the head, the new model is hardly felt, does not press, but at the same time it sits quite tightly and comfortably. No wires, of course.
  • Really long run time.
  • Sound transmission method. There is no degradation of the eardrums, which happens when using earplugs. In addition, if the volume is not turned up to the full, then others simply do not hear what they are saying to you.
  • The sound of music has objectively improved compared to the previous generation. Because a radical change has been made to the dynamics: they have become smaller, changed from rectangular to oval in shape and are now located at a slightly greater angle, which provides a different perception of sound.

Final Words

Headphones have become “more sporty”, it should be noted that in this form they already apply for a more mass segment, and the category that they fit into is urban headsets in general.

They retain their main purpose – not to close the user’s ears so that a person can respond to the sounds of the world around them.

The sound really got better, cleaner and richer.

It has become louder, so that the busy streets are no longer a hindrance. There are even fewer vibrations, and even better isolation, so in terms of comfort and long-term wear, Aeropex is not a problem.

The increased autonomy, the low weight of the headset, and the “all-weather” guaranteed by IP67 are conducive to long wear.

The use of bone conduction gives them a number of advantages but leaves a noticeable imprint on the sound.

It is unlikely that they will become for someone the only headphones in the collection for all occasions.


How Do I Make My AfterShokz Headphones Louder?

You can make Aftershokz louder with using a sound button. There are 3 Control Sound Buttons.

One is placed on the speaker – this is a “play-pause”, a call answer button.

Two are located on the case: volume, where you can make them louder or lower, then switching tracks, turning on and off.

On-off combined with the volume up button.

Headphones are connected to the signal source, as before, by holding the power button for a long time until the diode indicator alternately flickers.

How Many EQ settings Are There on AfterShokz Aeropex?

All AfterShokz headphones come with 2 EQ settings.

How To Activate the Pairing Mode of AfterShokz Headphones?

To activate the pairing mode, you need to hold the power button for a little over 5 seconds.

After that, the indicator starts flashing blue and red, it remains to find the headset in the corresponding menu of the gadget and connect it without entering a password.

The battery charge level is correctly connected to the connected device – you can watch its change online.

What Are the AfterShokz EQ Settings?

The acronym EQ is short for “equalizer”, which means isolation of certain sound frequencies and then boosts, lowers, or leaves them unchanged.

AfterShokz Headsets come with two EQ settings.

“Standard” (regular use) and “Earplug” (For improved sound quality).

How do I Change my AfterShokz EQ?

Sadly, You can not change EQ on your AfterShokz but you can adjust sound preferences in your device’s sound settings.

Can You Adjust the Bass on AfterShokz?

You can adjust bass preferences in your device’s sound settings.

How do I Change the Equalizer on My AfterShokz Aeropex?

To change The Equalizer on AfterShokz Aeropez, you need to put an audio playing and press and hold the Volume+ and Volume- buttons for 4 seconds.